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Calling It: Justice League is Gonna Stink

The first proper trailer for the Justice League movie arrived on Saturday, and while the rest of the Internet seems blown away, I have arrived at one conclusion: this movie is gonna stink.

The trailer looks exactly like Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Heck, this trailer looks worse than the trailers for those movies. I remember being excited about those trailers.

Justice League looks like just another dark, joyless affair. All people seem to care about is seeing their favorite superheroes in cool poses. But as we keep seeing, that doesn’t make for a good movie. Most of this trailer is just the heroes fighting faceless henchmen. We don’t even get a sense of the villains or the story or the scope of anything. It’s all just gray-colored action posing.

There’s one joke at the end, but the comedic timing is way off.

So I’m calling it right now: Justice League is going to be another dreary, poorly paced, over-stylized action movie that does not save the DC Cinematic Universe.



Hey Look, It’s That There Justice League!

A picture of the united Justice League movie team hit the Internet over the weekend, and I’m gonna share it with the lot of you. I’m just that cool of a guy.


Finally, some good Aquaman

Looks like a neat picture, but is, of course, all dark, gritty and really gloomy. This isn’t very heroic-looking at all. But this is going to be our Justice League, so all we can do is hope and wait.



Look at Kid Flash Bein’ All Fancy Pants in his Fancy Pants

The first images of the Kid Flash costume have debuted online today for The Flash TV show on The CW…and they look pretty great. Actor Keiynan Lonsdale has not yet suited up or even gotten speed powers in the regular show, but the start of Season 3 is said to include a ton of shake-ups.

Do people really look like that when they run?

Based on what happened when we first saw the Flash costume at the start of the show, I think they’re going to start filming Kid Flash soon, and The CW would rather get ahead of the reveal than have set snoopers blow everything by leaking pics from the set online. Makes sense to me. I like Wally West on the show, and I hope he makes for a cool Kid Flash.

Though are they going to call him ‘Kid Flash’? That name doesn’t make any sense in the context of the universe. Wally West is hardly a kid, and Barry Allen isn’t that much older than him.

It really is a sweet costume

Though does that opening at the top of his head really work when he doesn’t have a big head of hair to stick out? That dip down into the forehead also looks a little weird…


6 Thoughts on the Latest Seasons of Arrow and The Flash

Superheroes shows on The CW network are growing by leaps and bounds! Arrow is four seasons deep, The Flash was back for a second, and now they’ve doubled in size, with Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl joining the fray. Who could have guessed that this is where we would be?

And I never could have guessed how disinterested I would be…

Whoda thunkit?

Harsh words, I know. As recently as last year, I was still totally plugged into the Arrowverse and everything this whole enterprise had to offer. But something has happened in the past year. Something has changed. I used to do annual reviews of each show individually, but I’ve decided to cram my takes on Arrow and The Flash together into one List because that’s all I need. Because these seasons…I dunno. Something has most definitely changed…

Join me after the jump for my thoughts on the Arrowverse these days.

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It’s Happening! Flash and Supergirl Will Crossover!

Announced today by all parties involved, The¬†Flash TV show will crossover in March with the Supergirl TV show, even though they’re on different networks. Fortunately, they’re both executive produced by the same guys, Greg Berlanti and¬†Andrew Kreisberg, and they somehow made this happen! Seeing as how the Arrow/Flash crossovers have been ratings bonanzas, the people at CBS were apparently willing to play ball.

This is great news!

Courtesy of that one, single time their comic books crossed over

Who knows what this will mean for continuity, but who the heck cares? We can iron out those details later! All that matters is that nerd love and general world awesomeness made this happen, and we’ll get to see more crossovers! I love these things. All the Arrow/Flash crossovers have been great. And there’s going to be legit excitement to see Supergirl meet the Flash. It’s that palpable, geeky energy that made The Avengers movie so much fun.

See, universe? We can have nice things.

Though now I’m going to have to go back and catch up on Supergirl


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