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Doctor Who Is Gonna Be Wild

As I mentioned before, I’m a bit behind on Doctor Who. I haven’t seen the last season or the Jodie Whittaker specials…but I’ve totally been spoiled about this 14th Doctor stuff, so I was pretty safe to watch this trailer for the upcoming 2023 specials. It all looks fun, especially the return of my favorite companion!

I’m excited to get caught back up on Doctor Who. Whittaker’s first two seasons weren’t all that great, in my opinion. And I haven’t heard much about that third season or the specials she got. So we’ll see. But it’s all coming to Disney+ eventually, so hopefully I’ll be able to get caught up there. I’m interested to see what these 2023 specials will be about. I would love a really touching Donna Noble episode.


I Don’t Know Fashion, But I Do Know Doctor Who

I am way behind on Doctor Who. I haven’t seen the last season and any of the specials that came after, so I haven’t even seen Jodie Whittaker’s regeneration yet! Ideally, I’ll be able to catch up when it’s all on Disney+ in a year or two. That being said, I still get Doctor Who news in my various feeds, and they revealed 15th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa’s official outfit last week.

I do not understand fashion. It looks fine. I guess it looks like a Doctor outfit. But fuzzy orange jumper underneath that brown checkered suit? I just don’t get fashion. But then I’ve been wearing the same cargo pants/button up look since high school. So by all means, I am really bad at this.

But Gatwa looks fine, as does his sidekick, Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson. Here’s hoping for some quality Doctor Who again!


Surprise, Surprise, There’s Going to be a New Doctor Who!

Jody Whittaker’s time as The Doctor is coming to an end at the end of the year, and now the BBC has announced her replacement: Ncuti Gatwa. Hooray for him!

It’s pronounced “Shooty”

Gatwa will, obviously, be the first Black male to portray The Doctor, and that’s perfectly fine by me. I am definitely not one of those losers whining about The Doctor no longer being a straight, white male. Get out of here with that nonsense.

I don’t know anything about Gatwa and I never watched his main show, Bad Education. So when he shows up, his acting style is going to be a surprise for me! Which is pretty much the exact same thing from most of the other Doctor actors. I’d never heard of Matt Smith before, right?

Anyway, I’m a season behind on Jodie Whittaker, because I agree with everybody else that it’s just not very good. And none of it is Whittaker’s fault. She’s great! But she didn’t get any good episodes or good material. Which is a damn shame! She’s got one special left at the end of the year that will include this regeneration.


A New Doctor Who Special is Coming!

As is tradition, there’s going to be a Doctor Who TV special for New Year’s Day. Revolution of the Daleks is going to mostly star the companions as they take on the Daleks without the Doctor…but with a special guest!

Honestly, this finally better be where the Doctor is reunited with Jack Harkness. You can’t keep teasing that! Let it happen!

I’m several episodes behind on the latest season. I used to be a big Doctor Who fan, but I guess I just got bored with the latest season. And I had the big season ending revelation spoiled for me, and I’m largely fine with it. Guess I should settle in and watch before New Year’s.


Here’s a Couple of Fun TV Trailers!

I’d been meaning to share these trailers at a nice, normal pace. But then more and more trailers for upcoming TV shows just kept coming out! So now I’m just going to throw them all at you people like some sort of madman!

First up is the trailer for the first new episode of Doctor Who is more than a year. The show returns on New Year’s Day.

Looks good to me! I was lukewarm about the first season with Jodie Whittaker. I thought she was great, but the writing and the stories and the overall season left a lot to be desired. So I’m going to get my hopes up that this new season will be even better!

Next up is the trailer for the second season of Lost in Space on Netflix!

I enjoyed the first season a lot and I’m really looking forward to season 2. Now I just have to try and remember what happened in the first season. I just know that I liked it and that it was very well made.

Season 2 arrives on Dec. 24.

It’s gonna be a really good streaming season this month. One show after another is going to arrive, and hopefully I’ll be able to watch most of them before I do my annual list of my favorite TV shows of the year. Sucks that so many good shows are arriving this month though!


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