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Only Leigh Gets the New Doctor Just Right

Official Friend-of-the-Site Only Leigh is back with a fun little cartoon addressing the craziness of a female Doctor head-on! As usually, it’s funny and just plain fun.

If it needs to be repeated, I’m a huge fan of the choice of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor. I think it’s great that the show is going with a female Doctor and I’m very much looking forward to her seasons.

Unfortunately, we’ve probably got an entire year of waiting before the new Doctor Who season starts. That Christmas special is not going to have enough Jodie, I bet.



Doctor Who Monday!

The last of the Comic Con news I have to share is a glimpse at the Christmas special for Doctor Who. It’s Peter Capaldi’s last adventure, and it looks like it’s gonna be a whopper!

Beyond that, the BBC also put together this nifty tribute video for Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor. I think, at least at this moment, that Capaldi is my favorite Doctor. Though his seasons aren’t my favorite seasons. Is that weird? I dunno, here’s the tribute video.



My Thoughts on the New Doctor!

This is going to be a super spoiler for Doctor Who, so if you don’t want the Doctor’s new actor to be revealed, don’t watch the clip below and don’t read any further. They announced the new actor today to follow Peter Capaldi in this year’s Christmas special. You can watch the announcement video right here!

The 13th Doctor will be played by Jodie Whittaker, making her the first female incarnation of the Doctor in the show’s history. This isn’t too far-fetched. It has been clearly established that when Time Lords regenerate, they can change sex and race and pretty much everything else. Plus, a very vocal fanbase has been clamoring for a minority Doctor.

Personally, I am very pleased with this choice and excited for the new seasons. Whittaker was great in Attack the Block and everything else I’ve seen her in. I’m sure she’ll be great as the Doctor.

I wonder if they’ll give her a male companion!


Doctor Who Has a New Companion!

Pearl Mackie will join Doctor Who in the 10th season as new companion Bill. I’ve never heard of Pearl Mackie, so I have zero opinion on her casting. Fortunately, the BBC has provided this little clip of what she and Peter Capaldi might be like together.

It’s nifty. I like her. She could be a lot of fun. What do you henchies think?

My favorite companion of all time is Donna Noble. Could Bill live up to those lofty heights? We shall see when Doctor Who returns…I think sometime next year. Weird.


My 6 Favorite Things of 2015

And so we bid goodbye to another year. Overall, I think 2015 was good to me. I went to England, the first time I’ve been out of the country. I had a successful Kickstarter and self-published my first comic book, Gamer Girl & Vixen. I bought a new high-end computer. I got two new winter coats. Life is pretty good, all things considered.

So let’s engage in that great Internet tradition of counting down all the best pop culture of the year!

It was a year

What was my favorite movie of the year? My favorite comic book or TV show? Did I buy any good action figures this year? I know for a fact that I didn’t hear any new or interesting music in 2015, because I’m a square. But we definitely had a lot of fun stuff! From Age of Ultron to The Force Awakens, what did 2015 have in store?

And please share your own favorites in the comments!

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