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The King’s Man is Gonna Be A Thing

I don’t think the Kingsmen franchise is strong enough to support a random prequel, but The King’s Man is going to be a thing. I’ll admit it’s a neat take on the name, but this first trailer doesn’t impress too much.

I liked the first one, like everybody else. The second one not so much. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about dead characters being brought back to life unnecessarily because this film goes back to the origins of the organization. Hopefully they have a nice story to tell.

The King’s Man comes out in February.



How Venom Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended finally got around to doing Venom and it’s a pretty good episode!

Lots to make fun of about this movie. And lots of good alternate endings in this video. I do so enjoy it when these people stick to their gimmick. That’s a good way to start a Monday.


6 Thoughts on Spider-Man: Far From Home

What an amazing movie! Our faith in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has once again been affirmed with another spectacular Spider-Man movie! The decision to hand over the reigns of Spidey to Marvel has worked out well for everyone involved, especially us, the viewers! Spider-Man: Far From Home is another winner!

Far From Home Review List 01

Movie Rating: 9/10 – Great.

Far From Home works as a stand alone Spider-Man movie, it works as a follow-up to Avengers: Endgame and it works as a commentary on the legacy of Tony Stark! It works as a showcase for new villains, it works as a showcase for new talent; it’s an all around quality production from top to bottom.

Stop me if I’m gushing too much. Or don’t stop me, I don’t care! I’m an avowed Marvel Studios fanboy and I do not apologize for that! Join me after the jump for my full review/thoughts on Spider-Man: Far From Home! Expect FULL SPOILERS for the movie!

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Live Action Mulan Should Be Sweet!

Mulan is probably my second favorite of the classic Disney animated movies, so I’m excited for the live action adaptation. There’s just something purely heroic about Mulan that I really enjoy. The first teaser trailer is here and it looks good!

It looks so good that I’m probably willing to ignore the fact that the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” probably won’t actually be sung. That’s fine. If they want to make a legit movie about the Mulan story instead of a direct live action adaptation that’s fine by me.

So far, the live action Disney movies are hit or miss for me. I never saw Cinderella. Beauty and the Beast was forgettable. Dumbo was terrible. Aladdin was fine. Huh, maybe they haven’t been hits at all for me…

Still, I’m excited for live action Mulan.


New Hobbs & Shaw Trailer Continues to Blow My Mind

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never really seen a Fast & Furious movie. Maybe the first one, once upon a time? Whatever, doesn’t matter. I’m definitely going to see Hobbs & Shaw on Aug. 2 because these trailers make it look awesome!

I’m going to level with you good people: I stayed up way too late last night finishing the third season of Stranger Things. Then I still had a bit of trouble falling asleep because it was really humid last night. So I’m not 100% this morning. Just enjoy the trailer, and then go finish Stranger Things!


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