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Hold Out Hope for the Bloodshot Movie

The last time we saw a trailer for Bloodshot, I was excited for a Valiant Cinematic Universe. Since then, I think I’ve read that those plans are cancelled and Valiant is going in a different direction. That’s a shame. It looks like Vin Diesel is out on a limb on his own…

I don’t really know how the movie looks. OK? Obviously very action-packed. And Bloodshot looks pretty cool once he’s in his proper colors. And…look, I’m going to keep my hopes up. It would be fun if Valiant had some success and get got more of these!

Bloodshot comes out on March 13!


The Morbius Movie Actually Exists!

So much for basic human doubt! Those mad lads at Sony have actually gone through with the impossible! They’ve made an actual Morbius movie! My mind can barely wrap around the very concept of this movie. Morbius?! Really?!

Yep, that’s definitely a Morbius movie. They say his name and everything. And the title is Morbius! The movie doesn’t look good. Honestly, it looks good up until they start getting into the superhero stuff. The idea that a scientist turns to homemade vampirism to cure his incurable disease is kind of interesting…but then it transitions into just another superhero movie. Word has it that the villain is just going to be another dude who takes the same serum and gets the same powers, and Morbius realizes he has to use his identical powers to stop him.

That’s boring! But such will be the Morbius movie when it comes out on July 31!

Oh, and hey, did you catch the Michael Keaton cameo at the end? Personally, I thought it was just a callback to his role as Batman, seeing how much Morbius is some kind of “bat-man”. But then I was reminded that he played the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, another Spidey villain. That could be a very interesting crossover. Very interesting indeed!

Far more interesting than a Morbius movie.


Birds of Prey Looks Crazier and Crazier!

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is only one month away and so another trailer has landed on our internets to show us how wackadoo it’s going to be! And it’s going to be very wackadoo!

I’m a little nervous about this movie. It comes out in February, early February, which is always an awkward time for new movies. But we’ve had some great ones in past years, like Black Panther and The LEGO Movie. Could Birds of Prey be one of those? I like how it looks so far. I think Margot Robbie is great as Harley Quinn and I have high hopes for the rest of this nifty cast.

But is it going to be too wackadoo for audiences? We’ll find out on Feb. 7!


The New Mutants Movie is Finally Happening!

What a long, strange trip it’s been! Back when FOX Studios still owned the X-Men, they commissioned a spin-off film based on the New Mutants from the comics. FOX went ahead and actually made the film starring the classic comic characters like Cannonball and Wolfsbane, and they made it into a horror movie.

The New Mutants film was supposed to come out…either last year or the year before, but it got indefinitely delayed while Disney went about buying FOX. Everybody thought Disney would just shelve the project, or maybe quietly air it on Disney+ just to get rid of it.

But nope! A new trailer came out today with the promise that The New Mutants will be in theaters on April 3! Fancy that.

Trailer looks pretty darn cool. It succeeds in taking these mutants and putting them in a horror film, that’s for sure. Things look scary. But will it be scary? Will it be a quality film at all? Who knows! But you can be darn sure I’ll be in the theater to find out.

Perhaps now the FOX X-Men franchise can end with a good movie instead of Dark Phoenix last year.


Just, Like, A Couple of Weird Movie Trailers

Look, it’s still technically the New Year’s holiday. Not much is happening in the world. I definitely don’t feel like doing too much work. But I am always up for sharing new movie trailers with you loyal henchies! I love movie trailers, and there are definitely some weird ones coming out recently.

First up is Gretel & Hansel, a modern horror re-telling of the classic fairy tale. Your guess is as good as mine.

Then we have A Quiet Place Part II! The first one was a successful horror movie, and this sequel…looks to capitalize on that!

I liked the first one well enough. I’m sure I’ll see it’s sequel.



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