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Let’s Mess Around with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Unfortunately, the sequel to Jurassic World was not called The Lost Park: Jurassic World. The movie will never live that down. But how about also never living down the…

Honest Trailer:

And the How It Should Have Ended:

In the end, we’ll all forget this movie until the next one comes out, then it will just serve as a middle movie that nobody particularly cares about in the end. Made a lot of money, though.



The First Captain Marvel Trailer is Damn Cool!

At long last, our first proper look at the upcoming Captain Marvel movie is here, and it looks pretty awesome! It’s more of a teaser trailer than anything else, but the characters are established and the special effects look slick!

This is a good teaser trailer, as far as I’m concerned. Captain Marvel the character looks great in action, and the special effects of her powers look awesome, and the young Nick Fury totally plays. Here’s hoping for the best!

Also, how weird must it be for the general public that Marvel Studios is making a movie about a character named “Captain Marvel”? Obviously, comic nerds like we know the character’s long history, but the average movie goer who just enjoys the movies? “Marvel” itself is a recognizable name brand at this point. Do they think she was named after the movie studio?

Captain Marvel comes out on March 8.


I Feel Personally Attacked

Between Christopher Robin and now Mary Poppins Returns, Disney appears to be trying to make some kind of statement about adult male arrested development. Like, both movies, released the same exact year, are about men who believed in magic and fun in their youth, but have since grown up into hard, depressed middle age. And only the return of their magical influence can snap them out of it.

Like…is that me? Should I be taking this personally?

I don’t think I’m living a hard, depressed life now that I’m roughly middle-aged. I don’t have kids, so maybe that’s it. I’d like to think I was a child who believed in magic and make believe, but am now forced to confront the realities of adulthood and a true lack of magic in the world. Should I be searching for that magical influence from my youth to help me reconnect and open back up as a human being? Did building LEGO Voltron not count for that?

Just tell me what I’m supposed to do, Disney! I’m listening!


So I’mma Gonna Go See The Predator

The Predator is out in theaters today and I’mma gonna go see it. It’s important that you readers know my Friday evening plans. To prepare you, here’s the Honest Trailer for the original Predator!

I’m not a huge fan of the monster or the franchise. I saw the original and it was good. I never saw the sequel. I just like going to new movies. Here’s hoping The Predator is good!


Let’s Just Keep Talking About Spider-Man!

I’m definitely loving the Spider-Man video game on Playstation 4! It’s just plain great! So great, that I fear I’ve almost beaten it! This game was supposed to sustain me for a couple weeks! Why does it have to be so much fun and yet so quick?

Either way, our friends at Tell It Animated jumped on that sweet Spider-Man search engine glory and did up a video of his movie costumes!

Those are some talented animators at Tell It Animated! Somebody get them an Emmy! Or however that works…I’ve got more video games to play.


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