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Hey, Did You Hear That They’re Making a New Star Wars?

God bless you if my little ol’ blog is the place you come for all your pop culture news. Otherwise, I’m going to assume everybody has already seen the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Here’s your chance to watch it again! Or your excuse to do so!

I dug it. Definitely like Luke’s line of thinking. Good direction to take a Star Wars movie. And I wanna make that shot of Rey practicing with her lightsaber on the mountain said into my desktop wallpaper.

Star Wars: Episode IX is totally happening in December, so we might as well all get hyped now.



Logan Should Have Ended With a Musical Number

I wasn’t totally sold on this How It Should Have Ended for Logan, but they won me over in the end.

I didn’t realize what they were singing at first, but when they went into the huge ensemble Les Mis-style musical number, they had me. Then Deadpool in a DeLorean was neat. Though I continue to insist that the Batman/Superman cafe callbacks are not nearly as funny as these guys think they are. I’m here for the alternate endings, not the in jokes.

Just sayin’…


Welp, Thor: Ragnarok Looks Amazing!

Surprise! The first teaser trailer for Thor 3: Ragnarok was released online today, and it’s utterly delightful!

Funny, charming, full of character and adventure; this movie looks phenomenal! Love Thor, love the Hulk, love the looks at Loki and Hela — though Jeff Goldblum looks ridiculous.

Also, at 1:05 in the trailer, I’m pretty sure that’s the Executioner with a pair of machine guns. And I’m pretty sure that means we’re getting Gjallerbru. So holy heck, you guys!

Thor: Ragnarok looks amazing!


A New Degree of Terror

Have you seen the trailer for It? I haven’t, because the Internet has delivered something even scarier!

Kudos to But Without for that excellent bit of madness. May you all sleep well tonight.


What Does Woody Harrelson Have Against Apes All of a Sudden?

I’m a big fan of the modern Planet of the Apes movies. They’ve been good and hugely entertaining. So definitely sign me up for the latest one this summer. War for the Planet of the Apes.

But it’s a little weird that the mighty ape king, Caesar, keeps going up against a new human adversary each movie. I suppose it would be even weirder if he fought the same human each time. But still, Woody Harrelson just seems to pop into the franchise with this film.

With everything else in the world coming to an end, why devote any of your resources to trying to go kill a bunch of apes?


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