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How Moana Should Have Ended

Finally, a short, sweet and to-the-point How It Should Have Ended! I don’t know what drives the men and women behind these nifty Internet shorts, but I assume their Batman/Superman cafe bits are really popular? Not to me! Give me a clever alternate ending to a movie, like your name implies!

That’s definitely clever and funny. Good job fulfilling your one job, guys! Moana was a little weird. Also, both of the animal sidekicks were dumb.



6 Things I Want From the Transformers Franchise Going Forward

Against all the better judgement from most anybody out there, the Transformers movies return to theaters this week with Transformers: The Last Knight. For some strange reason, the Transformers are now being tied with King Arthur in another big budget, Michael Bay-directed crapshoot. I have a pretty solid love/hate relationship with the Transformers movies. I really enjoyed the first one, but readily agree that every single sequel has been hot garbage — yet I still go see them in theaters opening weekend. Why? I think it’s mostly tradition at this point.

Last Knight List 01

Yep, this chump is still around

For better or most likely worse, this franchise is going to be with us for a long damn time. This is a billion dollar franchise, and that means Hollywood is never going to stop. Michael Bay has said he won’t direct the next one, but hasn’t he said that before? They’re also talking about spin-offs for a bunch of the characters, like Bumblebee. Why? Money!

So considering the fact that this franchise will likely outlive me, what do I want to see in future Transformers movies? Join me after the jump to find out!

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HISHE Goes the Extra Brick For LEGO Batman!

Those funny people at How It Should Have Ended are back again to give my lazy, sweltering Monday something funny to share. Seriously, though, it’s 90-degrees for, like, the second day in a row. I’m only human here!

Anyway, LEGO Batman!

That’s definitely going the extra mile! Using stop-motion LEGO animation to recreate and re-end the end to that movie? Brilliant! Good work, all you crazy people, you!


First Black Panther Trailer Has Some Kick To It!

The first trailer for the Black Panther movie arrived tonight, and it’s got a lot of energy to it! I dig that! This is a pretty cool and exciting trailer. I don’t think I’ve seen one this good since that stylish King Kong trailer a few months back. Those Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers didn’t excite like the Black Panther!

I never had any doubt that this would be an awesome movie. And all my pinks are tickled that Black Panther looks this damn good already!


Rocking Some Trailers Today

Now that Marvel has laid Cyclops to rest and the X-Men line is proceeding as planned, I don’t have anything to rant about! I’m sure I’ll find something somewhere, but for the most part, I’m happy with all the comics I’m reading. So how about enjoy a new, awesome trailer for Baby Driver?

Hecks yeah! That movie is going to be awesome. Edgar Wright is one of my favorite filmmakers and he’s got a hip new movie coming out this month! That’s about as good as it gets.


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