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Raya and the Last Dragon Looks a Little Basic

The next big animated Disney movie will be Raya and the Last Dragon, with the first trailer dropping yesterday. It looks pretty basic.

Doesn’t seem like much. Based on that trailer, it looks like there’s a character named Raya, and she’s going to search for the Last Dragon. That’s just the title. Throw in an adorable animal sidekick and you’ve got nothing else. But hey, new movies are always fun.

Raya and the Last Dragon comes out in March 2021…maybe.


Check Out Them There Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Animated

Having run out of horror movie characters with evolving looks, it seems the Tell It Animated dude has moved on to something new: showcasing all of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I’d say he does a pretty good job.

I’ve never gotten around to seeing Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I understand it’s a cult classic. I had no idea there were this many Klowns, though clearly some are just mixed and matched. Still, good on the Tell It Animated guy for finding new things to do with his art.


Free Guy Looks Good, We’ll Probably Never See It

Ryan Reynolds has a new video game-based movie coming out called Free Guy, in which he’s an NPC who gains sentience when he falls in love with a player character. It looks pretty neat — too bad we may never see it.

So Free Guy is scheduled to come to theaters on Dec. 11. However, in the past 24 or so hours, a bunch of major cinemas have closed their doors and a bunch of major movies — including James Bond, Batman and Dune — have all been pushed back several months, if not entire years. So I think Free Guy and Wonder Woman 1984 are the only movies still scheduled to come out this year…and I doubt that will remain.

But hey, cool trailer.


There’s Going to Be a Surprise Borat Sequel!

So all this time during quarantine, Sacha Baron Cohen was out making a secret Borat sequel. And holy cow, the first Borat movie came out nearly 15 years ago! That’s the entire time I’ve been an adult with a career! Jeez.

Anyway, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm looks hilarious!

I’ve no doubt that Cohen will be at the top of his game, as always. And apologies for the thumbnail for this trailer. I posted this on Facebook yesterday and it spooked my aunt. But the human body is a beautiful work of art, if you ask me.


I Don’t Know the First Thing About Lupin III, But This Looks Fun

Anybody know anything about Lupin III? I don’t know if he’s French or Japanese or what, but he had a CGI movie in his home country…last year, I think? Suffice to say, I am doing absolutely no research whatsoever for this blog post. I’m just sharing the new English dub trailer!

Looks like he’s some kind of thief…and has wacky adventures? That seems about right. Lupin III: The First is coming to select theaters on Oct. 18, and then will be available digitally in December. Looks like I’m waiting until December.


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