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And the World Went Just a Little Bit More Mad With a Detective Pikachu Trailer

When I first heard they were making a movie called “Detective Pikachu”, I giggled at the Internet’s campaign to make Danny DeVito do the voice. That would have been hilarious.

Now that we have an actual first trailer, my mind is boggled for reasons I never expected.

A live action Pokemon movie?! With creepily realistically animated pokemon?! Like, the Pokemon universe created in live action? And the story they go with is Pikachu as some kind of snarky private investigator?! It’s madness!

Clearly we were always meant to take Detective Pikachu seriously.



How About Another Incredibles 2 Video?

Incredibles 2 comes out on DVD…soon? Maybe earlier this week. I dunno. I haven’t bought a DVD in years. I’m full-on 21st century, people! Either way, all my favorite video parodies are doing Incredibles 2 this week, so how about the Honest Trailer?

Yeah, makes a ton of good points. I was not super impressed with Incredibles 2. But there’s no doubt we’re getting a third one at this point. Bring it on, I say! Who doesn’t like to spend time in this universe?


How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended

Incredibles 2 was so bland that I don’t actually remember how it ended, or how this video changes that ending. Honestly, based on this How It Should Have Ended for the movie, I’m rather shocked that this isn’t how the movie ended.

Did Incredibles 2 seriously do something other than Dash and Violet using their actual powers to save the day? What did they even do in the climax?!


There’s Gonna Be Another How to Train Your Dragon

They’re making another How to Train Your Dragon movie, completing a trilogy that was clearly never meant to be a trilogy. Could be fun, though.

I loved the first movie, but didn’t particularly care about the second. It was pretty clear that the first movie was never meant tot have follow-ups, but when the money sings, more movies need to be made. So in coming up with a sequel idea, the writers abused one of my least favorite tropes: taking away what makes the hero special by making it some kind of family destiny.

In the first film, Hiccup is the first viking ever to bond with and train a dragon, since everybody else just fights with them. He’s a maverick as he teams up with Toothless and becomes the first ever dragon knight!

Exceeeeeept…the sequel reveals that his long-lost mother has totally been training dragons for forever, and it’s totally not something unique and special to Hiccup. I hate that trope.

Here’s hoping the threequel is better. It’s subtitled “The Hidden World” about the hidden homeworld of dragons…but then both the first and second films had a hidden dragon land where they all lived comfortably. So how is this new hidden world any different?


What Do You Do When You’ve Already Done a Video on Michael Myers?

I’m a big fan of the Tell It Animated guy, who does quirky videos about the changing movie looks of famous movie characters. But he needs as much help with search engine optimization as I do, because even though the new Halloween movie is the talk of the town right now, he already made a Michael Myers video months ago!

So how about a Leatherface video?

I’ve never seen a single Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. And I hadn’t seen a Halloween movie until I saw this new one the other week. It was fine. I’m just not interested in slasher or horror films. But these animated videos are fun!


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