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Sessions with Stan Lee

This cartoon is making the rounds and it’s pretty fun! It’s a speech by Stan the Man about the power of cuss words, recorded by collaborator Aron Fromm. And it’s animated by Richard Plata, among others. Pretty fun stuff.

And it’s the perfect sort of easy thing to share on this, the day after Thanksgiving. I’m relaxing at home and trying to decide how soon is too soon to watch the new episode of The Mandalorian


I Didn’t Know This About the Statue of Liberty

It’s a lazy Monday and I’ve decided to school you all about the Statue of Liberty, with help from Internet sensation CGP Grey. I’ve only shared a few CGP Grey videos on my blog, but the guy is a genius and I should do more educational stuff.

Imagine if my blog was a place of learning and education! That’d be nice.


Total War: Rome 2 Review


In every entry into Creative Assembly’s truly epic series, the game thrusts you into command of a historic kingdom, competing for dominance in a legendary time period.  Since 2000, Total War has taken players through the Japanese Shogunate wars, the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages, the Colonial period and the Napoleonic wars.  Now, the series returns to revisit Rome, from the rise of the Republic to the conquest of the Empire.

It’s no secret that I’m in love with the Total War series.  In my mind, 2010’s Shogun 2 and its expansions are among the best, most epic strategy games ever made.  With big, epic battles, simplistic gameplay and a plethora of strategic and diplomatic angles to use, you felt like you were in control of your own expanding dynasty.  And, of course, its cooperative campaign was amazing.

Now, Creative Assembly is trying to recreate its success with a follow-up to 2004’s Rome:  Total War.  The campaign, which can be played head-to-head or cooperatively with another player, allows you to play not only as the Roman republic/empire, but any of more than a dozen other countries between 200 BCE until the fall of Rome. Read the rest of this entry

Full Lincoln Trailer My Collapse Under the Weight of Its Own Prestige

I know Lincoln is going to be a prestigious movie, but hot damn that trailer seems to think it’s going to be the most prestigious movie ever made! I’m starting to wonder if Lincoln is going to drown in its prestige.

It was an alright trailer. Nothing special, nothing too amazing about it. The trailer didn’t give me goosebumps or get me very excited for the movie. Hopefully it’ll be a good flick.

Everybody Loves Abraham Lincoln

This isn’t particularly geeky, but I think Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is the movie I’m most looking forward to at the end of the year.

There’s just something so prestigious about Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg making an Abraham Lincoln biopic. Is there any American historical figure more beloved or more awe-inspiring than Abraham Lincoln? Even though there was that time he suspended Habeas Corpus. Still, he’s much much cooler than George Washington, by far.

And William McKinley can suck it!

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