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The Greatest Analysis of the LEGO Detroit Steel Set You Will Ever Read

Hear me out on this one. I’m not a toy critic. This isn’t a review. I’m just a guy who likes giggling at the weird details of the world. And the Detroit Steel LEGO set definitely counts. I’ve been obsessing about this toy since it was first announced, and since I had the day off from work on Monday, I decided to go out and pick it up at Walmart. Wasn’t too expensive, and it actually adds to the collection of LEGO superhero mech-suits I’ve been putting together.

Detroit Steel LEGO Fun 01

I spent hard earned money on this

So it’s a fine LEGO set. No complaints. Fun to build. Nice to have.

But the devil is in the details. I would love to know the thought process that went into putting this LEGO set together and picking out all the individual elements. None of them go together, either in comic, film or television. It’s a weird mishmash of ideas. How does that get designed?

Granted, none of this matters and I’m only poking at air. Who cares that the new LEGO set doesn’t hold up to rigorous comic book scrutiny? I can almost guarantee this article will not have any significant bearing on your day. There are probably a million better things I could be doing with my day and/or life.

But I can promise that this will be the greatest, most intense critique of the LEGO Detroit Steel Strikes! playset that you’re ever going to read! Join me after the jump!

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6 Superheroes Who Need to be Turned Into LEGO

Want to hear something that boggles my mind? There’s going to be a Detroit Steel LEGO set coming out this year. Do you remember Detroit Steel? Of course you don’t. The character existed for a very brief part of Matt Fraction’s run on Invincible Iron Man as a sort of hyper-patriotic, Red State version of Iron Man. He’s a military soldier piloting a big, red, white and blue super suit.

And he’s going to be in LEGO!


Matt Fraction must be so proud

That’s insane. Is LEGO really so out of ideas that they’re turning to Detroit Steel to come up with viable sets to build and sell? Why don’t they just give me a call? I’m bristling with ideas and I would love to share a few after the jump!

Also, I’m probably totally going to buy the Detroit Steel LEGO set. I loved Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man. It was the first ongoing Iron Man comic I ever read.

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And So There is a Duke Thomas Action Figure I Gotta Have

Toy Fair was this past weekend, and while once again I did not attend, I could very much salivate over all the pictures and good action figure news I found online! Among the good news was this stellar Duke Thomas as Robin action figure that I now gotta have.


As a major Robin fan, I’m so far OK with Duke Thomas as Batman’s new partner. I’m not thrilled that he’s Yellow Batman Junior instead of Robin, but I’m hoping DC and their creative people go somewhere good with this. He’s Robin in everything but name.

Fortunately, DC decided to make an action figure of Duke in his badass, helmeted Robin costume instead of his Yellow Batman Junior jumpsuit.

You may recall that I ranked this costume as my third favorite Robin costume of all time! There’s just something about that awesome helmet/jacket combination that tickles my pinks. It’s a perfect modern Robin costume, though I’ll admit it probably doesn’t go as well with the classic Batman costume as the regular modern Robin costume does. But it was great for Duke Thomas and We Are Robin, so I’mma gonna get it.

I’ll try to find this sweet Batgirl action figure too.


I’m a little disappointed in myself that I don’t yet have a sweet Batgirl of Burnside action figure. I love that comic.

Courtesy Comics Alliance for the Toy Fair pics.


Why Does Funko POP! Not Yet Have a Multiple Man?

Answer me this, Internet, why does the Funko POP! brand not yet make a Multiple Man figurine? Why does this insanely popular line of figures, which are only good for collecting as many as possible, not yet make one featuring a superhero whose sole power is to make multiple copies of himself?!

If superheroes are all about merchandising these days, how come nobody makes proper figures of the one popular superhero whose exact super power would cause collectors to buy multiple copies?


This guy, this costume

Look, I’ve complained about this before, but in the nearly six years since, this problem has not been corrected by toy manufacturers. They have not moved a muscle to remedy this very obvious issue.

Now I’m hoping Funko POP! can deliver where everyone else has failed. Maybe one of them Googles themselves a lot and finds this article.

Have you seen these things? They’re hugely popular. I own one for the Green Power Ranger, but I could easily see a susceptible toy-lover like myself just going nuts over these things if they made more characters that I liked. They have a few X-Men models, and they’re the perfect sort of no-nonsense collectible.


Cyclops was right. Pax Utopia.

But they haven’t made one of Multiple Man! It’s maddening.

They have Funko POP!s for everything from obscure Star Wars bounty hunters to A Bug’s Life to Gears of War to The Breakfast Club to random Star Trek aliens to so many Batman variants it’ll make your head spin. They have Funko POP!s for everything!

Do any of these characters have the power to duplicate themselves, thereby warranting the need to buy multiple copies of a single Funko POP!? Would anybody need or want to buy multiple copies of the Green Arrow Funko POP!? No! Of course not!

Listen, Funko POP!, I’m giving you this one for free. It’s a no-brainer. I will personally buy at least three of these things. Make it happen!

And while we’re on the subject, I’m also still waiting for that Multiple Man from Marvel Legends. My watch is never-ending.


Look What I Made!

I had a pretty nice New Year’s Weekend, how about you lot?


Worth it

I’ve got a few solid resolutions for 2017. This is the year I’m finally going to update my blog. I’ve got a good artist friend and I’m determined to get her help designing my own henchman-4-hire character to use in place of Marvel’s character. Plus maybe I’ll even pick a new design for the blog. My anniversary is in the Spring, so maybe by then. I’m also working on some real scripts for some new comic projects, which I’ll definitely share here if I ever get them drawn and created!

It’s gonna be a good year.


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