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Forgotten Character: New Pyro

Whatever happened to that new Pyro?

When the X-Men moved to Krakoa and introduced mutant resurrection, one of the most prominent characters brought back from the dead was the classic X-Men villain Pyro. He’s an all-star member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and died a tragic death from the legacy virus way back in the ancient year of 2000. When he returned in the Krakoa-era, Pyro was one of the main characters in the new Marauders series. He’s been a prominent player ever since.

But his return seems to have kicked out a new Pyro introduced shortly before Krakoa.

X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold were one of the last major status quo shifts before Marvel completely upended the X-Men. Classic team designations, new characters and prominent storylines saw the X-Men franchise take one last, desperate gasp at being normal before writer Jonathan Hickman changed everything. And the new Pyro was a medium player in X-Men: Gold.

So why hasn’t he been welcomed in the new mutant nation of Krakoa? Join me after the jump to learn more about this guy!

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UN-Forgotten Characters: Rhapsody Has Returned

Every comic book character is somebody’s favorite. There have been so many comics across so many decades, with so many people reading them at random, that certain issues and certain characters are going to stick with those people.

The height of early 90s fashion

One of those characters for me is the mutant Rhapsody, a character who made a single storyline appearance in an issue of Peter David’s X-Factor all the way back in 1992. I don’t remember how little 9-year-old me got ahold of the issue, but so much about what I love in comics can be traced directly back to X-Factor #79.

Join me after the jump for the full story and Rhapsody’s return at the Hellfire Gala!

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Forgotten Characters: Phantazia

Whatever happened to Phantazia?

There are a bajillion different mutants in the X-Men corner of comics, and I’m sure more than a few have been left by the wayside over the decades. But what about Phantazia? She looks cool and she was a female member of the Brotherhood of Mutants before it was cool!

Phantazia 01

Phantazia is one of those weird characters who pops up in a specific role, gets used in the background a couple of times and then disappears almost completely. But you can’t deny that she has a really cool look. Purple is a badass super-villain color.

So what became of that cool looking female member of the Brotherhood? Join me after the jump to find out!

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UN-Forgotten Characters: Gauntlet

Hey guys, the Gauntlet is back!

Being the enormous comic book geek that I am, I happen to fall in love with a lot of random, obscure characters that pop up through ongoing series. Sometimes they’re just background nonsense. Sometimes they’re an awesome supporting character that doesn’t get brought along when the creative team changes. When that is the case, I started this Forgotten Characters article series to highlight some of my favorites that disappeared over the years.

Well now I’m pleased to report that one of those Forgotten Characters has returned!

Gauntlet Returns 01

His gauntlet is looking funkier than ever

The Gauntlet has reappeared in the newest issue of Tony Stark – Iron Man! This makes perfect sense, considering the Gauntlet’s creator, Dan Slott, is the new writer for Iron Man!

Join me after the jump for all the awesome details!

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Forgotten Characters: Element Woman

Whatever happened to Element Woman?

Back when the New 52 continuity actually mattered and tried to hold itself together, Element Woman was one of the first, permanent new members of the Justice League! She was created and written by Geoff Johns himself!

Element Woman 01

Just look at her little element car!

But her introduction was part of a larger storyline leading into the Forever Evil crossover. And then she immediately disappeared and got shuffled off to the nonexistent Doom Patrol. She hasn’t been seen since, and definitely hasn’t had a part to play in Rebirth.

What happened? Why would this awesome new character get such a short shrift? Join me after the jump to help commiserate!

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