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My Next Comic Book Project is Cover Bard

Great news, everybody! At long last I am finally working on a new comic book writing project! All my life I’ve wanted to be a professional fiction writer, but I’ve never really done it all that much. I’ve got this blog, and my first comic book project, Gamer Girl & Vixen, is still in production. But finally, at long last, I’ve started up a whole new, solo project!

Introducing Cover Bard, my new fantasy comic book series!

Bartlesby, Langley and Kenzie — Artwork by Lucien Beatrice

For the past year, I’ve been taking a comics writing class from Scott Snyder, the guy behind New 52 Batman and a ton of other great comic books and stories. The class has really taught me a lot and helped me to focus on my storytelling. I highly recommend the class on Substack. It’s about to start its second year, still going strong.

That class has finally pushed me to write again. I’ve always had a ton of ideas, but there’s just be some mental block that stopped me from buckling down and just writing. I just wouldn’t get out of my own way. But the time is now, and the story is Cover Bard!

This is going to be a fantasy comic about that very idea, of a creator unable to get out of their own way. Cover Bard will star Langley Stoll, a rather unimpressive young man who’s always dreamed of being a famous bard. But instead of writing and performing his own music, he spends all his time doing cover songs of the far more famous and popular bard, Phoenix Fire.

This isn’t a comic about the greatest bard in the world. This is just a tribute.

Langley — stage name “Phoenix Lyre” — meets up with the elf rogue, Kenzie Fleet, and the gnoll fighter, Bartlesby of the Sharptooth Cackle, to go on an adventure to the upcoming Phoenix Fire concert in the big city. Langley is convinced that if gets a chance to play his tribute songs for his musical idol, then Phoenix Fire will take him along on tour and he’ll finally be famous. Little does he know, Kenzie, the rogue, is playing him for a sucker. She plans to use Langley as both a Trojan Horse and a fall guy in her scheme to rob Phoenix Fire blind. She just has to get Langley to the big concert in one piece.

And that is the basic story, set up in the first issue…which is written, but is far from done. I plan to use this upcoming month to hire an artist and get to work making a new comic! I’m planning for 5 to 6 total issues, with some Kickstarters along the way to help fund it. So expect to see more about Cover Bard on this blog in the future.

I’m finally making my own comics again and I couldn’t be more excited!


Behold My Gamer Girl & Vixen Sequel Preview!

As some of you may know, I don’t just review comics and share YouTube videos on this personal blog of mine. I’m also working on my own self-published indie comic called Gamer Girl & Vixen! It’s an LGBTQ+ love story about two super-villains who meet cute on the rooftops of New York and use their powers to rob celebrities.

The first volume has been out for a few years now, and today I’m excited to show off the first batch of preview pages for volume 2!

We’ve got a sequel coming, baby! And it’s going to be a lot of fun. The series is written by myself and co-creator Kristi McDowell. Our new artist is Andrea Rosales, with lettering by Taylor Esposito and editing by Jamieson Alcorn.

Join me after the jump for the rest of the preview! And if you like what you see, you can read the first chapter of Volume 1 on our website!

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Meet the New Characters in Gamer Girl & Vixen!

Good news, everybody! Gamer Girl & Vixen Volume 2 has started production! New series artist Andrea Rosales has been given the greenlight to get started on a 9-page preview for the next volume, which I can’t wait to share with you all in the weeks to come! I am very excited to be making comics again and I need to be better about using my blog to brag about my work.

GG & Vixen Bust commission

For those of you who don’t know, Gamer Girl & Vixen is my self-published comic that I write with my friend Kristi McDowell. We started a few years ago and managed to produce our own graphic novel, which is still available to order from our online store.

Gamer Girl & Vixen is the story of two super-villains who meet cute on the rooftops of New York and use their powers to rob celebrities!

It’s also much more than that! It’s an LGBTQ+ love story about two cat burglars who hook up to commit crimes and get busy! It’s got character drama, romance, thievery and costumed fisticuffs!

Volume 2 is going to continue the story as our main characters get into even more trouble. Now that they’re the hot new super-villains on the scene, they attract the attention of some bigger, more established baddies. I can’t wait to introduce the world to our new villain: Tyrannosaurus Regina!

Regina Andrea Final 01

I am beyond thrilled at how Regina has turned out as a character. She sees herself as the Beyonce of Crime, a rising star dedicated to her work. And she sees in Gamer Girl & Vixen the chance to boost her popularity and add some new talent to her crew.

Her crew is Jurassix! They’re a notorious crime band, pulling off major heists and then rocking out on stage at some underground super-villain clubs. Regina is lead vocalist, with the Hammer Sisters on guitar and bass, and Monkeyshines on drums.

Jurassix Squad 01

And those are the major new characters for Volume 2! There will be at least one more major new character in the comic, but we don’t have him fully designed just yet. And there are plenty more characters to come in the Gamer Girl & Vixen universe!

I’m going to try and do a better job of keeping you henchies up to date on new developments in my comic. You’re always my strongest supporters and I hope you enjoy reading my comic as much as you enjoy reading my blog, assuming you enjoy reading my blog.

I’m just full of such assumptions!


Gamer Girl & Vixen is Coming Back!

Great news, everybody! Gamer Girl & Vixen is back on track! There’s going to be more comics! My team and I had a pretty rough year since my last update, and making comics had to be pushed to the back burner. But over the past few months, we’ve settled into the work, added some new people and there’s going to be new Gamer Girl & Vixen!

Andrea Profile Image 01

Making comics is my dream and I couldn’t be happier with what we’re making. We might not be setting the world on fire just yet, but I’m still so excited for our project. Over the year ahead, we’re going to be working on the Gamer Girl & Vixen sequel!

First and foremost, I need to introduce our project’s new artist, Andrea Rosales! Our first artist opted out of Volume 2. I wish her all the best. Andrea was recommended to us and she’s taken quite well to the GG&V character designs.

Andrea Group Shot 02

We’ve also added Jamieson Alcorn as an editor to help us tighten up the script on Volume 2 and keep the whole project under control. And Taylor Esposito will be returning to do our lettering.

My writing partner, Kristi McDowell, and I have finished the first draft of the full script of Volume 2. The plan is to go right into another full graphic novel instead of individual issues. A full tpb will be easier to keep for posterity, and it’ll just be easier to bind our whole ongoing story together.

So stay tuned to my blog going forward. I’ll hopefully have a ton of new information and artwork and pages to share as we get back to work making fun comics!


Meet Tyrannosaurus Regina!

Meet the latest edition to the cast of Gamer Girl & Vixen: Tyrannosaurus Regina! I’m rather proud of this character. I’m surprised nobody has ever used that name before in comics! Well this is me, claiming that name for all posterity! Tyrannosaurus Regina is the next hit villain sensation, and she’ll be debuting in volume 2 of Gamer Girl & Vixen!

T-Regina Final

My writing partner, Kristi McDowell, and I are already hard at work writing the script for volume 2. And we’ve got artist Gemma Moody and letterer Taylor Esposito back on board. Gemma designed T-Regina up there and she looks gorgeous and killer! Gemma has such a great eye for design.

I’ll have more information about volume 2 soon. Basically, Gamer Girl and Vixen are going to find out there’s a lot more to being a super-villain than just going on fun capers and robbing celebrities. There are some seriously dangerous bad guys out there, and they mean business!

Volume 1 is still available to purchase. Have you read it yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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