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Sean Ian Mills on the Podcastio

As I mentioned the other day, I was invited to join frequent commenter Maus Merryjest on his podcast, Geekamole, this week! They posted the episode Saturday afternoon, and if you’d like to take a listen, you’re more than welcome! Personally, I’ll never get used to how deep my voice sounds.

We talk about comics, like Teen Titans and Iceman, among many other comic related topics! Maus was even nice enough to let me plug my own comic, Gamer Girl & Vixen! It was a very fun experience and I think Maus and the Geekamole team for inviting me on!



Captain America/Disney’s Hercules Mashup

Who put the Cap in gladiator? From youtuber AsgardDailyNews comes a mashup of “Zero to Hero,” from Disney’s Hercules, and Captain America.

Someone made a Dragon Ball Z fan film, and you must watch it.

Close on the heels of the recent gritty Power Rangers fan film comes Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. This fan film was created by “Robot Underdog,” and it’s everything that fans didn’t get from Hollywood’s adaptation of the series a few years ago.

As best as I can abbreviate the series for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Dragon Ball Z is about a group of martial arts experts who have unlocked the vast powers within themselves to battle seemingly unstoppable foes.

The above fan film takes place in an alternate timeline, where a pair of powerful androids have all but wiped out the human race. The younger character, Trunks, will eventually travel back in time to aid the series’s main characters in the present day.

The Myth of the Silencer

It’s time to take you all to school on this Friday! We’re all movie and video game fans here, right? So we’re all pretty familiar with gun silencers – well we don’t know anything!

That was definitely interesting to learn! Though I suppose it’s disappointing to find out that another aspect of our pop culture is completely wrong, and the world we’ve been lead to believe exists is just one of myth and fairy tale. I bet RagnarRox‘s next video is going to be about how mushrooms don’t make us grow into giants!

6 Gritty Reboots I Want to See

I’m a big fan of gritty reboots, and apparently so is Hollywood. They’re all the rage these days. And they’re the best way to keep a big time franchise alive. Want to find a way to make a whole new Spider-Man trilogy only a few years after the first one? Gritty reboot! Want to make Daniel Craig’s James Bond more appealing to modern movie audiences? Gritty reboot! Want to turn the silly, cartoony, 1980s Transformers into a modern, billion-dollar blockbuster franchise? Gritty reboot!

Gritty reboots are a Hollywood cure-all, and I think they can make for some really good stories.

Old Man Flanagan bought a lot of rubber zombie masks

The key to making a gritty reboot is to add realism to an otherwise preposterous story. Often these movies are more grim than their previous counterparts, but I don’t think ‘grim’ is a necessity. It’s all about realism. It’s the difference between the Avengers and the Ultimates. Between the campy, colorful madness of Batman and Robin and the dark, urban realism of Batman Begins.

This year, gritty reboots of Godzilla and the Ninja Turtles will be hitting the big screen. But there are still some properties out there that I think are ripe for a big, gritty, realistic return!

Join me after the jump for six franchises that could use a little more grit!

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