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My 6 Favorite Lores

I am a member of several prominent fandoms. I love me some geeky TV shows, movies, video games, comics and more. And like any good geek, I can get super into the lore and backstories of these franchises. Got a wiki wormhole with dozens of pages devoted to the secret connections of several minor supporting characters? I’m in! I love a good lore.

Lore List 01

Which means we better get a sequel with the Green Ranger

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Comedian Patton Oswalt explains it pretty well in this stand-up clip. Lore is not just the main story, but all the deeper histories behind the characters and settings. Lore isn’t just Frodo and the One Ring, it’s everyone who came before and everything in the Simariliion. Lore isn’t just Tyrion, Daenerys and John Snow playing the Game of Thrones, it’s the history of the Night’s Watch, Bran the Builder, Robert’s Rebellion, The Tales of Dunk and Egg and more. Game of Thrones has great lore.

And now I’m going to share my favorite lores with you! I’ve loved a few over the years, ignored others. Feel free to share your own favorites in the comments!

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6 Classic Warcraft Characters They Should Add to the (Hopefully Inevitable) Sequel

For reasons that still befuddle me, the producers of the Warcraft movie decided to adapt the original video game storyline from the 90s. Even though Warcraft became a household name with the World of Warcraft MMORPG in the 00s, they turned back the clock to focus on the origin story of the world. I supposed it makes some kind of sense, but it leaves out all of the most popular characters and stories.

We’ll have to wait until the threequel or fivequel before we see the likes of Thrall, Illidan, the Lich King or Chen Stormstout!

Blizzard should still consider releasing animated movies

But that’s not to say the early days of Warcraft don’t have fun and exciting characters. And being the super lore nerd that I am, I’ve decided to put them in a list. Last week, I wrote about Warcraft concepts and characters I hope to see someday down the line, later in the franchise. That was before I saw the actual movie. Now that I’ve put in the time in theaters, and now that I see them sticking pretty close to the early stories, I’ve got a few more specific ideas in mind.

If Warcraft 2 sticks with that earlier timeline, who are some classic Warcraft characters they should add? You won’t find too many of them in World of Warcraft, but back in the day, they were our champions!

Except FULL SPOILERS for the new movie after the jump.

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Talk a Walk Down Warcraft Memory Lane!

The Warcraft movie is out and it’s getting terrible reviews! That might dull its success in America, but it’s killing overseas! Hope for a sequel remains! I won’t see the film until Saturday night, but until then, we can always count on the Honest Trailers folks to have some fun.

Those take me back. I’ve played Warcraft since the very beginning. Such a fun game! I hope to enjoy the movie.


6 Things I Want to See in Future Warcraft Movies

For the Horde! Lok’tar ogar! Get pumped, get excited! The Warcraft movie hits theaters this weekend, and I am chomping at the felboar’s bit to see it! Warcraft is in my blood. My brother, father and I have all been playing Warcraft since the very beginning, back when I was a wee henchman. I live for the Warcraft lore, so a big screen, live action adaptation is the sort of movie I’ve been waiting for!

I really hope it’s good.

Please be good!

It’s getting high marks overseas, which is nice. But it’s not about superheroes, and for once in my geeky life, I’m actually worried about that. I think the trailers have been excellent. The CGI looks amazing. The story and the characters could be something special. Heck, I don’t just want Warcraft to be good, I want it to succeed!

I want a whole franchise! I want a ton of sequels! I want them to plumb the depths of Warcraft lore and deliver everything I’ve ever loved about the series. Join me after the jump for a few specifics!

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Movie Trailer Thursday

Movie Trailer Thursday is probably not going to become a tradition. Movie trailers come out all the time, and seeing as how I love movie trailers, I share a lot of them. It just so happens that one of these trailers came out today, Thursday, while the other one came out, like, a few days ago. I’m just slow sometimes. Still, enjoy the new trailers for Jason Bourne and Warcraft! I know I did.

Jason Bourne

I don’t know about you, but I think my favorite part of every Jason Bourne movie is when the government guy first sees images of Jason Bourne in the field and goes, ‘Oh my God, that’s Jason Bourne.”


I saw The Jungle Book 3D yesterday, and it was really good. They showed one of the Warcraft trailers in 3D, and it looked kind of amazing.


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