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More Man in the High Castle!

There is so much good TV these days. There is too much! How am I supposed to watch it all? I’m definitely going to make time for the fourth and final season of The Man in the High Castle! I love this show! The first two seasons are some of the tightest plotted, most exciting television I’ve seen in years.

The third season wasn’t as strong, and I don’t know what to expect from the new season, but I’m going to watch all the way to the end and hope for the best. I have a ton of faith in the showmakers to deliver a powerful, awesome finale!

The new season arrives on Nov. 15.



Top 6 Comic Book Grandchildren

We all have grandparents! And hopefully they’re great! My last living grandparent, my maternal grandmother, just turned 100 this past year, and she’s always been great! All of my grandparents were awesome people and loving family.

So how about  list of comic book grandchildren?

Grandchildren List 01

Just imagine all the super-powers they have

I know what you’re thinking: why not a List of Six about comic book grandparents? Because more often than not, those characters who are grandparents have a lot more going on. Being a grandparent is often just an ancillary thing for them. Whereas it’s far more rare to have comic book characters who are notably the grandchildren of already famous comic book characters. Because major characters never age in regular comics, so it’s just not often we get grandchildren.

I’ve managed to track down six comic book characters who are notably the grandchildren of already famous characters! Join me after the jump to see them all!

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Sure, Zoe Kravitz is the New Catwoman

New casting news has arrived in the form of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie reboot. We’ve already got Robert Pattinson confirmed as Batman, and now Kravtiz as Catwoman!

Fine by me.

Kravitz Catwoman 01

I’ve seen Kravitz in a couple of things, but  mostly small roles, so I don’t have much of an opinion one way or another. I’m sure she’ll be great!

I think rumor was that Jonah Hill passed on playing the Penguin. Another rumor is that a bunch of villains will be in this film, which is a great way to do it. I’d really like to see this new series of films take a bigger picture approach to making Batman movies. We don’t need a bunch of one-off films that focus on a new villain being introduced and killed. Give us a world like the comics, where Batman exists and his Rogues Gallery exists and this is just another Batman adventure.

Obviously this new world can have its changes, and that’s fine. But we all know everything there is to know about Batman. We don’t need more artsy Batman movies. Give us some fun Batman movies. We all loved it when Ben Affleck was allowed to just cut loose and be Batman. So we don’t need an origin story. We don’t need a villain origin story. Batman: The Animated Series got by for years telling fun stories in an already prepared Batman universe. Let’s do that…but in movies.

Also, give us a Robin. Just have him be there. He doesn’t need an explicitly stated origin story either. We all know the story. But give Batman a cool sidekick. Is that too much to ask?


It’s Monday, I’m on Vacation, Let’s Just Take It Easy

Let’s ease into our lives this morning with a bit of fun parody video. The fine folks at Honest Trailers have done up Spider-Man: Far From Home. It was a fine movie, and it’s out on DVD! So let’s all enjoy its fineness.

Ah, that’s some good, quality content. More than enough to sustain my need for entertainment on this fine Monday. But I’m off from work, got no responsibilities and I think I’ll go play some video games and relax. You all have a good day.


This is Some Good Joker Parody by SNL

I don’t watch Saturday Night Live, haven’t for at least a decade. But like most comedy these days, a lot of it shows up on YouTube the next morning. Such is life. Which is where I watched this funny Joker parody starring David Harbour as a gritty Oscar the Grouch!

That’s some good parody! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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