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The 6 Best German Superheroes

Guten Morgen! Most comic book companies feature heroes and villains based in America. Heck, Marvel Comics has pretty much every single superhero in their stable hanging out in New York City specifically. I bet it gets pretty crowded! But on those rare occasions when a hero goes on a world tour, they get to meet superheroes from other countries!

Like Germany.

Germany List 01

This one

I’ll be kicking off a new world tour List of Six series with Germany. I did a list on French superheroes a few years ago, and it remains pretty popular today (thanks Google search!). There are a lot of fascinating world superheroes out there, and a lot of neat ones from Germany specifically! So join me after the jump for the best German heroes and villains in mainstream comics!

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Introducing: Marvel Rebirth!

I refuse to be a dancing puppet on a string. Marvel Legacy can go suck a lemon.

Look, I am nobody. I’m a middlingly cool, extremely handsome blogger who writes about comic book and pop culture stuff. There are a million blogs out there like mine, and I honestly cannot tell you what makes mine better than theirs. I don’t make any money off this blog anymore and it hasn’t gotten me any sort of exposure or better job. It’s just something I like to write for the fun of it.

Which means I have total editorial control. Which means I’m going to pass on reporting on things like Marvel Legacy or Marvel Generations.

Marvel Legacy 01

Generations was announced a couple weeks ago. It’s going to be a mini-series teaming up classic Marvel characters like the original Wolverine with their modern replacements like the newer Wolverine. And then Legacy, which was announced this past weekend at C2E2 Comic-Con in Chicago, is going to involve bringing back and solidifying the classic characters, while relaunching all the titles and giving a bunch of them their original numberings.

So yeah, it’s another Marvel relaunch. They do this every two years or so, like clockwork. I am not going to get excited about it or report on it.

But more than anything else, this is just Marvel Rebirth. That’s all it is, and I’m not going to call it anything else.

Marvel sales have been slumping in comparison to DC Comics recently, because DC has had success with Rebirth, where they doubled-down on telling classic comic book stories with classic characters, as opposed to trying anything new or modern.

And since it worked, that’s what Marvel is going to do. They’re not going to say that Marvel Legacy is just Marvel Rebirth. They’re going to flower it up with all manner of marketing and PR talk. And they’re going to expect all the comic book news sites to march to the beat of their drummer.

But it’s just Marvel Rebirth.

And even though I write a blog about comic book news, I’m not going to dance like a puppet on their string and talk about how amazing this is going to be. I haven’t particularly cared about DC Rebirth. And whether I not I care about Marvel Legacy will depend entirely on whether or not the relaunch produces good, enjoyable comic books. That’s all that matters.

There are no string on me.

Get it? like Age of Ultron.


Just a Nice Cartoon About Modern Life

I start a busy project at work today, so I’m gonna be a little tied up for the next week or so. Should be fun! But that means I must beg your forgiveness if I slack off a little during the week. For example, I didn’t really have anything planned to write or share this morning.

So I thought I’d turn you all onto the Youtube cartoon People Watching. It’s made by Winston Rowntree and the artists at Subnormality, posted online through Cracked. Here’s the first episode!

I highly recommend watching all 10 episodes. They’re short little Youtube cartoons, about 10 minutes or so, but they’re a pretty smart, pretty deep look into modern life. Or maybe they’re overly preachy or treacly or something. I don’t know how you’re gonna feel about them! I just know that I enjoyed the episodes and they helped give me insight into new and interesting ideas about the modern psyche. And that’s good enough for me.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! I’m thinking of writing an annoyed rant about this dumb new Marvel Legacy garbage. Maybe I’ll get around to that later….


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/22/17

Lots of fun comics this week! Marvel kicks off Secret Empire, which I won’t be reviewing. And DC kicks off their next big Watchmen event in Batman, which I’ve decided to get back into reviewing. In fact, we’ve mostly got DC comics this week! A reversal of the norm!

Unfortunately for DC, the one Marvel comic I reviewed — Ms. Marvel #17 — wins Comic Book of the Week for some really fun bits! Like a day-saving video game session in the middle of a convenience store!

LAN Party 01

This is how Kamala Khan saves the world

Meanwhile, the opening salvo of Secret Empire came out this week, and while I don’t really review Big Events anymore, I’m digging it so far! I absolutely love the set-up and premise behind this event. Captain America has been brainwashed into being a secret bad guy, and he’s using his clout and heroism to build up a secret army to take over the world! And the rest of the heroes are going to need to band together against impossible odds to defeat and save their greatest champion.

That’s just good crossover storytelling! I liked all the issues that kicked off the event, I love the evil knife twists that Captain America pulls off, and I hope for an exciting ride.

Comic Reviews: Batman #21, Batwoman #2, Harley Quinn #18, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14, Ms. Marvel #17 and The Wild Storm #3.

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That Cloak & Dagger Show Is Really Happening!

Against all my staunchest disbelief, that Cloak & Dagger TV show on Freeform is actually happening! Considering how many superhero movies and TV shows get announced, I rarely believe they’re actually happening until I see some solid footage.

Welp, here it is!

Looks neat! Definitely looks like a Freeform show. Freeform used to be ABC Family, for those of you not in the know. One Christmas holiday home with my family, we ended up watching a bunch of movies on Freeform, and every commercial break had the same commercial for one of their shows about vampire or shadow hunters? It was maddening. But it was definitely Freeform!

So yeah, this show looks kind a neat. I’ll probably check out a couple issues. But if it’s just a cheesy, teenage-angst romance, I’ll probably check out eventually.


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