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LEGO Stingray to Exist!

There’s a new LEGO Marvel Superheroes game coming out soon, and I was only mildly interested in it until about 30 seconds ago. I used to be big into the original LEGO Star Wars games, but haven’t done much with LEGO Marvel games.

Until I saw that Stingray was going to be in the new game! Holy cow!

Did you catch him? He’s at 00:37 in the trailer! LEGO Stingray! Oh man oh man, I’m over the moon now!

Now Marvel just needs to make a legit Stingray mini-fig or LEGO set for me to own and love.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 will be out on Nov. 14. Hopefully on Steam.



Everybody Loves Pokemon, Honestly!

I enjoyed Pokemon Sun and Moon. It had some unique twists to the same old story, and the graphics were just super. There’s a new, super version coming out soon, but I think I’ll pass…or maybe I’ll buy it! I haven’t decided yet! Either way, here’s an Honest Trailer!

Good times. I think fun was had by all.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets a Full Trailer

We’re all excited for the Red Dead Redemption sequel! The first game was a brilliant cowboy adventure, and the sequel should be even better! See for yourself!

Looks great! Lots of cowboy action!

The problem is that I only game on PC now! And there probably won’t be a PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 for a long time. So all of you console people get to enjoy this game! Lucky jerks!


There’s Gonna Be a New Tomb Raider Movie

I don’t think I ever watched the original Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie. In all honesty, I never played the original Tomb Raider video games either. Maybe a little bit, here or there. It was just never part of my video game lexicon.

At least not until the most recent video game reboot, which actually seems to have inspired the new movies.

The two newest games — Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider — are really fun games! They’re very cinematic and involve a lot of extreme stunts, with a really scrappy vibe to them. This isn’t the cool and in charge Lara Croft, guns blazing. This is a Lara who gets into the muck and the blood as she struggles to survive in a harsh landscape against harsher bad guys.

The only problem I have with the games is that the stories aren’t very nuanced. Lara is good and the bad guys are just generically evil, one-dimensional villains who always seem to be 10 steps ahead of her until she finally scrapes out a win.

I like the games and I like the look of the movie.


What If Iron Man and Spider-Man Were Pokemon Trainers?

Remember when the Cartoon Hooligans made a cartoon about Batman and Superman as Pokemon trainers? Well they’ve done it again!

This is good, quality Internet content. The exact sort of fun cartoon geeky silliness that I come to love and depend on. Go Internet!


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