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First Last of Us Trailer Picked a Great Song

The Last of Us is going to be a TV show on HBO, and now we’ve got the first ever trailer! It looks great and they picked a great song to go along with it. This trailer does a great job of setting the mood and setting up all we know about the Last of Us world.

I have high hopes for this show. I loved both games, including The Last of Us 2, and I’m sure HBO can do a good job. There have been a lot of good adaptations of books and comics and games that have crashed and burned lately. So I’m going to remain hopeful and positive, especially after this first look.

And you can always count on Alone and Forsaken by Hank Williams to be a kickass doomsday song.

The Last of Us comes to HBO next year.


Pokemon or Tem Tem?

I’m once again at a video game crossroads. I’ve been playing the heck out of Total War: Warhammer 3, and I might just keep playing that. The next new video game I want to get doesn’t come out until the end of October, and I probably need a Playstation 5 to play it (which I might not get). Then God of War: Ragnarok in early November, which can be played on a PS4, but should it?

Finally, Pokemon Violet and Scarlet come out in mid-November. I definitely have the Nintendo Switch to play it. But what do I play until then?

I’ve really been eyeing this game Tem Tem on Steam. It’s a pretty solid Pokemon knock-off that seems pretty fun. Might that last me until mid-November? I haven’t done much research at all into that game, unlike the research I do playing new Pokemon games. So for the first time ever, I could go into a monster catching game with no knowledge of what monsters I’ll encounter or their final evolutions.

It’s very tempting…I just gotta be willing to spend that money…

Oh yeah, and all the new stuff introduced in that new Pokemon trailer looks neat. It’s more of the basic Pokemon stuff, but that’s exactly what I want in the new open world playstyle. Give me the open world, but the normal Pokemon track, and hopefully that should be really fun.


I’m Probably Gonna Need to Get a Playstation 5 for God of War: Ragnarok

The time has come, once again, in my unfortunate life, wherein I’ll probably need to buy a new gaming console. My PC is getting old and all the new games need the fancy new generation. But Playstation 5s are still hard to find! Why is that?! It’s been, like, three years? Why can’t I just go to Best Buy and get a Playstation 5? Stupid world.

Anyway, check out this awesome new trailer for God of War: Ragnarok.

Looks great. But it also looks great on a Playstation 5! How else am I going to play this? I know I can get it for my Playstation 4…but should I? Shouldn’t I just upgrade? Gotham Knights isn’t going to have a Playstation 4 version. Or maybe I’ll just wait. Pokemon Violet comes out that same month and I’ve got a Nintendo Switch that works.

I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see what fate has in store for me on Nov. 9.


6 Things I Want to See in Mass Effect 4

Recently, I completed the epic adventure is that is the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, combining the first three Mass Effect games and all of their DLC. Way back when the games first came out, I played through the first two and then never bothered with the third game. There was such a negative backlash that I simply didn’t play it. But time heals all wounds, and a nice sale on the Legendary Edition had me back in the saddle as Commander Shepherd.

There’s this teaser image/trailer

What does the future hold for the Mass Effect video game series? Does anybody have any idea? Two years ago, we got a tiny teaser that the game was in the works. It’s been radio silence since. I’m one of the few people who seems to have actually enjoyed Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the developers stopped bothering with that game almost immediately. So this list is just going to be a bunch of random speculation and thoughts about what this hypothetical game might contain.

Join me after the jump as I reflect on my Legendary Edition playthrough and offer some hope for the future.

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I Don’t Know If I’ll Be Able to Play Gotham Knights

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming video game, Gotham Knights. An Arkham-style game where you play as all the Robins? Especially the Tim Drake Robin? Sign me the heck up! And the game looks great! We just got this new Villains trailer this week.

The problem is, I don’t own a Playstation 5, and my gaming PC is pretty old at this point. So I just don’t know if I’ll be able to play and enjoy this game when it comes out. Will the world suddenly shift and PS5s will become available? I doubt it. Am I going to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade my PC just for this one game? Hells nah. So I guess all I can do is watch and enjoy these little trailers…

Gotham Knights comes out on Oct. 25.


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