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A Longer, Dumber Look At That Avengers Video Game

A full blown Avengers video game is due out sometime next year, featuring a movie-similar cast and a bunch of production values. As an Avengers and video game fan, I’m pretty excited. But this longer look at the opening section has me hesitantly cautious.

My major concern is that the game looks way too on-rails. I like a good free roam game. This whole opening segment looks like one long quick time event, where the game controls where you go and how you get there, you just need to press the corresponding button to make that happen.

Of course, that might just be how the opening prologue works, like a tutorial. Either way, I’m still excited, but now more cautious.

There’s also a Ms. Marvel tease about halfway through, so she’s definitely going to be in the game. Pretty sure she’s the narrator.



Here’s Another Look At The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is probably my most anticipated game for the rest of the year. And here’s a random video with the senior producer, Matthew Singh. He’s announced that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but he also provides some more story content!

I can’t wait to sink my teeth into another rich role-playing game. I’m still puttering in Red Dead Redemption Online and could use the break.


6 Things I Want Added to Red Dead Redemption Online

Once again I find myself lost in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, easily one of the biggest and best video game I’ve ever played. There have been a lot of good games lately, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is the exactly perfect video game for me — and I am very much enjoying the online multiplayer.

Check out my custom character! I’m Henchman4Hire on Playstation 4!

RDRO Cameron 04

There’s not much to the multiplayer just yet. It’s really just the big, glorious game world with a bunch of random jobs, playgrounds, mini-games and a couple of story missions. But that’s enough for me. Honestly, I just love existing in this game world. I love the feel of walking around. I love the pedantic stuff. I love trotting my horse through town. I love putting together the perfect outfit. I love this game!

And there are a couple of expansion ideas I hope to see over the next few months and years. The online multiplayer is growing in fits and starts. There’s a big update coming later this summer that will add some professions, like bounty hunter or fur trapper. That should be fun. Rockstar has been updating Grand Theft Auto Online for years now, and surely they will do the same for the cowboy version.

Join me after the jump for six things I personally want to see and experience in future Red Dead Online updates.

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The Witcher TV Show and the Steven Universe TV Movie Look Great!

Finally we arrive at some Comic-Con trailers I actually care about! First up is The Witcher TV show coming to Netflix. Like most people, I am a huge fan of The Witcher video games, with The Witcher 3 being one of the greatest, most in-depth I have ever played. But the show is going to be based on the books, which I have no tread.

At least Henry Cavill looks better in motion than he did in the early photographs. This show could have all the goodness!

Next up is a Steven Universe made-for-TV movie, which looks awesome! And it delivers the one thing I want most from Steven Universe: letting him grow up. Steven is a such a great character that it annoys me that he was forced to stay kid-like. They had an episode explaining that his body just didn’t age like a normal person. That is so weird and lame.

Steven is a character that I want to see grow up. Steven’s growing maturity was the best part of the show, and I want that taken to normal, natural levels. But if you go much further, he’ll be an adult in a weird kid body, and that’s just weird. Movie trailer looks good, though.


I Don’t Quite Understand the New Avengers Video Game

The first real details of the upcoming The Avengers video game from Square Enix arrived at E3 last night…and I don’t quite understand what I’m seeing. Apparently it’s going to be a “live service” game with a focus on online co-op, where you and three friends play Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and Thor in an original Avengers story.

Here’s the main trailer:

There are a couple of smaller trailers out there on the web, including one with Hank Pym. Ant-Man has already been confirmed as future DLC.

But yeah, I don’t quite understand this game. Based on this trailer, I just don’t know what we’ll be playing. It all looks like cut scenes. And this “live service” thing is new to me. I think it’s similar to games like Destiny and Anthem, which I’ve never played. I think they’re these ongoing games, with constant updates to costumes, quests and content to keep people active and playing longer. Like World of Warcraft with its expansion packs every couple of years. At least I think that’s what it is.

I dunno. I haven’t read any articles on this Avengers game that fully explain what’s happening. It looks like just a bunch of wild fighting.

Hopefully we’ll learn more in the future. The game comes out on May 15.


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