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Here’s a Deeper Look at Midnight Suns

I’m intrigued by the upcoming Marvel superheroes video game Midnight Suns. I like a good Marvel video game, and I really enjoyed the XCOM games by the same studio. So Midnight Suns could be a lot of fun. And this longer video shows us how actual gameplay is going to work.

I still don’t know if I fully understand the card-based fighting mechanic…but it could still work. Move your characters around, and their powers are just shaped like cards instead of…I dunno, something more traditional like button presses. But yeah, Midnight Suns looks like it could be a fun game. I suppose I might wait to see some reviews before I dive in, but that’s a decision for future Sean. Right now, this just looks like a potentially cool video game.

Midnight Suns will come out sometime next year, I believe.


6 Things I Want in that New Wolverine Video Game

This is a welcome surprise. We all knew Insomniac was making a full sequel to their previous Spider-Man video game. Heck, I already made a list about what I want to see in that sequel three years ago! But I don’t think any of us had even an inkling that Insomniac was also working on a Wolverine video game! Now that is really damn exciting.

At least we can be sure that claws are in the game

Because I love doing this sort of thing, I’m going to do a new list of things I want to see in the Wolverine video game! I am a longtime fan of Wolverine video games. There have been some real gems over the years. From X2: Wolverine’s Revenge to X-Men Origins: Wolverine; guess they were all movie-connected to some degree. But that’s the old world! Now Wolverine can get his own standalone game, where he just Wolverines the heck out of the place!

Join me after the jump for what I’d like to see in this upcoming, potentially awesome Wolverine video game! And share your own hopes and dreams in the comments.

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Spider-Man 2, Wolverine and So Many More Video Games Coming!

Yesterday was apparently a big day for Sony and Playstation to announce a bunch of exciting new upcoming video games — to come out a couple years from now. So we’ve all got to survive this pandemic to play the likes of Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, God of War: Ragnarok and more! I’m going to do my best.

First up is Spider-Man 2, the sequel to that great Spider-Man game a couple years ago from Insomniac. The Miles Morales game was just as good, in my opinion, but a full-on sequel should be a lot of fun.

We’ve got Kraven and Venom as villains, and those guys are always a hoot. This game should be another instant success.

Next up, Insomniac is making a Wolverine video game! That one is a real surprise.

Wolverine games have a good track record. Say what you will about the movie, but the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game was a blast way back in the day. The fighting, the healing, the gameplay, it was all top notch. And with the Spider-Man games, it’s clear that Insomniac knows how to make a character move around a world. So Wolverine is in good hands.

God of War: Ragnarok got a nice, beefy trailer and it looks as good as expected.

The story seems to have moved forward in some great ways, and we’re actually going to party with the Norse god of war, so that’s neat. This should be another instant classic as well. Playstation really knocks them out of the park sometimes.

The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game got a new story trailer and it still looks…iffy.

Fortunately, this game comes out in October, so we’ll actually get to see whether or not this one is any good in a short time. Which is good, because I need a new video game. I’ve been getting by on scraps and old games for like a month now. This game could be fun…or it could be a big, swirling mess.

Lastly, they announced a remake for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This is going to be remade from the ground up, they say, completely from scratch. They’re gonna redo the entire game with modern graphics and play style. This is fantastic, considering I never played the original Knights of the Old Republic. I tried it once, years after it came out, but it had lost its luster by then and I didn’t get very far into the game. I did play the sequel a couple of times, and that was great! So I’m very excited to try the main game for reals with modern everything.

And that’s about it for game trailers. I think there were more, but these are the ones I’m most interested in. Most of them are years away, but thankfully, I can be pretty patient. Plus it gives me more time to buy that Playstation 5.


Midnight Suns is Going to Be All About Tank Tops

I have taken a particular interest in the upcoming Marvel video game Midnight Suns. I’m a huge fan of the XCOM series, and the idea of taking one of those games and filling it with Marvel superheroes sounds fun! And yesterday we got our first look at the actual gameplay instead of just pre-rendered cut scenes.

And I gotta say…everybody’s wearing tank tops in this game.

Right? Everybody dresses down casually at some point in this game and has a themed tank top. Kinda neat!

All kidding aside, I have no idea what to make of that actual gameplay footage. It looks to be built on the foundation of XCOM, but there are cards? And big special moves? Looks like it could be cool. I’m definitely looking forward to trying this game out.

Midnight Suns comes out in March.


Marvel: Midnight Suns Looks Fascinating

I didn’t really know what to make about the reveal trailer for Midnight Suns, a new Marvel video game coming sometime next year. It’s…it’s a lot to take in. And honestly, it looks like one of those cheap Marvel mobile games. See for yourself.

The trailer looks like madness. But maybe in a good way?

The one thing keeping me tethered to hope for Midnight Suns is that it is produced by Firaxis, a game studio responsible for the XCOM games. I recently got into XCOM this pandemic and I really, really enjoyed XCOM 2. The in-field battle tactics were superb.

Firaxis people have come out to say that Midnight Suns is not just going to be a superhero skin over the top of XCOM core gameplay, but they’ve also said the game is going to be about in-field battle tactics. So we’ll just have to wait for a gameplay trailer to know for sure. But the general idea of an XCOM style game, where your squad is comprised of a bunch of Marvel superheroes, sounds phenomenal. I am here for that kind of game.

So we’ll find out when Marvel: Midnight Suns comes out in March 2022!


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