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New Justice League Trailer for All Your Justice League Needs

This is actually an OK Justice League trailer. I like it better than the previous one, possibly because it’s got a touch more Joss Whedon in it this time? I don’t know. I’m still mostly expecting this film to be as dark and crummy as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But I suppose anything is possible.

Maybe it’ll be fun. Maybe Justice League will exceed expectations and be a good movie. Or maybe it’ll be another dark, action-heavy garbage pile. There’s only one way to find out and it arrives next month!



Wonder Woman is Out on DVD!

The Wonder Woman movie is out on DVD this week, and as usual, we’ve got a great Honest Trailer to celebrate! Time for all of us to rewatch the movie!

Poor Charlie, though…


How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended!

Wonder Woman was a hit this year, which is great! She’s a great hero and more women need to be at the front of big time superhero movies. So, of course, Wonder Women gets the typical parody treatment!

This was an OK video. The Moana bit was inspired and the voice-acting was superb, but I think the ending was a bit too focused on mocking Batman. At least the How It Should Have Ended people shook up the normal status quo and didn’t have Batman and Superman in a cafe!


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/15/17

Can you believe we have to wait all the way until November for another superhero movie? Man, what’s wrong with the world? Good thing we’ve got other comics to fill the time! Detective Comics, Hulk comics, Wonder Woman comics, X-Men comics and Squirrel Girl comics!

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl wins Comic Book of the Week because Ryan North and Erica Henderson revel in what it would actually be like to visit the Savage Land!

Savage Brands 01

Gift shop pun game remains on point

I checked in on Amazing Spider-Man this week but decided not to review it because it’s largely a Secret Empire tie-in and I’m not super keen on reading or reviewing a ton of tie-ins. Thankfully, this tie-in is largely focused on Dan Slott’s ongoing story of Doc Ock taking back Parker Industries, so I dig that part of it. And it moves the Spider-Man/Mockingbird relationship forward a little, which I also like. But mostly it was a big, busy, crazy issue. So good times there!

Comic Reviews: Defenders #3, Detective Comics #960, Hulk #8, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #22, Wonder Woman #26 and X-Men Blue #7.

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6 Thoughts on the Wonder Woman Movie

Like the lazy schmuck I am, I stopped doing full movie reviews awhile ago. There just wasn’t time between seeing the Thursday night early showings and having to go to work the next morning. Plus, considering all Marvel movies are generally good to great, how much more need be said? And it’s not like my reviews were making it to Rotten Tomatoes…

So now I’ll deliver my Wonder Woman review in List of Six form! It’s much more fun that way.

WW Review LIst 01

Movie Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

Overall, I enjoyed Wonder Woman quite a bit. It’s got solid superheroics with a lot of heart. It’s not a genre-game changer and it doesn’t redefine the superhero movie, but it’s still very good, and that counts for a lot. Is it the best movie in the DCEU? Of course! But that wasn’t a high bar to reach. I thought Man of Steel was a bad movie, and Batman V. Superman is not much better. And I actively forget that Suicide Squad was a thing.

But hey, Wonder Woman is a fine film! Join me after the jump for my thoughts! And FULL SPOILERS for the movie, so watch yourself.

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