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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/15/17

Can you believe we have to wait all the way until November for another superhero movie? Man, what’s wrong with the world? Good thing we’ve got other comics to fill the time! Detective Comics, Hulk comics, Wonder Woman comics, X-Men comics and Squirrel Girl comics!

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl wins Comic Book of the Week because Ryan North and Erica Henderson revel in what it would actually be like to visit the Savage Land!

Savage Brands 01

Gift shop pun game remains on point

I checked in on Amazing Spider-Man this week but decided not to review it because it’s largely a Secret Empire tie-in and I’m not super keen on reading or reviewing a ton of tie-ins. Thankfully, this tie-in is largely focused on Dan Slott’s ongoing story of Doc Ock taking back Parker Industries, so I dig that part of it. And it moves the Spider-Man/Mockingbird relationship forward a little, which I also like. But mostly it was a big, busy, crazy issue. So good times there!

Comic Reviews: Defenders #3, Detective Comics #960, Hulk #8, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #22, Wonder Woman #26 and X-Men Blue #7.

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6 Thoughts on the Wonder Woman Movie

Like the lazy schmuck I am, I stopped doing full movie reviews awhile ago. There just wasn’t time between seeing the Thursday night early showings and having to go to work the next morning. Plus, considering all Marvel movies are generally good to great, how much more need be said? And it’s not like my reviews were making it to Rotten Tomatoes…

So now I’ll deliver my Wonder Woman review in List of Six form! It’s much more fun that way.

WW Review LIst 01

Movie Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

Overall, I enjoyed Wonder Woman quite a bit. It’s got solid superheroics with a lot of heart. It’s not a genre-game changer and it doesn’t redefine the superhero movie, but it’s still very good, and that counts for a lot. Is it the best movie in the DCEU? Of course! But that wasn’t a high bar to reach. I thought Man of Steel was a bad movie, and Batman V. Superman is not much better. And I actively forget that Suicide Squad was a thing.

But hey, Wonder Woman is a fine film! Join me after the jump for my thoughts! And FULL SPOILERS for the movie, so watch yourself.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 6/3/17

Happy Wonder Woman Weekend, everybody? Have you seen the movie yet? I did the other night and I quite enjoyed it! Wonder Woman was solid superheroics and a lot of heart. It wasn’t a genre game-changer, but it was easily as good as some Marvel movies. I might actually be legitimately interested in seeing her in Justice League now.

And might as well make the Wonder Woman Annual issue the Comic Book of the Week! It was a Fifth Wednesday this week, so there were not a lot of new comics. I also scoped out new issues of Hulk and Generation X, but the Wonder Woman Annual was delightful.

W Woman Lasso 01

Nicola Scott’s artwork is pretty much perfect

Meanwhile, Secret Empire also continues onward, and I’m still enjoying it. It’s a little scattershot at the moment, with a whole bunch of simultaneous plot lines, but I’m still happy with it on a general, entertained level. Though Secret Empire feels more like an alternate reality or What If issue than an actual, in-continuity storyline.

Comic Reviews: Generation X #2, Hulk #6 and Wonder Woman Annual #1.

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6 Best Wonder Woman Knock-Offs

Superman is the first comic book superhero and obviously the most famous. Superman is as iconic as Mickey Mouse, if not more so. And where there is popularity and fame, there are rip-offs. Comics are filled with Superman knock-offs. Whether it’s Shazam or Hyperion or The Sentry, everybody loves copying Superman (and making lists about it on the Internet).

But what about Wonder Woman? Doesn’t she deserve some off-brand characters? Especially with a new movie coming out this weekend!

WW KO List 01

I hear there’s a movie coming out this weekend

Heck yeah, she does! In the spirit of equality and doing my duty to fill the Internet with more comic book lists, I’ve scoured comicdom to find all the best Wonder Woman rip-offs. Because why should Superman have all the fun of Internet lists? He’s not so great!

Join me after the jump for all the best would-be Wonder Women!

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Wonder Woman Gets a Badass Final Trailer

I dig the song in this final Wonder Woman trailer, but the action and explosions cover up what sounds like really cool lyrics. Still, that’s a weird, minor nitpick. The rest of the trailer is pretty awesome.

We’ve got a month to go until Wonder Woman hits theaters, and there’s a lot riding on the film. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is amazing, so Marvel is already kicking butt. Can DC actually put out a good movie for once? Dare we still have hope?

I guess we’ll find out in a month on June 2.


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