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Honestly, the Avengers Video Game Wasn’t For Me

It was recently announced that the next big update for the Avengers video game — the one bringing Kate Bishop to the game, the first new character — has been pushed off indefinitely. The developers think their game will have the legs to survive…but will it really? Honestly?

The Avengers video game was, ultimately, not for me. The game turned out to be exactly what I thought it was going to be, and it just didn’t work for me. I played a friend’s copy through the campaign, and that was fun enough. And I could probably see myself losing myself to the grind just to get fancier costumes. But nah. I set my controller down and uninstalled the game from my PC. And with Kate Bishop pushed off, there’s no reason going back anytime soon.

The Fandom Games guys are right on the dang money!


Our First Look at WandaVision is Perfectly Trippy

The pandemic really did a number on all those awesome Marvel TV shows we were expecting. Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been delayed until next year. But it seems we’ll still be getting WandaVision before the end of 2020. In fact, here’s the first full trailer for this trippy show!

Looks amazing! Weird, trippy and all manner of nutso, this trailer looks totally perfect for the show they’ve promised. I can’t wait!


Kang the Conqueror is Coming to…Ant-Man 3?!

Good news, everybody! The Marvel Cinematic Universe production machine is kicking back into some kind of gear! The TV shows have resumed filming, and work is apparently being done on Ant-Man 3 because Deadline has announced the casting of actor Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror!

One is good at fashion, one is not

Marvel hasn’t officially commented on the role, but Deadline isn’t about to report something like this without some confidence. So I would say this is pretty solid casting news.

And it’s cool news, too! Kang the Conqueror stands to be a great villain, and hopefully Majors isn’t just going to be part of Ant-Man 3. Why is he part of a considerably small movie, instead of Avengers 5? Because Ant-Man has led the charge into time travel in the MCU, and Kang is all about that stuff!

Plus, rumors are apparently also swirling that Ant-Man 3 will be a kick-off for the Young Avengers, what with the older Cassie Lang surely getting ready to suit up herself. And Kang was a big part of the Young Avengers.

So this is all exciting news! I haven’t seen Majors in anything yet, but he’s been getting a ton of roles recently. I’m due to start watching him in Lovecraft Country any day now, just gotta get around to starting.

Hooray for new MCU news!


Avengers: Endgame Easter Egg Was Actually Pointing to this X-Men MCU Debut All Along!

You guys are not going to believe this! I’ve got here a scoop hot off my own brain that’s going to blow everybody’s minds! Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe pore over every tidbit and morsel to find some hint about what the future might hold — and I’ve discovered something that’s going to put every other fan theory and Easter Egg idea to shame! Because I am just that damn smart!

So OK, we all know that scene in Avengers: Endgame where Okoye mentions an “earthquake under the ocean” to Black Widow. Right? Everybody knows that scene!

This scene!

Now, a lot of fools thought this was a hint towards Namor the Sub-Mariner. Because it’s underwater, obviously. But that’s nonsense. Namor can’t cause earthquakes. What were those people thinking?!

But I’ve figured it out! The greatest Easter Egg of all time! The first real, proper hint of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Because who causes earthquakes? That’s right: Rictor!

Boom! Consider your mind blown!

Hello?! Isn’t it obvious? The first mutant ever mentioned in the MCU is going to be that random hanger-on from various X-Force and/or X-Factor comics! Because he causes earthquakes with his mutant powers! And They mentioned earthquakes!

So it must be Rictor! He’s probably going to be the first mutant to ever show up in an MCU movie. The fans are going to love him.

What’s not to love?

What else could cause that underwater earthquake that was so important it warranted a single line of dialogue in Avengers: Endgame? Are you going to try and tell me it was Avalanche instead of Rictor? Don’t be silly.

Clearly that single, innocuous line of dialogue was hinting towards Rictor and X-Force and mutants in the MCU. It’s so obvious.

There’s no way it was just a natural, undersea event meant to highlight Nat’s growing sense of uselessness. The only sensible meaning is Rictor.

Which obviously also means Shatterstar! You heard it here first folks: MCU Phase 5 will kick off with a Rictor and Shatterstar movie where they go on a journey under the sea!


We’re Getting that U.S. Agent Solo Comic After All!

This is some exciting news! Marvel announced today a new U.S. Agent mini-series to debut in November, written by Christopher Priest and drawn by Stefano Landini. I’ve been a big fan of the character as of late, specifically because of a Matthew Rosenberg-penned Force Works comic from a couple months ago.

U.S. Agent is such a rough and tumble character for such a rough and tumble era of America.

That’s what has me excited. Captain America has a lot of measures he needs to meet to be Captain America. But we are in a really shitty period of American history right now. And perhaps what we need is a really shitty version of Captain America to tell this story.

Here’s Priest describing the comic:

“‘American Zealot’ is a morality play told in five acts. John Walker has been fired. Or he quit. Depends on who’s telling the story. Now finding his way as a civilian government contractor, Walker is making more money and taking more risks as he can now venture into places sanctioned agents can’t always follow,” Priest began. “However, with limited official access to intelligence data, the now-former USAgent’s missions can and often do lead him into blind alleys he’ll need to MacGyver himself out of.”

He added, “I was thrilled to be invited back to Captain America until I realized it was this guy, Cap’s scowling, emotionally damaged misfit cousin. Cousin America. But USAGENT presents an exciting writer’s challenge to explore the myriad expressions and aspirations of the American dream, how that dream is fulfilled or not, through the eyes and voices of a nation often at war with itself. John Walker is a man often at war with HIMself, so Marvel knows no better a protagonist for this journey, this stumble, this Parkour carom through the many visions of the greatest nation on Earth.”

It sounds really cool to me!

And U.S. Agent is getting a new costume as well.

Looks great! This sounds like a really fun comic. And I like the idea of Marvel putting out these quickie 5-issue mini-series to test the waters for some of their characters. We don’t need a bunch of new ongoing comics that we know are going to get cancelled within a year. Tell some quick, contained stories and tell them well.


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