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Suicide Squad was Honestly Disappointing

Suicide Squad finally gets the Honest Trailers treatment, which is always a hoot.

Someday we’ll probably get tired of making fun of this movie. But it is not this day! Someday DC and Warner Bros. will make a great and universally beloved film. But it is not this day! This day, we mock!



How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended, Plus Other Jokes

Aw man, poor How It Should Have Ended guys. They have a couple of really good jokes about Suicide Squad, but their actual alternate ending is a little light. Instead, they go for the tried and true method of falling back on their own running gags.

It also looks like they’re going to start telling a story with their running gags? I dunno, man. The jokes are fine, but I’m here to watch funny alternate endings! I was never particularly a fan of their Batman/Superman diner segments, or tying every single superhero property back to those diner segments. They’re just not as funny. But I bet they’ve got tons of fans, and I suppose they’ve got to protect and emphasize their brand, so here we are.

Still, lots more to make fun of about Suicide Squad


Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is a studio executive’s attempt to recreate the magic of Guardians of the Galaxy without understanding why or how that magic worked. Warner Bros. clearly wanted a cast of wacky, troubled characters, a bunch of witty one-liners, and a heaping of bouncy, familiar pop music. Director David Ayer delivers on all those things, but not nearly enough to make a really good film. He gets a little too distracted by the flash bang of generic gun violence.

Suicide Squad is like an Avengers movie if you dial down the entertaining character interactions and dial up the fights against endless, faceless minions.

Movie Rating: 6/10 – Pretty Good. 

There is the potential for a great movie buried deep beneath the mindless, humdrum action of Suicide Squad, and overall, I’m pretty sure I mostly enjoyed the experience. I was mildly entertained, in a bland ‘I don’t hate this’ sort of way. There were enough good notes in the movie to keep me humming along.

For the most part, the characters and the actors playing them are actually really great. Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn are fantastic, and even secondary characters like Rick Flag, El Diablo and Captain Boomerang show a lot of potential. This could have been a great movie.

Instead, these great characters are simply walked through a bland, generic shoot’em up flick with a crummy plot, an overload of unnecessary characters and a severe lack of anything truly noteworthy. Despite being primarily an action movie, there are no awesome, exciting set pieces or interesting fight choreography. There are no big moments that will have people on the edge of their seats or talking about forever. And all the best jokes and one-liners were in the trailers.

Not to mention more than a few weird plotholes that undermine the entire point of the movie.

Join me after the jump for my full review! Expect FULL SPOILERS for Suicide Squad!

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LEGO Suicide Squad

I saw Suicide Squad last night and I liked it well enough. Definitely some problems, but not nearly as bad as the reviews would have you believe — at least in my opinion. I’ll try and get my full review up later today. But for now, how about some LEGOs?

That’s pretty darn neat. Someday my LEGO skills will be as good as forrestfire101!


6 Suicide Squad Sequel Recruits

Despite the negative reviews that are already flooding onto the Internet, I’m still excited for Suicide Squad this weekend. It’s an exciting cast of crazy comic book characters and some potentially electric comedy and action. Or maybe it’ll be a stinker. I dunno. I’m not a psychic! But I am going to predict Suicide Squad will at least get a sequel!

The calm before the crappy movie storm

If it doesn’t get a sequel, then this list will be worthless. But I’m going to power ahead anyway and still buy my ticket tomorrow night. I like playing with comic book characters and I like pretending somebody cares about my thoughts on big time Hollywood movies. That’s a dangerous combination any day of the week, but it’s doubly crazy here on the Internet. If I’m not careful, I might cast the entire DCCU while I’m at it!

Feel free to share some of your potential sequel recruits in the comments!

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