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6 Things I Want to See in The Batman Sequel (Other than Robin)

Just announced last night on CinemaCon, The Batman has been greenlit for a full-on sequel! It’s going to happen and everybody is coming back! What great news! I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie and I always have high hopes for a new iteration of Batman.

Batman in daylight

Those high hopes usually revolve around how the new iteration is going to handle Robin. In fact, this whole list could just be repeating Robin after Robin after Robin. I love Robin. And I would love nothing more than to see Robin be treated with reverence and respect in a sequel, his character done right. But that would make a boring list. I can’t just be talking about Robin in The Batman over and over again. So if we remove the Boy Wonder from the equation, what else would I like to see in the officially announced sequel to The Batman?

Join me after the jump for my suggestions for The Batman sequel and what fun we could have.

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More Fun Batman Stuff!

We made it to Tuesday. That’s a pretty big accomplishment. And to celebrate this monumental achievement, how about some more comedic Batman stuff? This time it’s from the fellows at Corridor!

That’s just plain funny. The Corridor Crew always do good stuff, and inserting Adam West into The Batman is some quality internet hilarity. I hope this brightened your day as much as it did mine. Now it’s off to work, the never-ending cycle of life.


How The Batman Should Have Ended

Welp, it’s another Monday. Gotta get up. Gotta go to work. Gotta consider something to share on my blog. Thankfully, the fine folks at How It Should Have Ended put up their cartoon for The Batman. Makes my Monday just that much easier. These people still do good work.

Some OK jokes. Some good plot hole poking. And a really fun alternate ending. Good times all around. And it wasn’t just 10 minutes of their cafe scenes that I don’t like. Heck, I even liked this one! The most important thing is that my Monday posting is taken care of.


Everybody’s Talking About the Riddler!

The Riddler is the villain of the month thanks to The Batman, so that makes him a perfect choice for the latest episode of Tell It Animated! And it’s a real doozy of an episode.

This channel is pure quality. I hope the creator is having the time of their life making all this happen, and I hope they are making a ton of money on Patreon to keep it going. And, as always, should he ever read this random blog post sharing his video, I vote for Robin as a future entry!


Let’s Look at the Joker Anyway!

The Batman did great in theaters and made a ton of money. But several weeks have passed now and people are moving on — so how about DC juice interest in the movie by releasing a deleted scene that fully features Barry Keoghan’s Joker! Only teased in the actual movie, this 5-minute scene does not shy around the Joker.

I think this is great! Releasing a deleted scene like this is a fun way to spark some new interest in the movie. And why not go hog wild with the new interpretation of the Joker? People like the Joker. People love to talk about that Joker tease in the movie. This is a great way to expand the universe of The Batman without saying anything yet about a sequel. Fun little video.

I also love the idea that the Joker has already been done in this universe. He came and went sometime in Batman’s first year, and now he’s behind bars in Arkham. Hopefully this means we won’t get Joker as the main villain in the sequel.


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