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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is Actually Pretty Great!

Consider me a believer! I had zero faith in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle when it was either announced or we saw those first trailers. I loved the original, like we all did, and felt a sequel 20 years later was a dumb idea. That never works.

But let me tell you, I went and saw it in the theaters yesterday and that movie is delightful! Make no mistake, it really is just a jungle adventure movie, like I predicted, lacking the unique spirit/concept of the original. But the characters and especially the cast are to die for!

Oh, also, to keep this post Jumanji-related, here’s the Honest Trailer for the original.

Anyway, I’m not going to do a full review for Jumanji: Into the Jungle. I just wanted to share with you all how much fun I had with the movie. Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart make for one of the best ensemble casts I’ve seen all year! None of them is a weak link and they all get more than a few chances to really shine.

The central concept is that they play a bunch of high schoolers sucked into the jungle world of Jumanji. So they’re not just standard action hero characters. They all play insecure teenagers thrust into a crazy situation, each of them struggling with their own flaws while trying to stay calm and impress each other. It works out great!

And I legit teared up during the emotional climax, you all. Not ashamed to say it. They earned that ending!



Honestly? I like the Ewoks

I will defend Ewoks until my final breath. In fact, I already did it once two years ago when The Force Awakens came out. But hey, here’s the Honest Trailer about Return of the Jedi!

I went and saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi last night and I liked it well enough. I liked it to the degree that I like all modern Star Wars movies. It’s fun and energetic, with a lot to love. But…I have complaints, and nitpicks, and stuff that just knocks the movie down a couple notches for me. I’ll share all of those next Wednesday in my List of Six review! So stay tuned.


Stranger Things 2 is Just as Good!

I finally finished Stranger Things 2 the other day, and it’s really good! I enjoyed the show immensely. And here’s an Honest Trailer for Season 1!

I love me some good TV shows! Stranger Things definitely counts.


I’m Gonna Post the Spider-Man: Homecoming Honest Trailer

Honest Trailers is still going strong, it seems, and they finally got around to Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s pretty funny.

I debated with myself whether or not I’d keep posting Honest Trailers in light of the sexual harassment claims against creator Andy Signore. That crap don’t fly. But then the rest of the Screen Junkies people aired this big apology, and I’m not going to hold the sins of one against the whole. If you disagree and think I should stop posting Honest Trailers, let me know. I’m not married to them.


Everybody Loves Pokemon, Honestly!

I enjoyed Pokemon Sun and Moon. It had some unique twists to the same old story, and the graphics were just super. There’s a new, super version coming out soon, but I think I’ll pass…or maybe I’ll buy it! I haven’t decided yet! Either way, here’s an Honest Trailer!

Good times. I think fun was had by all.


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