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Celebrating the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

I’m going to go see Thor: Love and Thunder in a couple of hours, so how about I post a bunch of those internet parody videos for the last Marvel film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Seems like the sort of day to celebrate and enjoy the MCU!

Like how about the Honest Trailer?

And we can’t forget the How It Should Have Ended.

These things are everywhere! Like even the Pitch Meeting!

It’s a whole cottage industry to make silly YouTube videos about popular movies. In a couple of weeks/months, we’ll have the videos for Thor: Love and Thunder! I hope it’s good! I’ll have my full review/thoughts on the film next Wednesday!


Darnit, I Forgot Today was April Fool’s Day!

I love April Fool’s Day. It’s a fun day. But I forgot it was coming up and didn’t plan anything special for the blog today. So all I’ve got is this Honest Trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s simple, it’s easy, and I can worry about all my other problems instead.

That was fun, right? It was a mild amusement that killed about 6 minutes of my day. Gang, you just don’t know. Sometimes your mind is just elsewhere. At least there’s a bunch of pranks and gag articles I can read on the internet today. That will get me through more than just 6 minutes. Also, Morbius this weekend. Definitely not looking forward to that.


I Dunno, Eternals Honest Trailer

This has been one heck of a boring week. Work is work, life is life, and there just hasn’t been much to share online. So what the heck, let’s watch the Honest Trailer for Eternals.

And that was all in good fun. I actually enjoyed Eternals quite a bit and would love to see a sequel. But there’s also nothing wrong with poking a bit of fun at the whole thing. At least it gets us through a Friday.

Now to spend the rest of my day debating on whether or not to treat myself to Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


I Dunno; Hawkeye Honest Trailer

It’s Monday. It’s January. It’s not due to get above freezing for at least another week. And the grocery store is pretty much all out of meat. But at least I’ve got a nice streak going on Wordle. And I left a bag of Cheetos at the office, so that’s something to look forward to. But beyond that, the most any of us can enjoy about today is this random Honest Trailer for the Hawkeye TV show.

By all means, the good people at Screen Junkies should keep churning out Honest Trailers. I think I’ve been sharing them on this blog since the day I started, so they’ve been doing it forever. And they’re pretty funny. Have I mostly moved on from this sort of thing? Yeah. But I’m more worried about what I’m going to eat for the next couple of weeks with these supply chain shortages.

But yeah, let’s giggle a bit at Hawkeye. I liked that show.


A Couple Easy Peasy Monday Videos

So it’s Monday. It’s also the last day of my vacation, and Thanksgiving week, where I’ll pretty much be going on a second vacation out of the office as I travel home to hang out at my parents’ house. So honestly, I’m not feeling very workmanlike at the moment.

So how about some easily digestible internet comedy videos?

Like an Honest Trailer for the What If…? TV show!

Or how about How Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Should Have Ended!

Or even How The Suicide Squad Should Have Ended!

Simple, enjoyable videos, so that if you swing by my blog on this lazy Monday, you’ll have at least something sorta nifty to watch. And that’s what matters the most!


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