Every Star Wars Alien!

There exists a corner of the world where random commercial websites commission cool pop culture artwork seemingly for no reason other than to go viral. It’s really weird! But I suppose it’s an attempt at viral fame that I can get behind.

Especially when a place like Affordable Commercial Playgrounds for Schools and Parks creates a giant list of all alien species in Star Wars.

Click to embiggen.

Star Wars Species 01

That was a fun list! If my embedded image doesn’t work for you, the link above should have a bigger version.

If more commercial playground websites want to put together super fun pop culture infographics, I say let them! The world will be a better place.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 1/25/20

Oh man, what a great week for comics! Some of my current favorites came out this week, including phenomenal new issues of Far Sector and Wonder Twins! Those are probably my two favorite DC comics right now.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers #47 for a great issue that features a moment of real poignancy.

Goldar Suffers 01

Poor Goldar

Meanwhile, BOOM! Studios has decided to cancel Go Go Power Rangers. This is a damn shame, because it’s a great comic. But after the shakeup a couple issues ago, both Go Go and Mighty Morphin are a bit redundant, so this move makes sense.

Comic Reviews: Batman #87, Far Sector #3, Marauders #6, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47 and Wonder Twins #11. 

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The U.S. Agent is Proud to Be an American!

A leaked picture of the U.S. Agent costume from the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV show has hit the internet and I approve! Sometimes live action superhero costumes can be tricky, but the Marvel Studios people know what they’re doing and they’ve done it again with U.S. Agent!

This was our first look at the costume, some concept art released a couple of months ago.

USAgent Live Action 02

This is just a preview

I wanted to hold the actual picture for after the jump, just because some people might not want to be spoiled. I don’t mind costume spoilers, because sometimes you can tell whether or not a property is going to be good based on the costume. As soon as we all saw Halle Berry’s Catwoman costume we know that movie was going to be hot garbage.

But Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent looks awesome! Join me after the jump to check out the picture.

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Clone Wars Looks Epic as All Heck!

I’m a big fan of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon. I watched it all back in the day and had a blast. And now that Disney+ is a thing, they’ve going to appeal to fans by giving us another season! It’ll be the true last season, and it looks like the most epic Star Wars thing of all time!

Man, that was cool! Ahsoka being awesome! Darth Maul being awesome! Everybody being awesome! This should be a pretty phenomenal season of television, especially in the Star Wars universe. We can survive the movies being only OK if we keep getting amazing Star Wars TV shows like this!

The final season of The Clone Wars comes to Disney+ on Feb. 21.


The 6 Mightiest Lion Superheroes

Why are there no famous lion superheroes? Lions are the king of the jungle! They’ve got that badass mane to signify their dominance! The females do the hunting! Lions are pretty cool animals, but they are poorly represented in the world of comic book characters. We’ve got a Batman and a Spider-Man for crying out loud, but no prominent lion heroes!

Lion List 01

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

I’ve made it a List of Six hobby of mine to track down all the comic book characters based on obscure but interesting creatures. I’ve done frogs, dogs, pigs, eagles, dinosaurs and more! And now we’re going to take a deep dive into the history of superhero comics to detail some obscure, but no less interesting, comic book characters based on lions! Surprisingly, a lot of them are actually super-villains!

Join me after the jump for six of the mightiest, king of the jungliest, lion-themed characters in comics!

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