You-Know-Who is Finally Back in Spider-Man Comics — About a Decade Too Late!

There was a big, huge, super crazy and explosive character twist in the latest issue of the Clone Conspiracy, writer Dan Slott’s latest Spider-Man event comic. This was the sort of reveal that would crack the Internet in half!

Santa Claus is a scientist

Santa Claus is a scientist

And had it happened 10 years ago, I would probably be over the moon. But as it is, I’m mostly meh about the twist. It couldn’t have happened at a more boring time. And I’m filled with little but dread at the future possibilities.

I don’t want to spoil the reveal in case somebody really super cares, so join me after the jump for the real discussion.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers Are Here!

The first trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming arrived on televisions and Internets last night, and they’re pretty cool. Check’em out.

Honestly, I’m kind of lukewarm about these trailers. They’re good, but they’re not exactly blowing me away. I like the teen Peter Parker stuff immensely, and Tony Stark is always good. The Vulture also looks pretty badass. I’m hoping for a lot of greatness from Michael Keaton. But overall, these trailers don’t offer us anything new with Spider-Man, and that’s disappointing. This is, what, the sixth Spider-Man movie in however many years? The third incarnation? Marvel has a pretty big hurdle to clear here, though I would say they’re on the right track.

The movie comes out in July, I think.

What’d you henchies think of the trailers? Let me know in the comments!


Suicide Squad was Honestly Disappointing

Suicide Squad finally gets the Honest Trailers treatment, which is always a hoot.

Someday we’ll probably get tired of making fun of this movie. But it is not this day! Someday DC and Warner Bros. will make a great and universally beloved film. But it is not this day! This day, we mock!


The 6 Wickedest Vertigo Villains

A week or so ago, I was diagnosed with benign positional vertigo, and it sucks. Basically, a bunch of bits and pieces inside my head landed in the wrong part of my inner ear, giving me a bad case of the dizzies. It’s not total vertigo, where the room feels like it’s spinning and I can’t walk straight. I basically just get a wibbly wobbly feeling when I turn my head, making things a bit fuzzy and putting me off balance. And there’s no cure!

Sounds like something a super-villain might do, eh?

I probably shouldn't watch this movie

I probably shouldn’t watch this movie

Thankfully, the doctor was able to put me through a couple maneuvers that shifted the bits and pieces around a little bit. He didn’t fix the problem completely, but he definitely lessened the wobbliness to manageable levels. Now I have to hope it goes away, and I’ve got drugs to dull the headaches or the nausea. I’m surviving.

And since this sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to compare to comic books, I looked up some super-villains who use vertigo-based powers! It’s definitely a super-villain thing. Ugh.

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My Pokemon Moon Team!

The time has come, once again, to be hailed as the new Pokemon Champion! I’ve wandered the Alola Islands, I’ve battled the chiefs and kahunas. I’ve conquered the moon. And now the moment is here to beat another Pokemon game!

To mark the occasion — and tease an upcoming List of Six — I’ve decided to share my pokemon squad! This is the team I’m taking to the top of the mountain in Pokemon Moon: Incineroar, Galisopod, Palossand, Mimikyu, Crabominable and Lunala!


It’s a pretty good team, if I do say so myself. Usually when it comes to Pokemon games, I pick my team out ahead of time, based on the monsters that get announced and spoiled. I never shy away from Pokemon monster spoilers. But this adventure had some surprises.

I went with Litten as a starter, because it was the coolest one, even though I didn’t care for Incineroar. But the big fire cat wrestler has grown on me in combat. I picked Mimikyu because it’s obviously amazing and adorable. Galisopod was another Pokemon I chose in advance, because it’s just plain awesome-looking. It starts out as one of those trilobites, which looks like a wimp, only to evolve into that monsters samurai tank bug you see up there. That guy was a no-brainer. And I always go with the box art legendary, so Lunala was a definite teamster. I also like bats.

Palossand was on my list of Pokemon to try, because I love the weird ones. I may be one of the only Garbador fans in existence, and the idea of making a haunted sandcastle pokemon definitely spoke to me. The biggest surprise is Crabominable. I had no intention of going with Crabrawler when I first saw the dude ahead of the game, but at the time I caught him, having a solid fighting pokemon sounded like a good idea, with added water elements. That guy just kind of stuck around with no solid replacements, and his evolution is just plain neat — even though he can only evolve at the very, very, very end of the game, which is a complaint I’ll talk about later.

So yeah, I’m loving Pokemon Moon and I’m even considering a second play through, which I rarely do. This has been a really cool game. I’m planning a List of Six/Review for next week, so stay tuned!

What Pokemon have you henchies ended up using in the game? Let me know in the comments!


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