Change Has Finally Come for The Magnificent Ms. Marvel

Dread it. Run from it. Creative changes still arrive. The day we all feared has come: G. Willow Wilson will be leaving Ms. Marvel. She’s written the character she helped create for five years now, at around 60 issues, but word came down today that she’s leaving. I have long feared this day.

Wilson’s run will end soon, and then the new year will kick off with The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, written by Saladin Ahmed, with art from Minkyu Jung. More on them in a minute.

I am saddened to see Wilson leaving the title because Ms. Marvel is a fantastic comic. Kamala Khan is arguably the greatest new comic book character of the 21st century, in large part to Wilson’s pen — with help from editor Sana Amanat, and the various awesome artists. Together, they created a freshly original superhero character who is both instantly charming and deeply complex. Kamala’s journey from fangirl to legit hero has been wonderful to read over the past five years.

Personally, I’ve always been a little disappointed at how quickly Marvel spread the Ms. Marvel love. Kamala succeeded in large part because of her grounded humanity. For me personally, Wilson and Amanat welcomed me into the world of Muslim households and places of worship, giving me greater insight into a culture I have never been exposed to. But then Marvel had to go and make her an Avenger almost immediately, and now she’s joined and left and re-joined so many major superhero teams that the very act has no meaning.

Thankfully, Wilson kept the main series grounded. I really am going to miss her work on this comic.

Meanwhile, Wilson wrote an open letter today at Fun read!

I don’t know what to expect from Ahmed. Word of mouth around the internet on him is great. But I didn’t care for his Exiles comic at all, and I still haven’t read his Black Bolt series (though I have the first tpb sitting on my “to read” pile). I didn’t much care at the time for the short story he wrote in Ms. Marvel #31, but I suppose it was fine. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

And then we can all get hyped for the Ms. Marvel movie! It’s gotta happen eventually, right?!



Voltron Ends Today!

The final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender dropped on Netflix today, and you best believe I’ll be binging it this weekend! Get hype, people! How about a final trailer?

It’s more moody than anything, but  hey, Voltron hype is real! And if you’ve been holding off all this time, here’s your chance to watch the whole darn thing in one sitting! Good luck with that.


A Cool Looking New Movie: Captive State

Check this out! It’s a trailer for the upcoming movie Captive State, which I’d never heard of before this trailer suddenly popped up on my Internets. And since I have this blog platform, I’mma gonna share it with you good people.

It’s about a growing rebellion several years after the aliens arrived and took over.

Looks neat! It’s definitely on my radar for next year.


My 6 Favorite Alternate Spider-People

This week sees the release of the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and I am super excited! All word of mouth and reviews paint this as a possible masterpiece! The trailers are excellent. The cast is top notch. We could be looking at a game-changer here!

And if that’s not enough hype, how about a listicle of my favorite alternate Spider-Men?

SpiderVerse List 01

So many good Spider-things

There have been a bajillion different Spider-Men and Spider-Women over the years, many of whom show up in the new movie. There have even been two very recent comic book crossover stories about Spider-Man teaming up with an untold number of alternate reality versions of him. And there are movie, video game and cartoon versions on top of that. There are so many different Spider-People in comics!

And these six are my favorite! They’re not all alternate reality versions of Peter Parker. Nor are they all Spider-Man. This is just a list of all the knock-off, clone, alternate and sometimes completely unrelated additional Spider-People that I love in comics!

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The Avengers: Endgame Trailer as an Anime Opening

The Internet is a wonderful, magical place in which really creative people produce really weird things. For example, YouTuber MisterArkham re-edited the Avengers: Endgame trailer so that it looked like the opening credits to an anime!

That’s just plain neat. Solid work all around. It’s almost a better trailer! Though it’s missing an Ant-Man stinger at the end to be really great.


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