We Finally Get to See Venom!

But is this all we’ll ever see of Venom? What I’m saying is, watch this new trailer for the Venom movie, coming out in October.

I think movie Venom looks pretty great. It’s an exciting transformation scene and voice. The problem is that rumors are swirling that Eddie Brock only becomes Venom in the movie’s climax, and that’s absolutely something I can believe will happen. Why pay for all that CGI through the whole movie when SONY can make a crappy Venom movie and only have him go full monster at the end? It doesn’t matter if that’s a terrible idea. Movie studios are not above making terrible ideas, especially SONY and their attempts to make a Spider-Man movieverse.

So we’ll see!



The Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe is Real…

We are on the verge of greatness, people. Nothing has been absolutely confirmed so far, but a new commercial for the DuckTales cartoon has a snippet of awesomeness hidden inside. You can spot it at the 51 second mark.

Did you see? It was right there!

Don Karnage!

Don freakin’ Karnage! One of the villains from TaleSpin! With an appearance in the new DuckTales cartoon! How cool is that? My dreams of an Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe just took a huge step forward!

What is the Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe, you ask? It’s quite simple! With the success of the new DuckTales reboot cartoon, it seems that the creators might combine all of the classic 80s/90s-era Disney cartoons that I loved so much as a child. DuckTales! TaleSpin! Goof Troop! Darkwing Dark! Maybe even Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers!

I’m gonna need a better name than Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe, though. It doesn’t really roll off the tongue. The Disneyverse? Disney Cartoon Universe? The DuckVerse? DuckSpin?

I’ll work on it.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/21/18

Only one week until Avengers: Infinity War! If only I was reading any Avengers comics to make this stack of reviews a tie-in. Guess you’re all stuck with just Amazing Spider-Man, Batman and the Power Rangers.

Comic Book of the Week goes to a fairly perfect issue of Ms. Marvel. This book is still so good after all this time! So much fun drama!

Kamala Kiss 01

Nothing will ever be the same again!

I skipped Action Comics #1000 because it’s a big beast of a comic and I haven’t read anything leading up to it. I’ll probably swing back through to my comic shop later to pick up a copy just to own it and perhaps I’ll worry about it then.

Comic Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #799, Batman #45, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26, Mister Miracle #8 and Ms. Marvel #29.

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Honestly, I Didn’t Care for Baby Driver

Normally, I’m a huge Edgar Wright fan. He’s second only to Wes Anderson in terms of my favorite directors. And I couldn’t wait for Baby Driver last year — but I didn’t particularly care for it. At least we’ve got Honest Trailers for it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very well-made movie with a lot of energy and verve. But the music choices were a little too obscure for me, and some of the characters rubbed me the wrong way, and I didn’t like some of the choices, like the big finale being a parking garage fight instead of a really badass car chase.

Also, when the evil bad guys want to go to that diner following the shootout with the cops, but Baby wants to keep his girlfriend safe, why not just tell them that he frequents that diner and they know him there, which wouldn’t be safe for their getaway? Just sayin’…


How About a Great Movie Trailer: Deadpool 2

I was ragging on The Lost Park: Jurassic World earlier today for delivering a crappy trailer that gives away a lot of the plot. Well the final trailer for Deadpool 2 has arrived, and it also gives away a lot of the plot — but it is an amazing and hilarious trailer! Be sure to stay all the way until the end.

For my money, I think that whole bit with Peter at the end, from introduction to badass skydiving, might be the greatest joke in all of the Deadpool movies so far. Bring on this movie!


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