Somebody Made a Sweet Indiana Jones Cartoon Short

I’ve never been a huge Indiana Jones fan. I remember watching the movies when I was a kid, but they never really captured me like they did most people. I also have a strong aversion to Harrison Ford in general. But hey, I can appreciate some good fan cartooning!

Patrick Schoenmaker is our masterful film-maker here, a professional in the world of animation. I’d like to think that if I had any skills, I’d do something of this quality and power. But eh…


I Wish Warcraft Had Done Better, Honestly

Man, why didn’t America like the Warcraft movie better? I know it wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was still darn good.

I suppose Honest Trailers makes some good points. But man, I really wanted this movie to be a big success. I still want that sequel and a few spin-offs. This could have been a whole new thing! Why, movie gods, did you have to make us suffer so? Why did you deliver this movie!


6 Supernatural Characters that Marvel Must Add to the Cinematic Universe

With Ghost Rider showing up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Doctor Strange only two months away, the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems ready to embrace the mystical, magical and supernatural corners of the comics. That sounds mighty fine to me! Robert Downey Jr. quips are only going to last so long. If Marvel hopes to keep their Cinematic Universe going, they need to branch out and try new things.

Stare into his eyes

Stare into his eyes

So who else can they use? Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange are both big names and great places to start, but they need to go deeper. Iron Fist is coming along on the Netflix Defenders shows. Scarlet Witch is already in the Avengers, though she’s not really treated as magical or supernatural. There are plenty of characters to choose from, and I have a few ideas. I can’t exactly promise that each one could support their own big budget movie or Netflix show, but if you’ve got to round out the cast and throw in some fun cameos, I’ve got some solid ideas!

Join me after the jump for 6 mystical characters that could easily join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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As If You Needed One More Reason to Watch Luke Cage This Weekend

While it feels like forever until election day, the arrival of the next Marvel Netflix show will be upon us quickly! Luke Cage arrives on Friday, and early reviews have been as spectacular as we could have hoped. This one final trailer looks pretty stellar, too.

Not much else to say. It looks great, with a lot of style and a real focus on Luke as a man split by indecision. Will he become a hero? Will Jessica Jones guest star? How awesome will it be? I have loved each and every Marvel Netflix show, and all signs point to Luke Cage being just as good. So I’m on board for a big binge marathon this weekend!


Looks Like Passengers Could Be a Good Movie

I hadn’t heard of the film Passengers until just very recently, and then the trailer came out and has convinced me it could be a good watch. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in a cool, sci-fi romance? Sounds like something I would watch!

It doesn’t come out until December, though. That’s a long time to wait. Hopefully both Pratt and Lawrence will still be delightfully entertaining by then.


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