Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/7/19

How cool was that new Black Widow trailer this past week? We’re on the verge of entering a new round of superhero movies! I can’t wait! Thankfully, plenty of good comics to read until then, including Batman, various X-Men and Lois Lane!

Comic Book of the Week goes to Green Lantern: Blackstars for an utterly hilarious takedown of DC Comics. Grant Morrison is creatively savage.

Blackstar Superman 01

This panel isn’t a good example, it’s just a good picture for above the fold. 

Meanwhile, even though I gave up reviewing Magnificent Ms. Marvel, I’m still reading the comic. And I’m pleased to report that — SPOILERS — that stupid new costume of hers has turned out to be evil. Thank the stars!

Comic Reviews: Batman #84, Doctor Doom #3, Excalibur #3, Green Lantern: Blackstars #2, Lois Lane #6, Marauders #3 and X-Men #3.

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Here’s a Couple of Fun TV Trailers!

I’d been meaning to share these trailers at a nice, normal pace. But then more and more trailers for upcoming TV shows just kept coming out! So now I’m just going to throw them all at you people like some sort of madman!

First up is the trailer for the first new episode of Doctor Who is more than a year. The show returns on New Year’s Day.

Looks good to me! I was lukewarm about the first season with Jodie Whittaker. I thought she was great, but the writing and the stories and the overall season left a lot to be desired. So I’m going to get my hopes up that this new season will be even better!

Next up is the trailer for the second season of Lost in Space on Netflix!

I enjoyed the first season a lot and I’m really looking forward to season 2. Now I just have to try and remember what happened in the first season. I just know that I liked it and that it was very well made.

Season 2 arrives on Dec. 24.

It’s gonna be a really good streaming season this month. One show after another is going to arrive, and hopefully I’ll be able to watch most of them before I do my annual list of my favorite TV shows of the year. Sucks that so many good shows are arriving this month though!


I Got a Little Choked Up At This Mulan Trailer

The live action Mulan movie comes out next year and I’m really excited about this one. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney animated movies. And I like the idea that the new film won’t just be a direct adaptation from animation to live action. It looks like the new Mulan is going to be a retelling of the same story with a bit more realism. I dig it!

I got kinda choked up watching this trailer. Watching Mulan take her father’s place is just a powerful moment for me, apparently. So now I’m even more excited about this movie!

Mulan comes out on March 27.


A Peek at What I Actually Want to See in Dawn of X

Dawn of X is in full swing and I’m mostly lukewarm about the whole thing so far. Most of the comics are fine, but I don’t feel like any of them are really exploring the full depth and breadth of the new Krakoa-based status quo. Two different comics star a character that used to be part of Psylocke. A majority of the comics are about a team of mutants who leave the island immediately. Almost all of them have gone back to X-business as usual, in my opinion.

I want to learn about life on Krakoa. I want stories that actually deal with the new status quo and how it has changed these characters. And in this week’s issue of Excalibur, we got just a taste of the sort of thing I want to see in Dawn of X.

Behold, a mutant message board!

Dawn of X Desire 01

I don’t think mutantsunmuted.com is a real site

Look at all of that brilliant material! Putting together a Krakoan soccer team? Serious questions about childcare on this strange mutant party island? Concerns about phone chargers and tampons? Mutants actually trying to live up to the “Make More Mutants” commandment with a 21st century dating sentimentality?

I find this stuff fascinating. Am I alone? I want to see more day-in-the-life stuff on Krakoa. What are the living arrangements really like? Is there internet? What about mutants who were pretty comfortable living in the real world, are they super cool about uprooting those lives and living in some pod condo on this island? Have they all had to give up junk food in favor of an all-natural Krakoan diet? How do they get tampons?!

Is there a police force? Are there schools? A library? Has anybody started up a newsletter? Is there a dress code for what X-Men uniforms you can/should wear? Is somebody providing these uniforms?

I am in no position to make demands of Marvel Comics, but can we get an anthology series about life on Krakoa?


6 Thoughts on The Outer Worlds

I don’t often review video games because I usually take my time with them. It took me two months to play through my favorite game of last year, Red Dead Redemption 2, and I’m still playing the online multiplayer mode to this day. But I’ve already bought and beat my most anticipated game of this year: The Outer Worlds!

OuterWorldsList 02

Video Game Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

I love the story behind The Outer Worlds. Game studio Obsidian created the snarky Fallout games back in the day, then fellow studio Bethesda came along and took over. They revamped the play style and made it bigger and better, delivering Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 to great acclaim. I loved both games! They even let Obsidian play in their toybox, having Obsidian create spin-off Fallout: New Vegas using the same game engine but telling a new story.

Then something went wrong and Bethesda kicked Obsidian to the curb. So Obsidian decided to make their own Fallout, with black jack and hookers! And here comes The Outer Worlds, a game that plays almost exactly like a Fallout game, but with a new idea set in a corporation-controlled outer space. What a great twist!

Join me after the jump for my thoughts and full review of The Outer Worlds!

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