YouTuber Stumbles Upon a Great Running Gag

I’ve never heard of YouTuber Julie Nolke before, but I randomly came upon this first pandemic video of hers a couple months ago. It’s pretty funny. It’s a gag where her April self visits her January self. It’s good.

The even better part is that she’s come back with a sequel! When she made that first one, I doubt she intended to be able to come back two months later and keep the gag going!

Imagine what she’ll be able to do in August…

Or November…


We’re Getting More Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Soon!

With so many great cartoons coming to an end recently, the world is going to need new ones. So here comes season two of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts on Netflix on June 12!

The first season was a lot of fun. It’s a quirky little show about a girl trying to make her way across a beast and villain-filled post-apocalyptic city to rescue her people. Like, it takes place in the far future, where humanity lives in enclaves underground because wonderbeasts and sentient beast villains rule topside. When Kipo’s enclave is destroyed and she’s separated from her people, she finds some topside friends and makes her way in the world to find her dad and her people. It’s really fun.

And here’s hoping season 2 continues that fun trend!


6 Characters That Need Funko Pops (So I Can Buy Them)

The only Funko Pop character I own is the Green Power Ranger. I am a man who loves collecting pop culture memorabilia of my favorite characters…but for some reason, Funko Pop just doesn’t make my favorite characters. I’ll be the first to admit that I love a lot of obscure pop culture characters. But considering the thousands of Funkos in the world, have they really missed the exact characters I would buy and own?

So many options!

On my classic list of my all-time favorite comic book characters, only two of the six have Funkos — and they’re both Robin. More than half of the characters I added to the Honorable Mentions at that list do not have Funkos. Some of my favorite video game characters don’t have Funkos. It boggles my mind how few of my personal fan favorite characters have not been added to the master list of these fun little toys!

So let’s remedy that by making my personal suggestion of six characters that Funko needs to make — if they want to make me happy.

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Some Nice Jedi Comedy

I stumbled upon this video while surfing the internet a bit ago and now is the perfect time to share. It’s a fan-edit of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones into the style of The Nice Guys, which was a great movie from a couple of years ago.

This is quality comedy content! The fan-edit is by YouTuber Imperator Cuts, who has a bunch of other good video edits on their channel. I like me a good fan-edited trailer.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/30/20

Huzzah and hooray! We have new comics from places I like again! The industry is not yet back to full speed, but I’ll take what I can get these days. You’d be surprised what I’ve ended up watching to support my movie review podcast. What’s that? You haven’t listened to my movie review podcast yet? Well, shucks.

Anyway, enough of that self-plugging, let’s talk comics! This week saw the release of new issues of Go Go Power Rangers and Marauders, both comics I very much enjoy. Of the two, I think I liked them both equally. Both were solid comics. But let’s give Marauders the spotlight this week because it’s good to have X-Men comics back!

Tempo Whiskey 01

Good whiskey goes underappreciated

Meanwhile, life continues as expected in these quarantine times. The world continues to spiral out of control. Racial unrest has reared it’s ugly head again. And I finally got around to watching the second season of Infinity Train from Cartoon Network. Good stuff! Now I’m checking out Space Force on Netflix.

Comic Reviews: Go Go Power Rangers #31 and Marauders #10.

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