The New Darkwing Duck is Free on YouTube!

I’ve really enjoyed the new DuckTales reboot. It’s still humming along nicely after the past few years, and they’ve included more and more cameos from other Disney afternoon cartoons from my childhood.

Well they just did a double-sized special episode about their version of Darkwing Duck! And you can watch the whole thing on YouTube! So why not?

I’m still a little disappointed in how they arrived at their version of Darkwing Duck, but I can live with what’s happened. Especially since they have such fun with it. It’s a quality episode and I look forward to the rest of season 3.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 10/24/20

It’s one of those weeks folks, where everything seems to be going wrong. Life stinks and there’s no cure. Ugh. But at least I read some quality comics, like Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Woman and yet a couple more X of Swords comics.

Comic Book of the Week goes to the final issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for an exciting introduction to the new Green Ranger…even if they’re going to keep his identity a secret for now.

He has arrived!

Meanwhile, I just finished up the final season of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts last night and it was fun. Quality show overall. Not too heavy, mostly funny and an all around good time. I highly recommend Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts on Netflix.

Comic Reviews: Batman #101, Iron Man #2, Juggernaut #2, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #55, Spider-Woman #5, Excalibur #13 and X-Men #13.

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I’m Lukewarm About the Animaniacs Coming Back

So the Animaniacs cartoon was a staple of my childhood, like so many other people. It was a great show. Very funny. And it’s coming back for a revival at Hulu. But…I dunno. I’m not very confident.

This first proper trailer looks fine, at least.

I just don’t know if Animaniacs is the right show to reboot. I think it might have been too much a product of its specific ’90s time. Animation has evolved so much since then. Comedy has evolved so much since then. Will Animaniacs be able to grab on to the modern zeitgeist?

We shall see on Hulu on Nov. 20!


Raya and the Last Dragon Looks a Little Basic

The next big animated Disney movie will be Raya and the Last Dragon, with the first trailer dropping yesterday. It looks pretty basic.

Doesn’t seem like much. Based on that trailer, it looks like there’s a character named Raya, and she’s going to search for the Last Dragon. That’s just the title. Throw in an adorable animal sidekick and you’ve got nothing else. But hey, new movies are always fun.

Raya and the Last Dragon comes out in March 2021…maybe.


6 Beans I Want to See in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Showdown recently came out with Season 2 and it’s fine. Enjoyable. I still like playing Fall Guys, especially since I haven’t tried Among Us yet. Along with Season 2, Fall Guys also revealed their most famous cross promotion bean skin: Sonic the Hedgehog!

Having to go fast is an expectation

Obviously this is everything Fall Guys should be doing. Make deals, cross promote, feature a ton of costume characters from other games. It’s fun playing as ducks and wolves, sure, but we all want easily merchandisable, very recognizable pop culture characters. Sonic is the latest addition, and we’ve also had characters from Team Fortress 2 and Portal. But I want more!

I want to spend my crowns on these six bean costumes!

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