There Gets to Be Some Peace on The Walking Dead!

SDCC has revealed a big trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead — which I am watching, without regret. I still enjoy the show.



I am excited for this new season. I like the characters on The Walking Dead and I want them to have some happiness. So I’m very pleased to see that the new season will take after the comics.

In the comics, there is a 2-year time jump following the defeat of Negan, and Rick Grimes and his pals rebuild a little society. All the communities are working together. There’s peace. It’s awesome! I hope we get to see a lot of that in the new season, though clearly the show has some drama and conflict planned. I can live with that.

And the end of the trailer reveals that the next big threat, The Whisperers, are right around the corner. Not sure how the show will deal with them with Rick and Carl gone. But I have faith.




More SDCC Trailers Give Us Doctor Who and a Really Bad Ninja Turtles

I am just one man, blogging, while also at my day job. There’s a very good chance I won’t get to everything that comes out this weekend from San Diego Comic-Con. But I can post a new trailer like anybody’s business! And these are a bunch that arrived last night!

First up, a proper teaser trailer for the new season of Doctor Who, starring Jodie Whittaker. I like this much better than the quickie we got earlier in the week. We get some actual Doctor in this one, some real personality.

Next up is a story trailer for the Spider-Man game coming to Playstation 4 on Sept. 7. Now that I actually own a Playtation 4, I’m actually very excited about this game. So any new look at what we’re going to get is exciting.

Even if it still runs the risk of being a bad game. We’ll see.

Another trailer we got is a look at the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I quite enjoyed that cartoon, and I guess enough fans did as well that Disney is bringing it back for another batch of brand new episodes!

Anything that gives us more Ahsoka Tano is good news to me! Even if the ultimate Ahsoka/Darth Vader showdown already exists.

Finally, we got another look at that new Ninja Turtles cartoon, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This first look also provides a couple minutes of actual episode. And I can honestly say I won’t be having anything to do with this show. It looks terrible.

That’s not to say I’m one of those bitter fans complaining about how this new show is killing my childhood. Not at all. I’m simply recognizing that this show is not meant for me, and therefore I won’t take part. The animation, the comedy, the entire style of the show is just not for me. But I wish everybody involved the best of luck and I hope their take on the Turtles is successful.

Be sure to keep returning to my blog today as I dutifully attempt to upload all of the trailers and news that I either can or care about.


SDCC Kicks Off With Scary Dark Titans Trailer!

I am very excited for live action Robin on the new TV show Titans. So I’m also very excited to see this thing for myself. Well the first trailer has arrived to kick off San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s dark and brutal as all hell!

It’s like…how do we go for the complete opposite of Teen Titans Go! on every conceivable level? I think it’s a bold choice, and not one I’m very confident that DC can pull off.

But hey, it’s a serious, live action Robin, so you better believe I’m going to give it a chance! This sort of thing only comes around once in a generation! Hopefully DC doesn’t screw it up like they did with Chris O’Donnell.

Also in SDCC news from DC Comics, Grant Morrison is coming back to write a police procedural Green Lantern comic, and I near about blew my lid! That is, like, everything I could possibly want from Green Lantern comics. I’m really excited about this one!


UN-Forgotten Characters: Gauntlet

Hey guys, the Gauntlet is back!

Being the enormous comic book geek that I am, I happen to fall in love with a lot of random, obscure characters that pop up through ongoing series. Sometimes they’re just background nonsense. Sometimes they’re an awesome supporting character that doesn’t get brought along when the creative team changes. When that is the case, I started this Forgotten Characters article series to highlight some of my favorites that disappeared over the years.

Well now I’m pleased to report that one of those Forgotten Characters has returned!

Gauntlet Returns 01

His gauntlet is looking funkier than ever

The Gauntlet has reappeared in the newest issue of Tony Stark – Iron Man! This makes perfect sense, considering the Gauntlet’s creator, Dan Slott, is the new writer for Iron Man!

Join me after the jump for all the awesome details!

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The 6 Characters on My Exiles

It’s that time of year again! San Diego Comic-Con is burning up the pop culture charts this weekend, and once again, I’m stuck here on the entire opposite side of the country! To compensate for my absence, I’ve been working on my own tradition for this week: designing my own roster for famous superhero teams!

This year, we’re going to do the Exiles!

Exiles Roster List 01

In the past, I’ve done the Defenders, the Avengers, the Justice League, the Fantastic Four, the Teen Titans, the X-Men, X-Force and the Sinister Six!

The Exiles are a team of alternate reality versions of famous superheroes who are banded together to travel the Multiverse correcting mistakes and having wild adventures. The original Exiles team back in the early 2000s was my favorite comic at the time and ran for over 100 issues! But every attempt Marvel has made to relaunch the team has ended in failure. And I was recently pretty mean to the latest relaunch attempt in my weekly comic reviews. So I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and offer my own take on the Exiles lineup!

Join me after the jump for my pick of weird, alternate reality versions of popular characters who I would bring together to form a new Exiles! And feel free to share some of your own fantasy roster in the comments!

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