Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/26/22

Happy American Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m thankful that I can still enjoy new comics that come out, and still have the energy to keep this review column going. I’m thankful people are still reading. I’m thankful for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Tim Drake: Robin, among other things.

Comic Book of the Week goes to X-Men #17 for a really nice story about Caliban making friends.

Nobody ever marvels at my hubris

Meanwhile, I’m very much enjoying Pokemon Violet. The open world aspect is more than making up for its graphical problems. So that’s nice. I had a really enjoyable Thanksgiving with the family, and caught up on various pop culture shows, games and movies with my brother. Always a hoot. And then last night, I very much enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special! So awesome! Oh! And tune in on Wednesday for my review of the first season of Andor. Good stuff there.

Comic Reviews: Dark Spaces: Wildfire #5, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #102, Tim Drake: Robin #3 and X-Men #17.

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6 Things I Really Want in Modern Pokemon Games

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are upon us and we’re truly living in an open Pokemon world now, baby! Pokemon Legends: Arceus was the baby steps, and now our youthful protagonist is out and about traveling a fully open, fully explorable world filled with wild pokemon roaming free. No more walking through tall grass. No more routes. Not as much handholding. We’re free.

Relatively speaking.

Meet Whistler! I name all of my Pokemon protagonists “Whistler” because she was the lead character in my teenage Pokemon fan fiction, which is still available online today!

A lot of hay has been made about the poor graphical stability of the game, with poor frame rates, stuttering, glitches and everything else under the same. And the games definitely have all of that. But honestly, it doesn’t really bother me or hinder my gameplay. Those graphical issues are not going to take away from me running wild and free in this glorious open world Pokemon game. But that’s not say to Scarlet and Violet are perfect. Or that Sword and Shield were perfect. Or that whatever the next games will be will be perfect. Because I do have some complaints.

Join me after the jump for six improvements I want to see in all future, mainline Pokemon games, things that aren’t too much to ask for in a modern game made by the most profitable franchise in history.

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Avatar: The Way of Water is About Training New Creatures

We’ve got another Avatar: The Way of Water trailer and it still looks pretty darn pretty. The story continues to be fleshed out a bit more. We’ve got a battle with humans, and an attempt to hang out with new, water Na’vi. But mostly it seems to be about training to ride water creatures. The first movie was about training to ride air creatures.

I think I know what the third movie is going to be about…

The movie looks fine. The digital effects look top notch, so much so that I’m considering going to see this movie in IMAX or at some other fancy theater. I probably should, right? Get that quality digital screen. Wherever I see it, Avatar the Way of Water should be a hoot.

The movie comes out on Dec. 16.


What If Elements Had Feelings?

Pixar is going to keep making movies, and we’re going to hope they’re good. The next one is called Elemental, and it’s apparently going to be about a hot fire elemental lady and a sexy water elemental dude falling in love. Can fire love water? I guess we’ll find out in Elemental!

I kid, because it’s funny. Isn’t that how the gags work with these types of movies? What if cars had feelings? What if toys had feelings? What if a little robot had feelings? Well now we’ve got anthropomorphized elements! Fire, water, dirt; all the elements. I bet they have really powerful feelings!

Elemental comes out in June.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/19/22

Oof, what a week! You ever take an entire week off from work, get plenty of rest and rejuvenation, but then the first week back is a real killer? It didn’t help that we had the first snow storm of the season this week, making everything just that much crappier. All this means is I didn’t have enough energy to get to all the comics I wanted this week, but I got to a few.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Nightwing #98 for a truly excellent and enjoyable issue where Nightwing gets his own fifth dimension imp!

The character find of 2022

Meanwhile, I picked up Pokemon Violet and am looking to dive into it this weekend! Everybody has been complaining about performance issues, but that sort of thing rarely really bothers me. I’ve settled on Fuecoco as my starter after finally getting spoiled on the final evolutions. Beyond Pokemon, I’m also spending today picking up a new computer chair for home after my previous one broke. That one was a good chair, so hopefully this new one can live up to its legacy.

Comic Reviews: Nightwing #98, She-Hulk #8 and Thunderbolts #4.

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