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6 Thoughts on the First Season of Iron Fist

As I do every weekend a new Marvel Netflix show comes out, I binge-watched the whole darn thing over the course of a couple days. I was born for binge-watching. Iron Fist is the last of the four main characters to get a solo show, building up to the united Defenders show airing in September. Marvel and Netflix have been hitting them out of the park this whole time, so how did Iron Fist hold up?

I liked it well enough, despite the harsh, negative reviews it’s been getting. It was an entertaining show. But Iron Fist suffers from a distinct lack of style or personality, which the other shows had in spades.

Iron Fist Review List 01

Season Rating: 7/10 – Good

As for the race controversy, I agree that it would have been nice had Marvel cast an Asian actor to play Danny Rand. It would have been a nice step and could have added a lot to the show, while taking away nothing. But I’m not going to hold it against the show that Marvel decided to stick to the character’s source material. I’m going to judge the show on its own merits.

And with that in mind, join me after the jump for my review of Marvel’s Iron Fist TV show! Expect full SPOILERS, in case you haven’t finished the show yet.

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So Is Everybody Else Just Watching The Walking Dead to See Everybody Die?

What is the deal, people? Am I the only person watching The Walking Dead because I like all the characters and want to see them succeed? I watch the zombie show every week and I read a couple different reviews/recaps around the web, and I see a lot of comments and mentions that the only thing anybody cares about is seeing what gruesome main character death comes next.

Is that really why people watch The Walking Dead?!

Walking Dead Deaths 02

Back when hope was still alive


I don’t know about you, but I watch The Walking Dead because I legitimately like the characters and want to see their stories in this zombie-infested post-apocalypse. I want to see them succeed. I want to see them defeat Negan and make this new Alexandria civilization work.

I like Rick, I like Carl, I like Michonne, I like Eugene, I like Rosita, I especially like Tara and Father Gabriel. Heck, I even like Tobin, that one remaining recognizable Alexandria resident.

Walking Dead Tobin 01

Now you know his name

I was very disappointed when they randomly killed Denise and Olivia.

Maybe I’m some kind of outlier here, but I honestly don’t want to see any of the main or supporting characters killed by zombies anytime soon. The fewer gruesome deaths the better, as far as I’m concerned. I just want them to tell the story at hand. The drama of reforging civilization with this specific group of interesting people is far more interesting to me.

Maybe it’s just me.


The Ducktales Voices Are Going to Take Some Getting Used To

I was a big fan of Ducktales back in the day. Heck, my childhood stuffed animal was Louie, the green one! So it’s gonna be weird to watch the new cartoon with all the new voices.

I love the cast in this cartoon. It’s some of my favorite funny people. But those voices, especially Uncle Scrooge, are going to take some getting used to.


Runaways Already Disappoints Me

I don’t ask for a lot. But no sooner do I make a list of the things I want to see in the upcoming Runaways TV show than Marvel Studios violates one of my requests! I was hoping that Marvel would recast actor Linda Louise Duan as Tina Minoru after she had a brief, mostly cut cameo in the Doctor Strange movie. I thought it would be a neat bit of continuity.

Instead, Marvel has cast actor Brittany Ishibashi as Tina Minoru in their upcoming show.


I’m sure she’s fine

You can check out the entire casting list for the villainous Pride at TVline.

I’m sure Ishibashi will do a fine job, but man, I was really hoping for that awesome movie to TV casting continuity!

Maybe Duan should fire her agent.


6 Things I Want to See in the Runaways TV Show

Fancy that, there’s going to be a Runaways TV show! Marvel announced the teenage cast last week, making it pretty darn likely that the show will really come to Hulu in the near future. Runaways has been in consideration as a movie for a long time, but a TV show might be the best bet! It’s not Neflix, but it still works.


Once upon a time, they were kings and queens of the comic world

I was a fan of the Runaways back in the day. They’re a really great idea and the characters will fit nicely into the Marvel Universe. The story has twists, romance, craziness and plenty of good stuff to make a TV show. No doubt pre-production is already underway, but I’d like to think the Marvel Studios people read my blog excessively to get some ideas!

Join me after the jump for six things I want in the Runaways TV show!

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