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New Simpsons Documentary to Possibly Be Awesome

I haven’t seen a new episode of The Simpsons in a very long time. I assume that’s probably the case for most of us. But this weekend is giving me cause to watch because Morgan Spurlock has apparently made an hour-long sports documentary about that classic episode Homer at the Bat. It’s the one about softball with all the baseball guest stars!

I love this kind of thing. Making sports mockumentaries about TV shows and movies. Have you ever seen the Space Jam episode of 30 for 30? Hilarious!

And, of course, I can’t leave you with reminders of Homer at the Bat without also linking that great end credits song!



Stranger Things Season 2 Looks Pretty Amazing!

Stranger Things season 2 comes out on Oct. 27 and this final trailer makes it look pretty amazing! Don’t believe me? Just watch it yourself!

Looks good to me! Action, humor, awesomeness, horror; everything we love about Stranger Things! Can’t wait to binge this entire season in one night again!


The New Tick TV Show Returns in February!

The new Tick TV show is great! Have you seen it? The first handful of episodes are available now on Amazon TV and they’re pretty great! I loved them! And the good news is that the second batch of episodes will be in February!

The new Tick is a really nice update to everything we’ve seen before. It focuses on Arthur as a neurotic nobody who gets thrust into the world of superheroics alongside the mystery and strange new hero, the Tick! And with his help, Arthur might really become a hero and stop the Terror from terrorizing the world!

Also, I’m totally an Arthur/Lint ‘shipper!


Runaways Trailer Needs Some Work

I’m looking forward to the Runaways TV show. It’s a great comic and a good story premise, and everything we’ve seen so far has it out to be a solid show. It looks like they’re going to stick pretty close to the real comic.

But that trailer is pretty crummy. It’s crumpled and, I think, fails to get the basic premise across. How does that even happen? We’re living in a Golden Age of movie trailers. Marvel couldn’t get somebody to do better work on that thing?

Runaways comes out on Hulu on November 21.


6 Bat-themed Heroes and Villains (Other Than Batman)

Welcome to October, everybody! It’s the spookiest month of the year, and Halloween is my favorite holiday! Every year, I like to do some spooky and horror-themed lists, and this week is about one of my favorites: bats! Those flying foxes are my favorite animal. And not just because Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time.

Bat Character List 01

Remember that this year had a Batman movie?

Bats are cool. There’s no doubt about it. But what can you do when Batman already looms large over the world of superheroes? How do you introduce any other bat-themed characters without them being overshadowed by Batman? The answer is apparently that you don’t! There aren’t very many out there, and most of them are some kind of parody of Batman! But I searched and found six pretty cool bat-themed heroes and villains that aren’t connected to that one really well known guy!

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