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Why Jon Snow’s True Lineage Was Important

***Game of Thrones final season spoilers!***

I enjoyed the final season of Game of Thrones, including the finale. I can’t defend every single choice that was made, and I’d probably agree with a lot of the complaints that people have, but I thought it was a fine finale to a great show.  And I grow more comfortable with the finale the more I think about it.

I’d like to take this moment to clear up a problem I see a lot of people complaining about on the internet: what was the point of Jon Snow’s true lineage if he never did anything with it?

Jon Snow Parents 01

He doesn’t appreciate the twist like we do

Here’s your answer:

Jon Snow being the true heir of the Targaryen dynasty didn’t mean anything to him, but it meant everything to Daenerys. That’s why it was so important to the show overall.  It did not mean Jon Snow was going to sit on the Iron Throne. It was always only ever going to be the biggest, most painful straw to break against Dany’s camel back on her journey to becoming the Mad Queen.

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More Batman Content Means Batwoman TV Trailer!

The first trailer for the upcoming Batwoman TV show has arrived and it looks really good! I gave up on the Arrowverse shows years ago, but I’m definitely going back to watch Batwoman.

I’m surprised at how closely they’re following the Batwoman comics. That makes sense, obviously, but I’m just surprised that they care enough about Batwoman to stick close to the comics. Probably shouldn’t be surprised by now, considering we’ve had a solid decade of superhero TV shows and movies.

Either way, Batwoman is coming this fall to The CW! I’mma gonna watch!


The Watchmen TV Show Is Gonna Be Weird

HBO is making a Watchmen TV show. It’s not going to be an adaptation of the comic, it’s going to be…like, a sequel, maybe? Or a re-interpretation? I am not sure. But the first trailer arrived yesterday and it explains nothing!

When HBO first announced this series, I tried to do a List of Six of things I wanted to see in a Watchmen TV show. But after giving it some thought, the only thing I wanted was a solid adaptation of the graphic novel. We’re not getting that. so I guess I’ll just hang tight and see what we get instead.


Tuca & Bertie Looks Fun!

I love BoJack Horseman on Netflix. And now some BoJack people are kicking off another show today called Tuca & Bertie, about more human/animal people and their daily adventures! This time it’s all birds, starring Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish!

I’m quite excited. This is what I’ll be spending my weekend watching!


Deadwood Will Be My Avengers Palette-Cleanser

I’ve been posting mostly Avengers: Endgame stuff over the past few days, so let’s cut that out and watch a new trailer for the upcoming Deadwood movie. I’m still very surprised this is happening, but it looks pretty good!

There could be more trailers later today, if the rumors pan out. But we’ll see. For now, let us rejoice at more Al Swearengen in our lives! And considering how much I played Red Dead Redemption 2, I could use a little more cowboy turn of the century adventure in my life.


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