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They Went and Made That Hit-Monkey Cartoon

This is a complete surprise. Marvel went and actually made that Hit-Monkey cartoon. Insanity. Remember a couple of years ago, when Marvel and Hulu announced a series of wacky cartoons? Like Howard the Duck and a team-up between Dazzler and Tigra? Only for Marvel Studios to eventually step in and declare most of those projects dead?

Welp, looks like the Hit-Monkey cartoon just kept churning away under the surface, ready to pounce when we least suspected.

It looks…OK. I’m pretty sure I saw Fat Cobra and Lady Bullseye in that trailer, so neat! But otherwise the whole thing feels kind of off. I’m going to watch Hit-Monkey, no doubt. It’s just weird.

Granted, I absolutely loved the M.O.D.O.K. cartoon that came from the same batch of ideas. So maybe I’ll love Hit-Monkey! But jeez…does anybody even remember Hit-Monkey? Wasn’t he some kind of weird Deadpool spin-off idea that went nowhere? But hey, he’s got a cartoon show before Deadpool gets a cartoon show! So he must be doing something right.

Hit-Monkey comes to Hulu on Nov. 17.


Aquaman is Getting a Funny Cartoon!

That’s the news! Aquaman is getting a weird, hopefully funny cartoon. The animation style is a bit new and weird, which I like. This definitely isn’t a spin-off to the awesome Harley Quinn cartoon.

I am more than ready to give this weird thing a try! A lot of cartoons are hitting it out of the park these days, and I have every confidence that HBO Max knows what they’re doing with superhero cartoons. So yeah, let’s all get excited for Aquaman: King of Atlantis on Oct. 14!


The First Hawkeye Trailer Has Arrived!

The Hawkeye TV show arrives at the end of November, so it’s a good two months away. Sounds like the perfect time to release the first trailer! And it’s super fun!

Rogers: The Musical? Are you kidding me? That’s hilarious! Love it. Jeremy Renner is great in this trailer, and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop seems super fun! There’s not enough Pizza Dog. And the trailer seems just a little bit dark? What’s up with that?

Either way, the show looks great in this first peak. I have high hopes for this one, as I’ve had for every Marvel TV show. You can check out my previous List of Six on what I hope to see in the show. And perhaps rewatch the trailer, because it’s fun!

Hawkeye arrives on Disney+ on Nov. 24 for a six-episode season.


A New Doom Patrol Trailer!

I was late to the Doom Patrol hype train. It’s a really good show, especially the first season. So I’m pretty excited that the third season is almost out! Huzzah Doom Patrol!

This show only getting weirder and wackier is a great thing. Bring on the weirdest and wackiest stuff you can come up with. Plumb the depths of Grant Morrison’s wildest Doom Patrol stories and just make it happen. Can’t wait to watch. Season three arrives on HBO Max on Sept. 23.

I’m actually a little disappointed that Doom Patrol is such a better show than the one specifically about all the Robins…


Let’s Kill Some Time Until Spider-Man

Apparently, the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has leaked online in various bootleg versions. I haven’t seen it, nor do I want to see it. I’m more than willing to have patience because word on the internet streets is that the actual, full trailer is going to release tonight during some special Sony presentation. So I’ll likely post it tomorrow!

While we wait, how about some Honest Trailers? They’re always fun!

And I was right, they were fun! Honest Trailers are always good for some time killing, and these worked excellently. They really nailed Loki and The Suicide Squad. And in a couple of months, I’ll be able to do an Honest Trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. So it really all exists full circle.

Now we simply sit back and wait for the real No Way Home trailer to arrive…


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