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We’re Voting for the X-Men Again

It seems that Marvel is going to make it an annual event to vote for new members of the X-Men. I am 100% in favor of this idea. It’s neat, it’s interactive, and it might shine a light on new characters. I’m a little hesitant about doing it so soon. Only six issues of the X-Men comic have come out since the previous vote. That’s not a lot of time to really explore any of the characters.

The first year’s winner, Polaris, has had some standout moments in the comic so far. So perhaps there is hope.

Here are the new nominees.

Candidates: Siryn, Micromax, Firestar, Armor, Avalanche, Surge, Gorgon, Bling!, Gentle and Monet

I voted for Avalanche. I’m a big-time Brotherhood of Mutants fan, and I love the trope of villains becoming heroes. So to see a classic Brotherhood member join the X-Men in the Krakoa era would be a dream come true.

Seriously, I’ve put together fantasy rosters on this blog before for X-Teams, and I always include a classic Brotherhood member. I could go on a big rant/explanation, but why waste your time? Just go vote for Avalanche!

Voting is at and will run for another week or so.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 1/8/22

I’d like to start this comic review article by saying that any criticism or nitpicking I may engage in is not directed at the creators personally. Attacking creators is an abhorrent thing, and unbecoming a reasonable human being. It’s dumb as hell, and I do hope nobody reading these reviews thinks my criticisms are directed at creators. I won’t stand for it on my dumb blog. So as I nitpick the likes of Amazing Spider-Man, Superman and even Thor, none of that is a personal attack on the writers, artists, letterers or any other people involved in making the comic.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Batman #119, but mostly for the really fun Maps Mizoguchi back-up feature. The main Batman story is good too, but this might be the official start of my “Maps as the new Robin” campaign.

The future is soon

Meanwhile, Book of Boba Fett remains fun, though I’m a little disappointed that it’s been mostly flashback so far. I watched Only Murders in the Building on Hulu and enjoyed it a lot. I even managed to guess the killer right early on! That never happens! I watched new Aggrestsuko, Letterkenny and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m burning through TV show catch-ups at the moment and having a nice time with it.

Comic Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man #84, Batman #119, Dark Knights of Steel #3, Inferno #4, One-Star Squadron #2, Superman: Son of Kal-El #6, Thor #20 and X-Men #6.

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Forgotten Character: New Pyro

Whatever happened to that new Pyro?

When the X-Men moved to Krakoa and introduced mutant resurrection, one of the most prominent characters brought back from the dead was the classic X-Men villain Pyro. He’s an all-star member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and died a tragic death from the legacy virus way back in the ancient year of 2000. When he returned in the Krakoa-era, Pyro was one of the main characters in the new Marauders series. He’s been a prominent player ever since.

But his return seems to have kicked out a new Pyro introduced shortly before Krakoa.

X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold were one of the last major status quo shifts before Marvel completely upended the X-Men. Classic team designations, new characters and prominent storylines saw the X-Men franchise take one last, desperate gasp at being normal before writer Jonathan Hickman changed everything. And the new Pyro was a medium player in X-Men: Gold.

So why hasn’t he been welcomed in the new mutant nation of Krakoa? Join me after the jump to learn more about this guy!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/25/21

Merry Christmas, everybody! It’s that magical sort of year when Christmas falls on a Saturday, coinciding with my comic book reviews! If you’re reading this on Christmas Day, more power to you! We had some nice comics this week, though everything is overshadowed by the stellar artistic achievements of the new issue of Nightwing.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Nightwing #87 for an artistic achievement that will hopefully go down in legend.

Behold this thing of sheer beauty

Meanwhile, I loved the Hawkeye finale and will have a review up one of these days. It was quite joyous, and accomplished everything I could have wanted. Hawkeye is probably my second favorite of the Marvel shows right now, I enjoyed it that much. I also tried the first issue of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit this week and it was not for me. It’s not terrible, but it’s a little wonky.

Comic Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #82, Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #2, Nightwing #87 and X-Men: Trial of Magneto #5.

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My Maggott Action Figure is Real

I’m a big action figure aficionado. I have a nice, big collection, mostly made up of my favorite comic book characters. They’re fun collectibles. And another one of my favorites is getting the Marvel Legends treatment in the upcoming year.

Behold, Maggott the action figure!

Classic 90s look

He will come with his signature slugs, they’re just not in this one early picture of the figure. I can be patient. This baby will come out sometime in 2022 and I’mma gonna scoop it right up and add it to my collection. Oh to live in a world where Maggott is finally getting his due!


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