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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/20/17

Boy, what a couple of weeks, huh? In my day job as a newspaper reporter, I have been wrapped up covering a high profile murder trial since late last month! And then there were those couple of days I was in the hospital! It’s been a crazy time, and it’s cut into my comic reading. A shame really, since we’ve had some good comics in the past few weeks.

This week in particular, we’ve got new issues of Batwoman, Squirrel Girl and The Wild Storm, along with debut issues of Generation X and Luke Cage, both of which were highly anticipated by yours truly! And sure enough, the spiritual successor to Power Man and Iron Fist wins Comic Book of the Week for another awesome story by David F. Walker!

Luke Cage First Shot 01

Go ahead, punk, make his day

Meanwhile, in comics I read but didn’t review, Harley Quinn kicked off a fun new story, though I think I’m gonna skip this one. Power Rangers was an interlude issue about Zordon, and was still good. And the second issue of Secret Empire kept the story rolling along, but mostly served to spin-off into the various tie-in titles. All-in-all, a fine week in comics.

I even enjoyed the new issue of X-Men Gold, so I may have to try that series again.

Comic Reviews: Batwoman #3, Generation X #1, Luke Cage #1, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #20 and The Wild Storm #4. 

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6 Obscure Mutants Who Should Appear on The Gifted

For reasons I do not yet understand, there’s going to be an X-Men TV show that’s not about the X-Men. FOX has gone to all the trouble of bringing the X-Men to TV, but The Gifted won’t actually be about the X-Men. It’s just going to be about random mutants with super powers — so pretty much exactly like the old Mutant X show, or even Heroes. There is no logic in this choice.

But The Gifted is going to feature a couple random X-Men mutants, apparently just for the heck of it.

Gifted List 01

Who thought this was a good title?

The show will feature Polaris and Blink, with full Blink makeup. Among others, I think. It just seems so random! Why not go full X-Men? Or even full Brotherhood? Why not embrace the glorious canon you have at your disposal? Fortunately, there are geeks like me around who have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of obscure mutants.

So let’s just have some pure fandom fun and name the six mutants I would love to see randomly show up on The Gifted! The catch here is that they can’t be main X-Men from the comics or movies.

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Full-On X-Men TV Show Trailer!

The Gifted is a TV show about mutants that involves some fringe X-Men. Why the show isn’t called X-Men: The TV Show is beyond me. Why would you not take every possible opportunity to get as big an audience as you could? “The Gifted” doesn’t sound like anything.

The trailer does nothing for me. Why not fully embrace the fact that this is an X-Men show? Why not just go for it? Instead, this feels like Heroes-lite. Vague and mysterious people whispering about super powers and running from a government agency, complete with the lead government agent having his kid(s) be mutants.

My hopes are not set very high for this show, no matter how many Blinks or Polarises they put into it.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/13/17

Greetings everyone! Last week I missed out comic book reviews because I was in the hospital. And this week, I’ve not only been busy at work, but I’m also busy today putting together shipments and packages for everybody who ordered the Gamer Girl & Vixen graphic novel! It’s been a busy month, let me tell you.

So there won’t be too many reviews this week, unfortunately, but we still had some solidly entertaining comics. All-New Wolverine, Detective Comics and Amazing Spider-Man were all good, and the third issue of X-Men Blue takes home Comic Book of the Week for another nice issue, solidifying it as my favorite (so far) of ResurrXion.

X Blue Sentinels 01

Sentinels be cray cray

Meanwhile, last week I missed the first proper issue of Secret Empire, and I enjoyed it. People are welcome to hate this Captain America as a fascist storyline all they want, but I’m digging the heck out of it. I think it’s a pretty great premise for a big, company-wide crossover. I really hope they can pull this one off.

Also, I skipped the new issue of Silver Surfer this week for a couple reasons, but the end of the issue was as big a gut punch as some of the best issues of Saga. Masterful work, Mr. Dan Slott.

Comic Reviews: All-New Wolverine #20, Amazing Spider-Man #27, Detective Comics #956 and X-Men Blue #3.

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Look Who is Maybe Coming Back!

This probably counts as a spoiler, but I don’t feel like putting it after the jump, so sue me. As part of the big X-Men push, one of the upcoming comics will be a relaunch of Astonishing X-Men. Personally, I don’t see why this comic exists.

But now I do. Behold this Tweet from senior editor Mark Paniccia about a guest appearance in Astonishing X-Men #2!

Look who is back!

Madrox Returns Maybe 01

You’re god damned right that’s Multiple Man!

Dead only a few short months ago in Death of X #1, I’m quite curious under what circumstances my all-time favorite comic book character is back. Is it really him and his death is being undone? Is it a dupe? An alternate reality?

I wasn’t planning on touching Astonishing X-Men before, but I damn sure am now! Expect a full report on Madrox’s return once the information actually becomes available.


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