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There’s More Harley Quinn Coming As Well!

DC Fandome had a ton of great trailers and behind-the-scenes looks, and I posted them all this weekend. All except for the teaser for Harley Quinn season 3! I am very much looking forward to more of the excellent Harley Quinn cartoon, so let’s check out some animatic teases!

Looks pretty good to me! I think that’s the Court of Owls!

We don’t have a release date or finished animation, as explained in the video. That’s fine. It will come when it comes. Meanwhile, there’s a tie-in comic currently coming out from DC, also called the “Eat, Bang, Kill Tour”. It’s fun so far, with some truly amazing artwork! And the lettering is by Gamer Girl & Vixen letterer Taylor Esposito! So check it out!


6 Thoughts on the First Season of What If…?

The Marvel TV machine is still pumping on all cylinders as we wrap up the first season of What If…? and prepare for Hawkeye next month. I’ve always been a big fan of the What If…? comic book series and its core premise, and I thought turning that into an anthology cartoon series with a focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a great idea! I love how varied these Marvel Studios TV shows have been, and What If…? was a fine choice.

TV Show Rating: 7/10 – Good.

I liked What If…? just fine. It was an enjoyable show with some fun ideas. The original comic was before my time, but I read a couple issues here and there and enjoyed the concept overall. I think the TV show did a great job adapting the concept to the MCU, and it was a hoot that they were able to use so much of the actual movie cast. I don’t necessarily think that was to the show’s benefit every time…but What If…? was a fun cartoon nonetheless.

Join me after the jump for my thoughts on review on the first season of What If…? Expect FULL SPOILERS for the whole season! And feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments.

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Encanto Looks Pretty Magical

The next Disney animated movie is Encanto, a story about a magical house and the magical family that lives inside — if by “magical” we mean they each have a super-power. But hey, lots of people get their super powers through magic, so who am I to judge? Check out the first full trailer.

Looks pretty great to me! Wonderful animation, some good humor, lots of impressive visuals. This should be another Disney animated treat!

Encanto comes to theaters on Nov. 24.


My Ranking of the Star Wars: Visions Episodes

Star Wars: Visions debuted to the world this past weekend and it was as amazing as we all hoped it would be. Basically, Star Wars gathered up a bunch of different anime studios and invited them to make their own little Star Wars stories. They didn’t have to involve the Skywalkers or necessarily fit with established continuity. Just take the bells and whistles of Star Wars — lightsabers, the Force, the Dark Side, spaceships — and put them to good use.

Seeing as how there were only nine episodes of this (hopefully) first season, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to rank them from least to most favorite. Keep in mind, I am a dummy. I don’t know the first thing about the history or anime or its influences or anything like that. I’m just a dude who likes Star Wars and really enjoyed this show. And this is my ranking.

Join me after the jump for my least to most favorite. Expect FULL SPOILERS for all of Star Wars: Visions. And feel free to share your own rankings in the comments!

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They Went and Made That Hit-Monkey Cartoon

This is a complete surprise. Marvel went and actually made that Hit-Monkey cartoon. Insanity. Remember a couple of years ago, when Marvel and Hulu announced a series of wacky cartoons? Like Howard the Duck and a team-up between Dazzler and Tigra? Only for Marvel Studios to eventually step in and declare most of those projects dead?

Welp, looks like the Hit-Monkey cartoon just kept churning away under the surface, ready to pounce when we least suspected.

It looks…OK. I’m pretty sure I saw Fat Cobra and Lady Bullseye in that trailer, so neat! But otherwise the whole thing feels kind of off. I’m going to watch Hit-Monkey, no doubt. It’s just weird.

Granted, I absolutely loved the M.O.D.O.K. cartoon that came from the same batch of ideas. So maybe I’ll love Hit-Monkey! But jeez…does anybody even remember Hit-Monkey? Wasn’t he some kind of weird Deadpool spin-off idea that went nowhere? But hey, he’s got a cartoon show before Deadpool gets a cartoon show! So he must be doing something right.

Hit-Monkey comes to Hulu on Nov. 17.


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