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What If Elements Had Feelings?

Pixar is going to keep making movies, and we’re going to hope they’re good. The next one is called Elemental, and it’s apparently going to be about a hot fire elemental lady and a sexy water elemental dude falling in love. Can fire love water? I guess we’ll find out in Elemental!

I kid, because it’s funny. Isn’t that how the gags work with these types of movies? What if cars had feelings? What if toys had feelings? What if a little robot had feelings? Well now we’ve got anthropomorphized elements! Fire, water, dirt; all the elements. I bet they have really powerful feelings!

Elemental comes out in June.


Happy Halloween, Re-Animated!

Happy Halloween, everybody! This is my favorite holiday. I love the pageantry of Halloween. I love that we as a society, through years of tradition and fun, created a night where children dress up in fun costumes and go door-to-door asking for free candy with a magic code phrase. It’s insane and awesome and silly.

To celebrate the holiday, our good friend at Tell It Animated has updated their Michael Myers video to include the new trilogy! I very much disliked the new trilogy and am glad it’s over, but at least we get this fun video. Spoilers for the new trilogy, by the way.

Fun times! I will always share Tell It Animated videos because they look like both a lot of work and a labor of love! And it will continue to give me the chance to recommend he do Robin next! Plenty of Robins to choose from!


Trigun Remake Coming Next Year

I don’t watch much anime. Just never got into it, though I’m sure I’d love most things if I watched them. One classic anime that I watched in its entirety and enjoyed was Trigun. And everybody loved it so much that it’s getting a modern remake!

Looks pretty fun. All the classic characters are there. The animation looks modern and sleek. Oh what a world we live in where this sort of thing happens. At least it’s not a live action adaptation on Netflix.

Trigun Stampede comes out sometime next year.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie Looks Great, Sounds Terrible

The first teaser trailer for the big budget, animated Super Mario Bros. movie arrived on the internet yesterday and it looks phenomenal. I love almost every visual this movie has to offer. But watch out for Chris Pratt’s weird accent for Mario…

I just sounds so bad. I think I’d prefer if he was just his normal Chris Pratt voice instead of whatever weird little slight accent he’s trying to give it. So bad! Also, clearly Mario looks like Fix-It Felix, right? It’s in the eyes. Those aren’t Mario’s eyes. Those are standard animated movie eyes.

Anyway, looking past the weird Mario choices, the rest of this trailer is gorgeous. The slow, serious build-up to a truly powerful Bowser is a great choice! I love the balance between serious and some comedy. I’m so glad to see this isn’t some slapstick nonsense. It looks awesome!

It just sounds weird. But we’ll find out for sure how the voicework works when it comes to theaters next year!


Tell It Animated Tackles Dinosaurs!

The excellent YouTube channel Tell It Animated has decided on a new style for their latest episode. Rather than just trace a famous character’s style designs over the decades, he’s now decided to do the Jurassic Park dinosaurs by comparing them to real world science! Way to introduce science to those dinosaurs!

This is a pretty neat idea. I bet dinosaurs are tougher to draw than Freddy or Batman. But I enjoyed the video and look forward to him making more of this style. Do all the dinosaurs!

And, as always, my recommendation for a new video is Robin!


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