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More Star Wars Cartoon Coolness

Forces of Destiny has been putting out of a bunch of episodes, and they make good fodder for a lazy, uninteresting Monday! Here’s one that stars Leia, Sabine and IG-88!

Good, solid Star Wars action. I’m definitely digging these little cartoon shorts. Check out their Youtube channel because there’s a bunch more!



Prepare For the Spider-Man Reboot!

I think Only Leigh has been fully hired by the How It Should Have Ended people, which is kind of disappointing. On the one hand, I’m glad she’s getting solid work. On the other hand, she only seems to make these 5 Stages videos. I need more original Only Leigh content in my life!

I want more Bella & Tina are Time Travelers! I want more fangirls! But I also want Leigh to be successful. This is a tough internet road to walk down.


A Force Awakens Deleted Scene…Sort Of

So Disney is doing something cool with Star Wars, beyond all those movies. They’re going to make some Forces of Destiny cartoons about the female characters, because Star Wars’ female characters can always use a leg up. I think this is the first one, a short about Rey saving BB-8 from a sandworm!

It looks darn neat. The animation is solid and dynamic, and Rey is always cool. Go Star Wars!

Also, this has got me thinking about female Star Wars characters…


Probably Not Gonna See This One in Theaters…

I remain a big fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s still a fun show. Probably no longer hip or counter-culture to call myself a ‘brony’ but whatevs. I can like what I want. And look! It’s a movie!

Now, I like to go to movies alone sometimes, because I wanna see what I wanna see. Buuuuut I probably won’t be going alone to see the My Little Pony movie in a theater. Just to be safe.


The Internet Delivers Batman and Superman as Pokemon Trainers

The Internet is an amazing place filled with amazing people. Today, I bring you one of the neatest things ever: a fully-animated cartoon where Batman and Superman are Pokemon trainers. This is wild, people.

We have the Cartoon Hooligans to thank for this one. I bet they make a lot of cartoons. You should go check them out to prove me right! For now, good job, animators!


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