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Go Watch The Mitchells vs. The Machines!

I’d been looking forward to this movie for a while and it lived up to all the hype and excitement! Head to Netflix as soon as you have a moment and go watch The Mitchells vs. The Machines! It’s hilarious, hugely energetic, action-packed and just a great movie.

It’s produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and has their same energy throughout. It’s also made by some of the people behind Gravity Falls. Really strong pedigree behind this film. And in a fun bit of moviemaking, this is a film that doesn’t make its characters’ unique traits the focus of the movie. The main character, Katie, is a lesbian, but it’s not the focus of the movie and it’s barely acknowledged. Likewise, the little brother is on the Autism Spectrum, but again, it’s not the point of his character. It’s not his defining trait. These are just parts of who they are and it’s really neat!

Highly recommend this movie. It’s gonna make my end-of-the-year top 10 list for sure!


How About Just Some Rick and Morty Madness?

Rick and Morty season 5 is coming at the end of June and the world is probably ready for it. I know I am! To help get us excited, some really sweet Rick and Morty business arrived this weekend. We’ve got a new trailer, which looks as good as always.

And then we’ve got this 17-minute, 8-bit adventure animated by Paul Robertson. Holy jeez louise, this one.

What the heck do we even make of that?! Other than art is amazing and this Robertson dude is some kind of god. If this doesn’t spur Cartoon Network into hiring Robertson to make a legit Rick and Morty 8-bit adventure, I don’t know what will! Everybody loved that Scott Pilgrim game, right? Do that, but make it this!

Find the time to watch all 17 minutes. This thing is really nifty!


Castlevania is Coming Back For More!

The fourth and final season of the awesome Castlevania cartoon is coming back to Netflix next month! This show is great. It’s madness wrapped in insanity dotted with monster explosions.

I feel like I need some kind of refresher for season 3. But the new season looks great and I can’t wait to watch. This show is as crazy as it gets. So much creativity, so much wildness, a real envelope-pushing show for weirdness. I’m confident they can bring it all together for a really solid and enjoyable finale.

We’ll find out when Castlevania comes back on May 13.


King Kong Will Never Die!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we all enjoyed Godzilla vs. Kong, so how about one last bit of related joy with the Tell It Animated video for King Kong!

I love these things. The creator has a lot of talent and really found a fun niche. They’ve got a Patreon. They post some fun videos. I hope they are doing well in their chosen niftiness.

There are a lot of options still to go, I would think. As always, my suggestion for a future video is Robin! There are a bunch of live action Robins and Nightwings to choose from.


Prepare for M.O.D.O.K. TV!

Against all odds, the MODOK cartoon show is coming to Hulu very soon! Patton Oswalt’s take on the big-headed villain is the only show to survive that weird lineup of announced Marvel cartoons from a couple years ago. Could any of them have been good? Who knows! But MODOK does look legitimately funny.

I’m a big Patton Oswalt fan, as I assume most people are. And yeah, this looks good. Some funny jokes. Some cool guest appearances. A solid concept. I’ve seen a clip or two here or there and it looks great! Here’s hoping its even a fraction as hilarious as the Harley Quinn cartoon.

MODOK arrives on Hulu on Ma 21!


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