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Ms. Marvel Fan Film Makes for Exciting Monday

Found this pretty stellar Ms. Marvel fan film on io9 this weekend and wanted to share! I don’t share enough fan-made things and I’m hoping to fix that. So let’s start with this! It’s only 5 minutes long and damn good.

And let’s hope Marvel gets around to putting Kamala Khan into their movies or TV shows very soon. Major kudos to the folks at AnitaBeMEAnitaBeME for making this awesomeness happen. They nailed it!



Kill 20 Minutes On This Insanely Detailed Live Action Futurama Video!

Behold the unending power of fandom! Some chaps at Cinema Relics have gone to all the trouble of creating a live action Futurama with makeup, practical effects and puppetry. Fan-O-Rama awesome and unsettling in equal measure!

This is a Herculean effort of fandom and should be celebrated at all levels. Who would go to such lengths? Who could build such insanely cool and imaginative costumes? Who could so badly dub Leela’s voice?

Either way, this now exists for all of us to enjoy for the rest of time! Hooray!


Arrow ’66, Just a Little Something Fun

Everybody like Tuesdays? I’m pretty OK with them. They’re not Fridays and they’re definitely not Saturdays. But we can have a little bit of fun this Tuesday.

Big thanks to Dave Jones for making this little diddy. It’s Arrow and The Flash done in the style of the classic Batman ’66 TV show! I loved that thing as a kid. The Internet is full of such charm, and I’ll share it when I can!


More From the World of Virtual Reality Gaming

Say what you will about The Fine Bros. on Youtube, but they’re my No. 1 source for cool virtual reality technology. I totally wanna play something like this, but for now, it’s fun to live vicariously through these Internet people.

The game is as basic as they come, but in the world of virtual reality, it’s another universe! I wanna be a space pirate!


LEGO Suicide Squad

I saw Suicide Squad last night and I liked it well enough. Definitely some problems, but not nearly as bad as the reviews would have you believe — at least in my opinion. I’ll try and get my full review up later today. But for now, how about some LEGOs?

That’s pretty darn neat. Someday my LEGO skills will be as good as forrestfire101!


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