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A Really Good Internet-Based Chuckle

I’m a bit busy at work this week and don’t have a lot of free time to share fun Internet stuff on my blog. Fortunately, this hilariously short video popped up from Mr. Sunday Movies! I love that guy!

And I love this meme. So everything is pretty good right now. Hopefully that Christopher Robin movie is going to be OK.



Killing Time Before a New Avengers Trailer…

There’s supposed to be a new trailer dropping today for Avengers: Infinity War! But since I’ll be out of the office for most of the morning, followed by a dentist appointment in the afternoon, so I don’t know when I’ll have time to sit down and watch it, let alone share it on the blog! But I’m gonna try!

Until then, here’s the Honest Trailer for the movie Bright!

I really enjoyed Bright and don’t understand why it’s getting so much hate. It’s a pretty cool action movie with fantasy ideas put in the modern day. I’ve always wanted to see more of that premise and I thought Bright pulled it off nicely! I really enjoyed it, so there, universe!


Honestly, I Love Thor: Ragnarok!

Thor: Ragnarok is a super fun movie! And it’s coming out on DVD soon! What’s that? It’s already out? Even better!

Thank you, Honest Trailers, for being solidly entertaining month in and month out! We’re all waiting for the Black Panther one now when it comes out on DVD.


Weird Al Does Alexander Hamilton!

This popped up late last week and is just delightful! Weird Al compiles the Alexander Hamilton songs into a polka! Because that’s the world we live in and it can sometimes be amazing!

And I find it a good way to start a Monday and a week.


Justice League Taken Down, Honestly

Now that we’re several months removed from the Justice League movie, I think we can all agree that it was pretty forgettable. I was OK with the film when it came out, and I’m sure I would survive a rewatch. The most important thing is that it’s over and we can giggle about the continuing failures of the DC Cinematic Universe.

This is also a good time to remind everybody that there’s an Aquaman movie coming out at the end of the year! How fancy is that?

Thanks Honest Trailers!


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