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A New Degree of Terror

Have you seen the trailer for It? I haven’t, because the Internet has delivered something even scarier!

Kudos to But Without for that excellent bit of madness. May you all sleep well tonight.



Of Course I’m Going to See the Power Rangers Movie; Try And Stop Me

I loved Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a kid, perhaps too much. So there’s no way to stop me from going to see the new Power Rangers movie tonight!

And with any new movie, our favorite movie parody Youtube sites have done with work on the original Power Rangers movie — which I also enjoyed, at the time.

Here’s hoping this is the start of a new Power Rangers movie franchise! And I’m keeping my eyes peeled for any sign of the Green Ranger, the best Ranger.

Thanks to Screen Junkies for the nifty Honest Trailer.


That Same Old Beauty and the Beast Joke, But Slightly Better

The new Beauty and the Beast movie comes out this weekend, which means all our favorite parody Youtube accounts are covering the old Beauty and the Beast cartoon. I’m feeling kind of lazy in the middle of this snowstorm, so I only watched one of them.

Hooray Honest Trailers! They make that same old classic Stockholm Syndrome joke, but they put it to song, so that’s bully on them!

I’m sure the other parody videos are around the Internet somewhere…


How Rogue One Should Have Ended

Saw Logan last night. It was alright. I enjoyed it. But I wasn’t as blown away as some reviewers have seemed. Still, fine enough film.Maybe I’ll write up a review later.

For now, how about we remember the fun of Rogue One?

Now I remember that I never wrote a Rogue One review. Man, I’m getting lazy at writing these movie reviews. It’s OK, though, I’m having fun writing other stuff. And creating new blog mascots. So thanks, How It Should Have Ended people, for giving me some Friday material.


Doctor Strange Was Honestly Good!

Doctor Strange comes out on DVD today, so let’s celebrate with an Honest Trailer!

I love them things. And I loved this movie. Though I suppose the heat has worn off a little bit. And it never helps when Honest Trailers really nails them for all their faults. Poor Doctor Strange movie.


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