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Deadpool 2 is Gonna Bring the Funny!

The first Deadpool movie was hilarious. And the first teaser for the Deadpool sequel is just as hilarious! This is good teaser trailer.

I don’t know why I can’t really stand comic book Deadpool, but absolutely love the humor of live action Deadpool. It’s a mystery for the ages!



Deadpool Gag Reel on a Rainy Memorial Day

I don’t know about you guys, but here in my neck of the woods, it’s raining cats and dogs on memorial Day. This probably means I won’t be going to any fun barbecues or picnics! What the heck, weather?!

Ah well. Let’s at least have a chuckle with a long last gag reel to last year’s Deadpool movie! Beware of wicked language.

Heh, now that was funny. Good times. Stupid rain.


Mark Hamill Does Han Solo for Bad Lip Reading

It’s good work if you can get it.

We can always count on Bad Lip Reading to make a Monday more entertaining. These guys were smart to start doing Star Wars. Everybody loves Star Wars!


Monday Morning Funny!

Want to see genius? Check out this mash-up of J. Jonah Jameson and the terrible reporters at The Daily Planet in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Hilarious! Take it from a newspaper man like me, the newsroom at the movie Daily Planet is weird. The editor doesn’t just wander into the office one day and tell one of his news reporters that they’re suddenly covering sports. That’s madness. There should be an entire sports division of the newsroom full of reporters who cover sports. It’s not something that editors get to just mix and match.

All praise to DrMachakil for the video!


I Hate These Commercials

Have you seen those car commercials where they bring in ‘not actors’ to talk gawk at and compliment their stupid cars? Those are annoying as hell.

Fortunately, a brave Internet soul has made a solid, hilarious parody video. Warning for language.

Love me some Internet comedy. Go Zebra Corner!


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