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Thor: Ragnarok Hype Is Real!

Thor: Ragnarok is only, like, two months away! And the hype is very real! So real, in fact, that the people at the Nerdist made this awesome, 80’s-style movie trailer to go along with the movie’s already spectacular 80’s style!

The internet does good work, people. The Nerdist does good work. I’m just glad I get to be here to reap the rewards!



Squirrel Girl is Great! Go Read It!

For awhile now, Marvel has been doing this fun cartoon thing where Noah Sterling narrates classic Marvel stories. It’s fun. And now they’ve done a recap of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, one of my favorite comics!

So watch the cartoon and go read Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North and Erica Henderson. It’s great!


What If Iron Man and Spider-Man Were Pokemon Trainers?

Remember when the Cartoon Hooligans made a cartoon about Batman and Superman as Pokemon trainers? Well they’ve done it again!

This is good, quality Internet content. The exact sort of fun cartoon geeky silliness that I come to love and depend on. Go Internet!


Game of Thrones Is Getting Good

I mean, it’s always been good, but I needed a nice headline for this awesome video about the Magnificent Seven that went Beyond the Wall in the latest episode! There are some spoilers, so watch at your own risk.

All credit goes to Nick Growall, the YouTube genius who put it together! I’m loving Game of Thrones this season, and check back tomorrow for a GoT List of Six!


Some Awesome Guy Drew Every Single Character Who Ever Appeared in Uncanny X-Men!

Want to see something awesome? Then check out the artwork of Unnecessarily X-essive! Artist Scott Modrzynski has apparently spent the past few years drawing every single character and alternate costume that ever appeared in the multi-decade Uncanny X-Men. And I do mean every character. Even background characters.

Here are some of my favorites:

X Art Madrox 01

This is a masterpiece of Internet X-Menery. Somebody buy this guy a drink or tell him to start working on the Avengers!


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