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Ash vs. Tell It Animated

We need some slasher heroes! The good dude at Tell It Animated is now tackling Ash Williams from the Evil Dead films. Because Ash is awesome and deserves this sort of attention and love.

Another banger of an episode! I’m glad to see that Tell It Animated has nearly two million followers these days. I hope this dude is killing it and raking in the big bucks for his fun little shorts. I wish him all the success in the world.

And, as always, my recommendation is Robin!


Curiosity Killed the George

Joel Haver is a funny dude and I’m glad I found his videos on YouTube. Each one has been pretty darn hilarious, and he’s got a new banger out! This one is about Curious George. No spoilers.

Just damn funny. Inventive, clever, witty, silly and just plain fun, as far as I’m concerned. And I’m a comedic genius! Enjoy this video, and if you haven’t yet, feel free to go back in his history for some other great animated joke videos. You won’t be disappointed.


Mario Through the Ages, Animated

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a whole thing. It was super popular. I thought it was fine. It could have been more, but it was otherwise fine on its own. One thing is for sure, though: Mario has a lot of iterations and adaptations over the years. And Tell It Animated is on the case!

Good times! I watched a ton of those Mario cartoons back in the day. The Lou Albano stuff? You’re damn right! And this video has it all. I love Tell It Animated. He’s a great channel and he does great work. And now he’s opened himself up to video game characters. My top pick for his next cartoon is still Robin, but if we’re talking video game characters…Sonic the Hedgehog is the next obvious choice. Plenty to work with.

Master Chief. Pac-Man. Metroid. Maybe Final Fantasy protagonists? Tell It Animated shall never die!


Ant-Man Isn’t Doing Well at the Box Office, But He Still Looks Cool Animated

I enjoyed Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but it’s getting picked apart at the box office and in critical reviews. Alas. I’m a huge Marvel fanboy, but I can definitely see the cracks in the film, though I still insist it’s an enjoyable and entertaining watch. People are just eager for Marvel Studios to fail. Live long enough to see yourself become the villain, eh?

Anyway, Ant-Man is the latest subject of Tell It Animated, and this video is another banger!

I love this dude’s videos! I hope he’s been very successful. Ant-Man is my favorite Avenger largely because of the cool look of his modern costumes. And Ant-Man’s costumes are some of my favorite in the MCU. So this was a super fun video!

And, as always, the next video he should make is Robin!


Here’s that Sweet Mario Kart Parody Trailer from SNL

I don’t have much to share this Monday, with no new movie trailers or anything of that nature to talk about. So how about we just watch that sweet, gritty Mario Kart parody trailer from Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Does anybody still watch that show live on Saturday nights?

This is fun stuff. Great work by the graphics department at SNL, for sure. And Pedro Pascal kills it as gritty Mario. I’m loving The Last of Us on HBO, like everybody else. And this was a great parody for pull off for Pascal’s guest appearance on SNL. Obviously, this isn’t the first gritty, post-apocalyptic Mario re-imagining on the internet, but it’s fun when some actual work goes into it from a major media outlet.


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