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These ThunderCats Look Neato

The internet being what it is, here’s a re-animated, HD remake of the ThunderCats intro song. Apparently, YouTube creator extremee_ghost just gave themselves a project and spent two months redrawing every single frame. It’s a thing of beauty.

This is one of the good parts of the internet. All creative and fun and geeky and just awesome. And I love sharing that kind of stuff with you fine readers. Kudos to this creator for his fine works.


Let’s Celebrate the Gremlins (Animated)!

It’s still the Christmas season, so how about we celebrate the Gremlins? Some of their movies took place during Christmas, right? I haven’t seen a Gremlins movie in a dog’s age. But our favorite movie look animating YouTuber — Tell It Animated — spent the time to animate all the funky Gremlins! So let’s celebrate!

I love this guy. Gremlins is a fun choice.

As always, my recommendation is Robin. There’s plenty of movie and animation Robins to animate. And everybody loves a new Batman video, right?

Speaking of Gremlins, have you ever seen that classic Key and Peele sketch about Gremlins 2? That thing is so much fun!


Another Batgirl & Supergirl Christmas from Mike Maihack!

Artist Mike Maihack has a great tradition of doodling cute Batgirl and Supergirl comics every Christmas! I don’t have any of my own blog Christmas traditions, other than sharing Maihack’s latest adorable strip. So here it is!

Merry Christmas, Mike Maihack! And Merry Christmas everyone!


Let’s All Remember The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny is one of the greatest internet artifacts of all time. It’s a true masterpiece. And then randomly the other day, I was browsing YouTube and stumbled upon this cover version, in which a bunch of creative artists have teamed up to make a new version!

And it’s great! That song will always be marvelous, and I love the new animations. I’m so glad I randomly found this thing in all its wonderful thingness. And I hope you enjoyed it as well!


Joel Haver is a Comedic Genius

I’m sorry I’m so late to the Joel Haver party! The man is a comedic genius. Especially when it comes to simple, dumb, but hilarious gags. Like this bit about the TV show Friends. This had me rolling all weekend and I just gotta share.

Such a dumb and simple gag, but oh so funny in its execution and delivery. Kudos to Joel Haver and his crew. Kudos to random internet comedy!


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