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You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a perennial favorite for the holidays, and it’s obviously ripe for parody. Which brings me to this lovely skit by Wizards with Guns, which reimagined the classic song with the help of Joel Haver and Trent Lenkarski. I’ve been really into Haver’s work over the past few months, and he’s great in this — as is the whole rude sketch.

Yeah, language and crudeness abound in this sketch, so consider yourself warned.

I may have to spend the new year getting into Wizards with Guns. Because this is some funny writing.


OnlyLeigh is Alive!

OnlyLeigh is a web cartoonist I really like, but she’s been pretty silent on the creative front for a couple of years now. I get it. Life happens. Well she just came out with a new cartoon and you best believe I’m gonna share it with all you fine folks.

There is much I don’t know about the creative world. I’m a writer, and we’ve had word processing software for a millennia now. So I don’t understand art. Thankfully, we’ve got tutorials like this one to help us all creative better cartoons! Welcome back, OnlyLeigh. Here’s hoping for more cartoons ahead!


How About an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Cartoon?

It’s Monday morning. It snowed a ton over the weekend and I’m dreading having to go out and wiping down my car to get to work. Man. What the heck? So let’s keep things simple and easy this morning by sharing an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit the cartoon. It’s the first Disney-produced Oswald cartoon in, like, 95 years. So that’s something!

Pretty fun. Some old school, old timey cartooning to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. I’m down for that sort of thing. The story of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a pretty fun one. And I think he makes for a really neat character in the modern day context of Disney. So bring on more Oswald stuff!


Sweet Live Action Fallout Fan-Trailer

The world is a crazy place, but it’s still not as bad as the world of Fallout. To see for sure, check out this sweet fan-made live action trailer about the Fallout universe. Made by the fine folks at Infectious Designer.

Looks fancy! That’s some quality work. And it came out ahead of the upcoming actual live action Fallout TV show. Is that show going to be anything good? We’ll see! I have faith in all sorts of things, and a Fallout TV show should be pretty easy to enjoy. I’m the sort of sucker who enjoyed the live action Halo TV show. So perhaps there’s no hope for me.


Happy Halloween, Re-Animated!

Happy Halloween, everybody! This is my favorite holiday. I love the pageantry of Halloween. I love that we as a society, through years of tradition and fun, created a night where children dress up in fun costumes and go door-to-door asking for free candy with a magic code phrase. It’s insane and awesome and silly.

To celebrate the holiday, our good friend at Tell It Animated has updated their Michael Myers video to include the new trilogy! I very much disliked the new trilogy and am glad it’s over, but at least we get this fun video. Spoilers for the new trilogy, by the way.

Fun times! I will always share Tell It Animated videos because they look like both a lot of work and a labor of love! And it will continue to give me the chance to recommend he do Robin next! Plenty of Robins to choose from!


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