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The 6 Characters I Want on the Next MCU Avengers

A few weeks back, I put together a List of Six of the characters I wanted to see on the live action Thunderbolts movie. Then a few weeks after that, Marvel actually revealed the lineup to their live action Thunderbolts movie, and I only got one or two of them right. I still like the lineup though. Then a few weeks after that, Kevin Feige confirmed that there is no organized Avengers in the MCU at present, and that got me thinking.

Who is going to be on the Avengers roster when Kang Dynasty comes along in 2025?

It was a simpler age

So we know that in 2025, we’re going to get both Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. And we know that there is no official Avengers team in Phase 4, but there are a ton of new superheroes showing up in their own movies and TV shows. Marvel is going to have the pick of the litter by 2025 of who they can use to fill out the roster. And a humble blog writer like me surely has his own ideas, right? You’re gosh darn right!

Join me after the jump for the six superheroes I hope to see making up the next official MCU Avengers team for or before Kang Dynasty.

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6 Things I Want to See in Andor

The first three episodes of Andor arrived on Disney+ today and I can’t wait to watch! The trailers have looked very promising and I have high hopes, more so than most other Star Wars TV shows. I always found it strange that Cassian Andor should get his own TV show, but here we are and we can only hope for the best.

Rebellions are built on hope

I’m loving The Mandalorian as much as everybody else, and I can’t wait to watch Ahsoka. But The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi were both pretty mediocre. Will Andor be better? I love the tone we got in the trailers, of an actual hardcore, gritty war drama. Will the show live up to that tone? I surely hope so.

Join me after the jump for what I hope to get in the Andor TV show! And feel free to share your hopes, dreams and reviews of the first three episodes in the comments!

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6 Jedi Who Could Use Some Tales

The new animated Star Wars show Tales of the Jedi was announced this past weekend at D23 and it looks promising. I’ve always wanted to see some of the adventures of the young Qui-Gon Jinn and Count Dooku. Because why not? Could be an interesting time period.

Baby Ahsoka merch incoming

And because I’m still sick at home with COVID, I wanted an easy List of Six. So here are some other Jedi who, I think, deserve some tales of their own. Let’s check out their younger years, see what they were up to. What kind of mischief did they engage in? What life-altering decisions were made? What galaxy-spanning mischief occurred? We’ll only know when they get around to these six Jedi!

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The Top 6 Superheroes I Want to Write

Time to give myself a blog birthday present! Yesterday was my birthday, and I shared with everyone the exciting news that I’ve finally started work on a new, self-published (for now) comic book project, Cover Bard. I can’t wait to get this comic up and running! Of course, the ultimate goal for a fella like me is to use this indie comic career to get hired to write superhero comics for Marvel and/or DC. So how about a List of Six of the exciting superheroes I’m hoping to write for someday?

Everything I do is part of my grand plan to write Multiple Man

I have fully come to accept that my dream might never happen. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, for one thing. And I’m not at all convinced that I’m such a god among writers that I need to be published. I’m just gonna tell stories and make indie comics and hopefully, someday, I’ll get that invite to write for the pros. No harm in dreaming. And should that day come, I know exactly what characters I’ll pitch for. I’ve got some ideas jotted down already, and other characters I would just love to write.

Join me after the jump for the random smattering of comic book superheroes I hope to write professionally someday. Getting my name in the credits of any of these comics would be a lifelong dream fulfilled!

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6 Things I Want to See in Mass Effect 4

Recently, I completed the epic adventure is that is the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, combining the first three Mass Effect games and all of their DLC. Way back when the games first came out, I played through the first two and then never bothered with the third game. There was such a negative backlash that I simply didn’t play it. But time heals all wounds, and a nice sale on the Legendary Edition had me back in the saddle as Commander Shepherd.

There’s this teaser image/trailer

What does the future hold for the Mass Effect video game series? Does anybody have any idea? Two years ago, we got a tiny teaser that the game was in the works. It’s been radio silence since. I’m one of the few people who seems to have actually enjoyed Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the developers stopped bothering with that game almost immediately. So this list is just going to be a bunch of random speculation and thoughts about what this hypothetical game might contain.

Join me after the jump as I reflect on my Legendary Edition playthrough and offer some hope for the future.

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