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The Top 6 Bigfoots in Comics

Sasquatches. What’s up with them, huh? Crazy, amiright? I don’t particularly believe in Bigfoot, but I’m open to the idea. Life is just more fun like that. And I’ve decided to do a List of Six of the best sasquatches in comics.

Sasquatch List 01

He looks good in orange

That’s a picture of the most famous sasquatch-related superhero, Sasquatch of Alpha Flight. But he’s not going to be on this list, because Sasquatch isn’t really a sasquatch. He’s a human imbued with the powers of the great gods of the north in Canada. But keep him in mind, because one entry on this list is going to be a little surprising…

Join me after the jump for the best actual Bigfoots in comics!

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6 Thoughts on Captain Marvel

The first Marvel superhero movie with a female lead is here and it’s quite awesome! Let us hope Marvel does not hesitate to make more. Captain Marvel has walked a rocky road in the comics, but it looks like she’ll have a nice, clean, straightforward role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Captain Marvel Review List 01

Movie Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

If I had to rank Captain Marvel, I think I’d put it in the upper middle tier of MCU films. It’s not top tier, like Black Panther or the Avengers films, but it’s damn good. I loved pretty much everything about this film. I look forward to seeing Carol show up in Avengers: Endgame, and I look forward to sequels. Simple as that. I’m a Marvel movie fanboy and I do not apologize for that fact!

Join me after the jump for my full review. Expect FULL SPOILERS for the Captain Marvel movie.

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The Top 6 Captain Marvels in Comics

The Captain Marvel movie is here! I’ve got my ticket and the plan is to show up at least an hour in advance to get one of the comfy reclining seats at my theater! It’s gonna be an awesome year in Marvel movies and Captain Marvel is gonna blast us off!

So how about a Captain Marvel themed List of Six to celebrate the occasion!

CapMarvelList 01

Those comfy seats are key

If you’re not too familiar with the long history of the superhero name “Captain Marvel”, it’s kind of insane. The first use of the name came in late 1939 with Fawcett Comics character Captain Marvel, who only settled on that name when the publisher couldn’t use “Captain Thunder”, and when they decided to shorten “Captain Marvelous”. That character was even more popular than Superman during World War II, but his popularity dried up after the war, and after DC Comics sued Fawcett because their Captain Marvel was clearly a rip-off of Superman.

When this Captain Marvel ceased publication, the recently christened Marvel Comics decided to seize the name and created their own, original Captain Marvel! And then DC eventually bought out Fawcett Comics and gained control of that first Captain Marvel. And then everybody sued everybody else for copyright infringement, which ended with Marvel retaining the rights to the name, but only if they kept publishing comics with that name…hence why I have been able to cobble together an entire List of Six of comic book characters named “Captain Marvel”!

The universe is grand.

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6 Other Marvel Cartoon Ideas, If We’re Gonna Get Weird With It

A couple weeks ago, Marvel and Hulu announced an animated partnership with a truly weird lineup of shows. Howard the Dark? Hit-Monkey? M.O.D.O.K.? A random team up of Dazzler and Tigra? There is no logic in this place! Clearly the driving force behind these shows was to get as esoteric as possible. They wanted to get weird with it!

So let’s get weird with it, too!

Marvel's The Offenders

This is already pretty weird

I will readily grant that whoever came up with these show ideas picked some truly wild characters. But they’re only scratching the surface of how weird Marvel can get! Join me after the jump as I put my extensive comic book knowledge to the test and come up with six other Marvel cartoon ideas, if we’re gonna get weird with it!

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6 Thoughts on the Second Season of Runaways

We are overloaded with comic book TV shows these days and I love it! Not only did I just finish watching the first season of Titans and now the second season of Runaways, but I just started the first season of Umbrella Academy! What a wild and wonderful superhero world we live in. It’s even better when the show is actually good, like the new season of Runaways!

Runaways2 Review 01

TV Show Rating: 9/10 – Great.

I enjoyed the first season of the show well enough. I was disappointed that the kids didn’t actually run away until the very end of the last episode of the season. I think a lot of people were bothered by that. Well, whoever is running the show took that message to heart and delivered a far more involved, far faster second season that doesn’t drag everything out for the sake of dragging it out. That was very much appreciated! And now this show is a much different beast than the original comic, while still maintaining that comic book/Runaways appeal!

Also, the current Runaways comic by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka is absolutely fabulous! It was my favorite comic last year and everyone should be reading if they enjoy this squad.

Expect FULL SPOILERS for season 2!

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