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Top Six “Green” Superheroes

Welcome back to another color-based List of Six! I like to do themes, and colors seems like a fun one. For whatever reason, a lot of superheroes and villains name themselves after colors. There’s rarely a good reason why those seem to choose that color, but they do it, and here we are celebrating the color green!

Green List 01

Because it’s fall in America, and the green leaves are disappearing. So let’s take a little moment to enjoy some lush greenery while we still can. It’s going to be a long time before ewe have this chance again. A long, cold, harsh winter, possibly of our discontent. We’ll see.

Anyway, join me after the jump for the best “Green” superheroes in comics!

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6 Star Wars Things I Don’t Care About

Anticipation is ramping up for Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi in December. Everybody is excited about the new trailers, the new toys, the new details and all manner of other stuff. I’m right with them. I love Star Wars and I’m looking forward to the new movie.

But here’s the thing: there’s a lot about Star Wars that I just don’t care about.

SW Dont Care List 01

Why don’t their faces line up?

The Internet may be awesome, but it has given rise to an insane cannibalistic love of all things geek, especially Star Wars. Even though we’re all super excited to see the movie in all its glory, Internet writers and fans will gladly and eagerly pick apart any minor detail that might slip out between now and the premiere. Like piranhas, every possible hint of information will be plastered all over the Internet. Without a doubt, if the script of The Last Jedi somehow got leaked onto the web, more than a dozen different websites would read it and spoil everything just because they can. Madness! Surely we need some patience when it comes to Star Wars details.

To that end, I’ve decided to put together a list of Star Wars stuff that I don’t care about and am not chomping at the bit to learn or see. Keep these spoilers to yourselves, websites!

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The 6 Best Bikini Superhero Costumes (And Their Later Improvements)

I need to level with you Henchies for today’s list. I had this big plan about going to see the new Inhumans TV premiere on the big screen last weekend, but my plans fell through and I didn’t manage to shake my cold. So my plan to write an Inhumans review listicle completely fell through. That, coupled with a Labor Day holiday spent hanging out with my parents, and only I found myself finally getting around to writing this week’s list late last night with a splitting headache.

So let’s just spend today celebrating the end of summer with some impractical bikini-like superhero costumes!

Bikini Punisher 01

It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s probably everything wrong with superhero costumes in their heyday. So rather than just ogle a bunch of superbabes, I’ve decided to go one step further and show off their newer, less-skimpy updated costumes! As you can see, some progress is being made! Even if some of these characters have since reverted back to their skimpier costumes…still, an effort was made. And I applaud that effort!

Join me after the jump for the six best bikini superhero costumes, and the modern upgrades that are a lot less revealing!

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6 Thoughts on The Defenders

Get ready for a lot of rants. That’s what I was doing by the time the end credits rolled for the final episode of The Defenders. This show was a huge letdown. Or maybe my expectations were too high. I was expecting something damn near as good as The Avengers. I was expecting something as good as the Daredevil TV show. I was expecting TV greatness! Instead, The Defenders is TV okayness.

Defenders Review List 01

TV Rating: 6/10 – Pretty Good.

Oddly enough, nobody is talking about The Defenders anymore. The show is barely more than a week old, and was highly anticipated, but there’s been utter silence since that debut weekend. It doesn’t help that, the weekend after, we had this big Game of Thrones season finale. I’ve been hearing more and more anti-binge washing talks since releasing a show all at once has people talking about it just that once, but go back to a weekly schedule, like Game of Thrones, and people are talking about it all summer.

Maybe Netflix should switch to that model. Either way, join me after the jump for my thoughts on The Defenders TV show! And beware of SPOILERS!

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6 Characters Who Aren’t Going to Survive Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has reached a point where everybody’s favorite characters have stopped dying. The show shocked the world by killing off everyone we thought was going to be the protagonist, and now we’re left with a motley crew of heroes and villains who, I think, will fight until the very end.

But this being Game of Thrones, a lot of somebodies aren’t going to make it to the end!

GoT Death List 01

One of them is already dead!

Between the current season and the next, there are only seven episodes left of the entire series. That’s less than an entire regular season. The show is literally almost over. By this time next year, Game of Thrones will be finished. I don’t have any predictions for how it’s going to end. I don’t know who is going to end up on the Iron Throne or who is going to bone who before the finale. But I have a couple of ideas for who is probably going to die before the end.

Join me after the jump for my Game of Thrones death predictions! There will be SPOILERS to the series so far. And please feel free to share your own in the comments!

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