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The 6 Comics I Will Miss Most in Quarantine

As I write this, we don’t yet fully know what’s going to happen with new comic book releases during the coronavirus crisis. Diamond Distributors will not be distributing physical comics to stores anymore, and I believe both Marvel and DC have announced they will not be releasing their normal print comics digitally, though at least DC will continue to release their regular digital-first comics. Other studies, like BOOM! and IDW, have halted all production.

Mutant Religion 01

I’ll never forget you, Melody Guthrie

So if the comic book industry grinds to a halt and we don’t get any new comics for the foreseeable future, I thought now would be a good time to sit back and take stock of which comics I’m really enjoying right now, which comics are my favorite, and which I am really going to miss going forward. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my weekly review column if we don’t get any new comics. At least we’re all in this together.

Join me after the jump for the six ongoing comics I will really miss if the virus kills the comic book industry. And feel free to share your own favorites in the comments!

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6 Other Star Wars Cartoon Characters Who Should Jump to Live Action

The most exciting news in pop culture this past week was the reveal that Rosario Dawson has been cast as a live action Ahsoka Tano for the second season of The Mandalorian! Even if Hollywood was still up and running like normal, this would still be the most exciting news for me! Ahsoka is a great character, Rosario is a great actor, and The Mandalorian is a great show!

So who else should make the jump from cartoon to live action Star Wars?

SW LA List 01

White lightsabers will soon become live action canon!

This is all about synergy. Obviously the Star Wars movies are incredibly popular, but there’s an even bigger world of bonus cartoon and comic material churning away under the Disney umbrella: The Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance, a whole heck of a lot of Marvel comics, even more novels, and a video game or two. Before this upcoming Ashoka appearance, we already had Saw Gerrera jump from The Clone Wars to Rebels to the film Rogue One. As a Star Wars fan, this sort of thing is thrilling, and I want to see more of it!

As a rule, I’m going to restrict my list to characters who have appeared in Disney products. There are a million Legacy/Expanded Universe characters out there, and Disney is not likely to use them. So I’m going to limit my ideas to six in-Disney-canon Star Wars characters that I want to see make the jump into full-on live action, whether it be in a new film, The Mandalorian or one of the other upcoming live action projects!

Join me after the jump! And feel free to share your hopes and dreams in the comments!

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6 Classic Video Games That Need Modern, R-Rated Cartoons

In these virus-ridden times, the only thing we all have to look forward to is crashing on our various couches and binging Netflix. I recently finished the latest season of the Castlevania cartoon, and it was awesome! Great character work, fun and clever writing, glorious animation and an eye-popping amount of Hard-R-Rated gore and more. They went all out with this cartoon.

Castle Old Game List 01

Go ahead and binge all three seasons while you’re in quarantine!

So let’s kill some time in our new virus reality by daydreaming about other modern, Hard-R-Rated versions of classic video games. Why not? What do we have to lose? Sure, some of these could be turned into goofy, kid-friendly cartoons. But I want more total badasses kicking butt and being hardcore! That’s the sort of world we deserve. That’s the kind of world we should live in!

Join me after the jump for six classic video games that I think should get the modern Castlevania cartoon treatment! Life will just be more fun that way.

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6 Other Invisible Men (And Women) in Comics

Have you seen The Invisible Man yet? It’s a pretty good movie! It’s got thrills, it’s got chills, and it’s got a guy wearing a high tech suit that gives him the power to turn invisible. There’s no ifs, ands or buts in this movie: there is a legit dude with a supersuit running around. And that got me thinking about other comic characters who can turn invisible!

Invisible List 01

Why the bandages? Not a good look.

Oddly enough, invisibility isn’t a very common super power. The most obvious super power question of all time is picking between flight or invisibility, and yet very few comic book characters can only just fly or only just turn invisible. Fortunately for us all, I’ve tracked down a couple of the latter!

Lots of characters can become invisible through various means, like illusions or phasing. These six specifically have invisibility as one of, if not the, main power. Join me after the jump to see who I’m talking about! Pun intended.

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6 Even More Great Cameos on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I finally got around to watching the series finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic the other day and it was nice. It’s no longer edgy to call oneself a brony, but I enjoyed all nine seasons of this colorful cartoon and it ended on a high note.

MLP Cameo List 04


As has been a fun game on my blog, I like collecting all the fun and wild pop culture cameos that the creators of My Little Pony snuck into the show over the years. I’ve done two lists prior — here and here — featuring cameos of everyone from the cast of Mad Men to Kratos to even Grumpy Cat! The creators clearly had a lot of fun, and they slipped in a couple more cameos in the final few seasons.

So join me after the jump for another batch of nifty pop-ins on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

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