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My 6 Favorite Villains

What makes a favorite villain? How do I choose? I came across an AskReddit thread the other day asking people for their favorite villains, and it made me pause. Who were my favorite villains in pop culture? I could tell you dozens of my favorite heroes, both large and small, most of whom I connect with on a personal level. But for some reason, I couldn’t think of any real villains that I would consider my “favorite”. I couldn’t think of any villain characters that I had a real connection with or interest in.

So I gave it a lot more thought and I think I’ve come up with a pretty solid list.

Villain List 01

So many good villains!

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of bad guys I like. Magneto is probably the greatest comic book super-villain of all time, and I love the character, but I don’t have any real personal interest in Magneto. Darth Vader is probably the greatest villain in pop culture history, but I’ve never really cared about Vader (though his recent revival has been awesome).

Al Swearengen in Deadwood is a phenomenal villain who I really liked on the show, but again, not a character I connect with on a personal level — plus he was kind of a hero by the end. Heck, a lot of good villains I like end up being converted to the side of the angels by the end, or I only really started caring about them when they became heroes, like Ben Linus on Lost.

I think I’ve come up with a pretty solid list. Here are six(ish) villains who stay villains (so far) and who I do like as characters on a personal level. I’m surprised at how difficult it was to make this list, but I’m happy with it. Be prepared for some long-winded explanations.

And please feel free to share your own favorite villains in the comments!

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The 6 Best Comic Book Characters with ALL THE POWERS (of one specific team)!

Forgive the all-CAPS shouting in the headline, but what better way to describe this list of characters? This is a list of comic book villains who combine all the powers of a specific super team. I’m not just talking about power mimics or power thieves, either. I’m not talking about your Rogues or your Peter Petrellis or your Synchs or your Absorbency Lads.

These are characters who, for whatever reason, limit themselves to copying the super-powers of just one group.

Mimics List 01


Maybe they were built by a mad scientist to oppose a specific super team. Maybe they have a magical power and just decided to focus on one group. Maybe they’ve got a super weapon that combines the powers of all the other super weapons in the comic. Whatever the case may be, these guys have one specific power set in their battles against one specific super group. It’s kind of a pigeon-holed role, but everybody needs a gimmick.

So join me after the jump for six comic book characters who possess all the powers of one specific super team! Dazzle in the specificity!

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The 6 Best Comic Book Fools (Who Are Not the Joker)

We all know about the Joker and Harley Quinn, a pair of comic book fools who have pretty much permeated the pop culture landscape. But did you know that comic book villains can’t help but model themselves after foolish things? And I don’t just mean a bunch of clown-themed super-villains.

This is an odd list of legitimate comic book characters who took a gag idea and then just added ‘-er’ on the end.

Jokers List 01

He’s got you now, Batman!

This is surprisingly common, and really funny in its own right. I’m sure you can name a couple of them off the top of your head. Mark Hamill plays one of them on TV — and again, I’m not talking about the Joker. This list has to be seen to be believed, and then we can all share a delightful giggle.

Join me after the jump for the six best non-JokERs in comics!

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6 Thoughts on the First Season of Iron Fist

As I do every weekend a new Marvel Netflix show comes out, I binge-watched the whole darn thing over the course of a couple days. I was born for binge-watching. Iron Fist is the last of the four main characters to get a solo show, building up to the united Defenders show airing in September. Marvel and Netflix have been hitting them out of the park this whole time, so how did Iron Fist hold up?

I liked it well enough, despite the harsh, negative reviews it’s been getting. It was an entertaining show. But Iron Fist suffers from a distinct lack of style or personality, which the other shows had in spades.

Iron Fist Review List 01

Season Rating: 7/10 – Good

As for the race controversy, I agree that it would have been nice had Marvel cast an Asian actor to play Danny Rand. It would have been a nice step and could have added a lot to the show, while taking away nothing. But I’m not going to hold it against the show that Marvel decided to stick to the character’s source material. I’m going to judge the show on its own merits.

And with that in mind, join me after the jump for my review of Marvel’s Iron Fist TV show! Expect full SPOILERS, in case you haven’t finished the show yet.

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My 6 Favorite Lores

I am a member of several prominent fandoms. I love me some geeky TV shows, movies, video games, comics and more. And like any good geek, I can get super into the lore and backstories of these franchises. Got a wiki wormhole with dozens of pages devoted to the secret connections of several minor supporting characters? I’m in! I love a good lore.

Lore List 01

Which means we better get a sequel with the Green Ranger

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Comedian Patton Oswalt explains it pretty well in this stand-up clip. Lore is not just the main story, but all the deeper histories behind the characters and settings. Lore isn’t just Frodo and the One Ring, it’s everyone who came before and everything in the Simariliion. Lore isn’t just Tyrion, Daenerys and John Snow playing the Game of Thrones, it’s the history of the Night’s Watch, Bran the Builder, Robert’s Rebellion, The Tales of Dunk and Egg and more. Game of Thrones has great lore.

And now I’m going to share my favorite lores with you! I’ve loved a few over the years, ignored others. Feel free to share your own favorites in the comments!

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