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6 Comics I Want to See Brian Michael Bendis Write for DC

The big comic book news of the month is that writer Brian Michael Bendis has finally made the jump from Marvel to DC! This is pretty huge news! Bendis is one of the most popular and noted comic book writers of the modern era, having had a big hand in shaping the Marvel Universe for the past decade and beyond. This is the guy who created Jessica Jones, turned the Avengers into a popular comic book franchise and recreated the wheel with Ultimate Spider-Man.

New York Comic Con 2006

Also once considered my favorite comic book writer

It has always made sense for Bendis to eventually try out DC Comics for awhile. Lots of writers jump back and forth between the Big Two. Heck, Bendis was notable for having not done that. So it feels inevitable that some deal would be reached and his creative energy would be employed by the direct competition.

I, for one, am rather excited to see what Bendis writes at DC. I know I’ll be picking up his new comics, whatever they might be. And I just happened to have a couple suggestions.

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6 Thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok

Unlike apparently the entire rest of the world, I thoroughly enjoyed Thor: The Dark World. I don’t know when it became popular to hate on that movie because I remember all of us loving it just fine when it came out. Thor: The Dark World was not declared Marvel’s First Failure when it hit theaters so I think people only dislike it in hindsight.

But it doesn’t matter, because now we’ve got Thor: Ragnarok and the world is bright and beautiful again!

Ragnarok Review List 01

Movie Review: 8/10 – Very Good.

Obviously, Thor has never been the biggest franchise at Marvel. I’ve never been a particularly big Thor fan. So the third Thor movie was probably the perfect place to let a new, visionary director come in and make something really wild and amazing. I bet some studio executive somewhere decided Marvel needed to mix the manic, colorful energy of Guardians of the Galaxy with the Avengers characters directly, giving us director Taika Waititi’s gorgeous Ragnarok (also, if you haven’t seen his other movies, go see them!).

Join me after the jump for my takeaways from Thor: Ragnarok! Expect FULL SPOILERS for the movie!

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6 Locations for Future Rockstar Games

The Red Dead Redemption sequel is on its way, and hopefully I’ll get to play it on PC at some point in my lifetime. Fingers are crossed. One also has to imagine that Grand Theft Auto 6 is also in production somewhere — even though Rockstar has discovered the get rich quick scheme of in-game micro-transactions. They make great games, some of my favorites of all time, and I want more glorious, open-world Rockstar greatness!

But where to next?

Rockstar List 01

We’re just getting started

One would hope that Rockstar have an unlimited number of options ahead of them. The past two Grand Theft Auto games have featured lovingly rendered versions of New York City and Los Angeles, to degrees we previously never thought possible. And the Red Dead Redemption series has taken the greatness of Grand Theft Auto and transferred it to the rough and tumble world of the Wild West. So clearly, the good people at Rockstar know how to make a game world.

So where should they go next? Either in Grand Theft Auto or a new series? Join me after the jump to hear some potential ideas!

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The 6 Best and 6 Worst Superhero Halloween Costumes (This Year)

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s the greatest holiday of the year! I love the costumes, I love the pageantry, I love the candy; I love Halloween! And every year for my blog, I do a list of the best superhero and villain Halloween costumes of the year. I usually break it down to women, men and children’s costumes, but I decided to just look at all costumes in general this year!

Halloween 2017 17

So if you haven’t got your Halloween costume picked out already, here’s your chance to see the best — and worst — that online Halloween costume stores have to offer! It’s not too late to change your mind either! You know you’ve always wanted to be Batman for Halloween. Or just owned a Batman costume in general…

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6 Great Comic Book Clowns (Who Aren’t the Joker)

It was a bonafide horror movie hit this year, which makes the subject of comic book clowns great for a Halloween-themed List of Six! There are plenty of clowns in comics, the most famous being, obviously, the Joker!

Clown List 01

The simpler times of clowning

But we’re not here to talk about him. Everybody and their brother blog has written about the Joker! We’re going to talk about comic book clowns who aren’t the Joker! I started this month by talking about bat-themed heroes and villains who aren’t Batman. So how about a bunch of clown-themed heroes and villains who aren’t the Joker? Trust me, it’s going to be a ton of fun!

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