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Top 6 “Blue” Superheroes

Wanna have some fun? Everybody wants to have some fun. We’re going to start a new game on List of Six called the Color Wheel. I’m going to scour the world of comic book superheroes and find the best heroes and villains who identify themselves by color. You’ve heard of Green Lantern and Green Arrow, right? It’s kind of like that. For the first Color Wheel List, we’re gonna go blue.

Blue List 01

Why blue? Why not! Everybody likes blue! And there are some surprisingly interesting superheroes and comic book characters out there decked out in the bluest of colors. So without further ablue, join me after the jump!

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6 Obscure Mutants Who Should Appear on The Gifted

For reasons I do not yet understand, there’s going to be an X-Men TV show that’s not about the X-Men. FOX has gone to all the trouble of bringing the X-Men to TV, but The Gifted won’t actually be about the X-Men. It’s just going to be about random mutants with super powers — so pretty much exactly like the old Mutant X show, or even Heroes. There is no logic in this choice.

But The Gifted is going to feature a couple random X-Men mutants, apparently just for the heck of it.

Gifted List 01

Who thought this was a good title?

The show will feature Polaris and Blink, with full Blink makeup. Among others, I think. It just seems so random! Why not go full X-Men? Or even full Brotherhood? Why not embrace the glorious canon you have at your disposal? Fortunately, there are geeks like me around who have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of obscure mutants.

So let’s just have some pure fandom fun and name the six mutants I would love to see randomly show up on The Gifted! The catch here is that they can’t be main X-Men from the comics or movies.

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The Top 6 Wind-Themed Comic Book Characters

I spent the better part of last week in the hospital with pneumonia, which stinks. The doctors sent me home with oxygen until my lungs are fully healed, and that stinks too. But that sounds like the perfect reason to finally do a List of Six on wind and air-themed comic book characters!

Wind List 01

These would make a good superhero theme

I’m working towards summoning Captain Planet. We’ve already got lists for fire and water superheroes; wind was the next logical choice. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many wind-based superheroes or villains, so I had to dig pretty deep on this one! Still, we’ve only got two more powers to call before we can take pollution down to zero! Let’s get to it!

Join me after the jump for the six coolest comic book characters who rely on wind power to do their thing!

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The 6 Best Trench Coats in Comics

No capes! Such are the immortal words of Edna Mode, someone who knew a thing or two about superhero fashion. But if you can’t wear a kickass cape to accentuate your costume, what are you supposed to do? How about the 21st century’s answer to the superhero cape, the trench coat!

Trench List 01


Tough, stylish, foreboding; the trench coat is a badass staple of fiction. From our Dick Tracys to our Sam Spades to the Gang on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A good trench coat is a perfect fashion accessory, simulating the look of a cape but not being so on-the-nose superheroic. You can still wear a colorful costume and fight crime, but now you can also look super cool!

Join me after the jump for the 6 coolest trench coat-wearing superheroes!

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The 6 Best German Superheroes

Guten Morgen! Most comic book companies feature heroes and villains based in America. Heck, Marvel Comics has pretty much every single superhero in their stable hanging out in New York City specifically. I bet it gets pretty crowded! But on those rare occasions when a hero goes on a world tour, they get to meet superheroes from other countries!

Like Germany.

Germany List 01

This one

I’ll be kicking off a new world tour List of Six series with Germany. I did a list on French superheroes a few years ago, and it remains pretty popular today (thanks Google search!). There are a lot of fascinating world superheroes out there, and a lot of neat ones from Germany specifically! So join me after the jump for the best German heroes and villains in mainstream comics!

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