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6 TV Show Finales That I Love, That Everybody Else Hates

TV is a fickle beast. Sometimes shows just can’t maintain the greatness we come to expect. Sometimes really good shows change writers or showrunners and the end just peters out. Sometimes the ending is so bad the show is forever tainted in the eyes of the world.

And sometimes when that happens, I go against the grain and end up loving the finale that everybody else hates! It has happened so often that I found six entries!

Yes, I’m going there…

I like what I like, and sometimes I just don’t have a good explanation for why I like it. I am surprisingly easy to please in the middle of watching something. There are a lot of shows I hate, a lot of endings I loathe, but there have been a few times where I have either loved or have been perfectly happy with a show’s finale, only for the rest of the world and the internet to hate the ending with a fiery passion. I just don’t get it. And I doubt I can convince you to change your mind. It’s been years since watching some of these finales, and I honestly don’t remember as much as I would like. Don’t expect me to have big, amazing reasons for why I enjoyed all of the listed finales, I just liked them.

Join me after the jump to see just what kind of crap I actually enjoy. FULL SPOILERS for each of the shows mentioned.

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My 6 Favorite Venture Bros. Characters

The sad news came down yesterday that The Venture Bros. cartoon has been stealth cancelled. The creators were working on the upcoming seasons when they got word several months ago. This is a major shame because The Venture Bros. is one of the greatest cartoons of all time.

Rest well, sweet heroes

As befitting such a great show, I wanted to do a really good List of Six, but honestly, I barely remember anything about the show. I thought about doing my favorite episodes…but that would require an entire rewatch to pick them out. I thought about listing the various unsolved mysteries and storylines that will never get solved…but that would also require an entire rewatch. And we only got the news yesterday! So how about something simple, like my favorite characters from The Venture Bros!

That should be easy! Join me after the jump for my favorite characters from the show. And feel free to share your own in the comments!

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6 Classic Characters Whose Children Should Have Their Own Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted Face the Music was most excellent! I enjoyed the film and had a lot of fun returning to these classic characters from my youth, even if it wasn’t all that amazing. Joining Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan on their latest adventure were their grown daughters, Thea Preston and Billie Logan.

Not another masterpiece

So that got me thinking, what other classic characters should have new, relaunched adventures with their children joining the fray? It happens all the time in media. Fuller House, Girl Meets World, Mortal Kombat, Die Hard, Jay & Silent Bob, various iterations of Spider-Man, the Flintstones; a classic show or game or comic or movie gets relaunched starring the children of the original characters. But it doesn’t happen to everybody, hence this list. I searched far and wide for classic, iconic characters who, I think, might benefit from being relaunched with their kids!

Join me after the jump for a couple of neat examples.

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6 Thoughts on Star Wars Alphabet Squadron (Review)

Let’s talk some Star Wars! Specifically, let’s talk about the series of novels about Alphabet Squadron, the hip new starfighter squadron that’s roaring into our hopes and dreams. Even more specifically, let’s talk about how Alphabet Squadron is definitely not a replacement for the classic Rogue and Wraith squadron books of my youth.

Book Rating: 5/10 – Alright.

This might be my first ever book review on Henchman-4-Hire. I haven’t read any real novels or books for many years. But I’ve decided to pick it up again during the pandemic. Since Star Wars Expanded Universe novels were one of my favorites as a teen, I decided to scratch that itch once again with Alphabet Squadron, the first of three planned novels set in the new Disney continuity. Could it live up to my fond memories of the original X-Wing novels, a concept this new series was clearly trying to copy?

No, it could not. But I read it anyway and now I’m going to give you my thoughts on the Star Wars novel Alphabet Squadron! Join me after the jump for my review. Expect FULL SPOILERS for Alphabet Squadron.

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6 Things I Want from Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game (Before We Know Anything About It)

We recently got the first visual confirmation that the video game studio Rocksteady is making a Suicide Squad video game. The geniuses who brought us the Arkhamverse trilogy will be tackling a new DC Comics crew and I am very excited.

The thing is, all we know about the game is this single teaser image. Looks like they’re targeting Superman? Who can say for sure.

Come and get it, Superman!

The point is, having nothing but a single teaser image is not going to stop me from speculating. Even if I only have to wait until this weekend for DC FanDome to actually reveal and explain the game, I’m gonna waste everybody’s time by speculating on things I want to see in the game right now. I don’t see why not. It’s the middle of August. The heat and humidity are terrible. The pandemic shows no signs of slowing down. Life is hell. Patience does not exist. I think it’s perfectly fine to spend my time day dreaming about a new video game from the studio that brought us the Arkham trilogy.

So join me after the jump for all the things I want to see in the Rocksteady Suicide Game, reduced to six entries. And come back after DC FanDome for a new list that will be based on everything we do learn about the game. Maybe some of the ones on this list will prove correct!

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