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The Top 6 Most Memorable Elephant Superheroes in Comics

The time has come for another animal-themed superhero list! A recent issue of Nightwing alerted me to the existence of a character that I didn’t know existed, and that prompted me to check all of comics to find six of that example. What character? You’ll have to read the list to find out, but I think it’s safe to say they are elephant-related.

Don’t forget to watch the Mythbusters segment about elephents and mice

Comic book superheroes have always been closely connected to animals. Batman and Spider-Man are two of the most famous and popular superheroes in the world! And nobody cats an eye about their animal-theming. But when we look elsewhere in the animal kingdom, the pickings get a bit slimmer. Why did a bat and a spider get so big? Why are there no prominent lion superheroes? Or cats or dogs? I’ve also looked at bears, pigs, frogs and many more! There’s also sorts of neat animal comic book characters, and now we can add elephants to that list. Who doesn’t love an elephant?

Join me after the jump for the best and brightest elephant-themed superheroes in comics!

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6 Other Cartoon Reboot Ideas Like “Velma”

The most talked about new show this week has been Velma on HBOMax, for good, though mostly for ill. A lot of people hate this show, at least on the corners of the internet I spend time on. They vehemently hate it. But I like it just fine. I love cartoons, and was going to give this one a watch regardless, and I liked the first two episodes. They’re fine.

Behold the apparent horror of an Indian Velma

There have been a couple dozen different Scooby Doo reboots over the decades. Velma is the ninth one since I’ve been alive, and I’m just counting cartoon shows. So if some creators want to go in a different direction with this one, I have zero problem with that. Yet people are up in arms at hating this show. Why? Personally, I think the fact that it’s produced by a noted woman of color, and changed the focus to be about a woman of color, are probably big factors in why it’s getting so much vitriol.

I’ve never been one to shy away from the zeitgeist! And I think Velma could be the start of a whole wave of new, female-led reboots of classic shows! So join me after the jump for six classic cartoons that could be rebooted with a new main character!

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My 6 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023

The new year is here and that means we have a whole new year of movies to look forward to! I’m a big movie guy — and even do a movie review podcast for my day job, if that sort of thing interests you. And I’ve definitely got my list of most anticipated movies for the year. There’s a lot coming out, including a new Indiana Jones, a new Mission Impossible and a bunch of new Marvel movies, so which ones am I looking forward to most of all?

They’re all gonna look like this

Look, I’m a simple man with simple tastes. Is this list mostly going to be made up of Marvel movies? Yes. Should you stop reading now? No! Maybe there will be some surprises! Heck, one of the movies on this list I only learned about by researching upcoming movies for this list! How’s that for anticipation? I find out it exists and I get so excited that it immediately goes on the list! This year should be a good year in movies. I know I’ve got my hopes up across the board!

Join me after the jump for my most anticipated movies this year. And feel free to share your own in the comments down below!

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6 Characters I’m Waiting For in Marvel Snap

Anybody else become really addicted to Marvel Snap? I’m not one for superhero-based mobile games, because they’re usually some weird Bejeweled rip-off or something. And Marvel has a dozen or so of these games, with promise tons of unlockables and characters and blah blah blah. No thank you! But for reasons I’ve long since forgotten, I totally got into Marvel Snap and have been playing pretty much nonstop for months now. It’s a good use of my time.

I only have maybe half these cards

Marvel Snap is a lot like those old Marvel trading cards I used to obsess over when I was a kid. I had a ton of those things! Marvel Snap is all about collecting cards of various comic book characters and then using them in battle. It’s fun, it’s quick, and there are a metric ton of comic characters to play around with. It’s not movie-based, like a lot of games are. So that’s a hoot! But as with those cards in the early 1990s, I want to see my favorites in the game. There are a whole bunch of characters who don’t have cards yet, and that’s why I’ve put this list together.

Join me after the jump for six Marvel characters I want to see as Marvel Snap cards sooner rather than later.

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My 6 Favorite Things of 2022

It’s that time of year again! The end of the year. And at the end of the year, pop culture sites across the internet come together and share their Best of the Year lists. I’m a pale imitation of those sites, but at least I can share my favorite media from throughout the year. My favorite games, shows, movies, comics and whatnot.

What a stupid year

As always, I don’t listen to music and I don’t read books, so those won’t make for easy entries in this list. I’ve got to search for other random entries to get up to six. What will I come up with? Favorite movie trailers? Favorite LEGO sets? Hopefully something good. But at least I devoured a ton of TV shows, movies and comic books this year! So that should be fun.

Join me after the jump for a few of my favorite things from 2022! And feel free to share your own in the comments.

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