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Even More Exciting, How About a New Black Widow Trailer?!

Man! When I woke up this morning, I didn’t think I’d have anything to share on the ol’ blog today. It just seemed like that kind of Monday! But then I found that cool Mortal Kombat railer. And now, even better, Marvel has randomly dropped a brand new Black Widow trailer!

Hot damn!

Still looks awesome! I don’t expect this film to pull off Avengers: Endgame numbers, and that’s fine. I think the world is ready for a more chill Marvel movie. This one looks good. It looks to be full of action, full of fun characters and will hopefully tell a really nice story.

Black Widow comes out on May 1!


6 Things I Want to See in the Black Widow Movie

The first trailer for the upcoming Black Widow movie came out of nowhere last week, and I liked it! Of course, I’m a huge Marvel fanboy, so I’m probably going to like everything they produce from now until the heat death of the universe. So you best believe I’m excited for Black Widow!

Black Widow See List 01

That’s some good movie poster

But what’s going to be in the movie? We know it takes place prior to Avengers: Infinity War. We know Taskmaster is the villain, and that Natasha will team up with the other comic book Black Widow, as well as Red Guardian. And we know it’s going to be heavy on the crazy action and adventure. There’s probably also going to be some trouble with the Red Room.

Still, there’s a lot of movie left wide open for cameos, Easter Eggs, callbacks and more. So join me after the jump for the little things I’d like to see in the Black Widow movie! And feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comments!

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First Black Widow Trailer, Outta Nowhere!

The next Marvel movie is Black Widow, a trip into the past to explore Natasha’s spy life in Russia. Black Widow comes out on May 1 and we haven’t seen too much news…until Marvel decided to randomly and awesomely release the first trailer! And it’s a trailer packed with stuff!

Looks awesome! David Harbour obviously steals the show as Red Guardian. But we’ve got a good look at Taskmaster! And the other Black Widow. And our main Black Widow looks great in a white costume!

Word has it this takes place shortly after Captain America: Civil War, which sounds good to me! What an exciting surprise this trailer was today!


Those Geniuses! They’ve Done It! My Ms. Marvel Dreams Are Alive!

Sweet Joseph McGillicutty! If you thought Marvel was worried about losing Spider-Man, they are apparently more than ready to just continue full steam ahead with everything else they’ve got at the ready! At the D23 convention tonight, they have announced new TV shows for Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk!

They’re coming to the Disney+ streaming service in the years ahead, so they’ll be made by Marvel Studios and not Marvel TV.


MsMarvel TV 02

Moon Knight TV 02

She Hulk TV 02

We don’t have any details yet on what these shows will contain. Maybe we’ll learn more as the weekend continues, and I’ll gladly share anything that I learn. But man, this is damn exciting.

I think a Marvel Studios-produced TV show is the perfect way to introduce Kamala Khan, especially if it means she can jump to the movies eventually (Young Avengers!).

And while I’ve been previously opposed to bringing She-Hulk into the MCU, I think she’d work perfectly with the new Professor Hulk we’ve got!

What a time to be alive! Here’s hoping I make it to 40 so I can see all of these! Just hook it to my veins!


Sony Pulls the Plug On Their Spider-Man Deal With Marvel

The report has just come in from Deadline: Sony has struck down Marvel’s request for more equal profits on the Spider-Man films, so the deal to share the Wall-Crawler is at and end. Damn it all to hell.

Spidey Deal Over 01

It was good while it lasted

Deadline obviously has all the finer details and understands them better than me. Basically, I think Marvel wanted a 50/50 split on costs or profits, but Sony would agree to nothing of the sort. The deal has been that Sony would get all the movie profits from Spider-Man films, while Marvel worked their magic to make them awesome, and was allowed to have Spidey show up in Avengers films. And obviously that has worked out splendidly, considering Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man Far From Home were both great, and Spidey’s appearances in other Marvel movies were also a blast!

But good things don’t last forever and greed is the most powerful thing of all. Sony clearly thinks they’ll do fine on their own, with all of their hopes resting on a dumb Morbius movie.

Venom was only successful because people like Venom! Not because you made a good movie! Granted, Sony also made Into the Spider-Verse without Marvel’s input…

Ugh. This is just bad, annoying news. Why can’t we have nice things? Far From Home earned more than a billion dollars and it was because of Marvel. Argh. There’s no point in my blathering. We all know how terrible and dumb this is, but then we’re not stupid Hollywood executives.


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