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6 USA-Themed Superheroes (Other Than Captain America)

Hooray America! At long last, the people of the United States of America came together to oust Donald J. Trump from the White House! Granted, it was a tight race and a good 70 million+ Americans still voted for that national embarrassment to remain in power, but the only thing that matters in the end is the win for Joe Biden.

So let’s celebrate by recognizing a bunch of fun USA-themed comic book characters!

Let freedom ring

Obviously Captain America is the #1 choice for such a list, but everybody already knows about him. Let’s dig deeper and find some of the more obscure and yet still 100% real America-themed comic book characters! There are a lot more than you’d think. And I’m not just talking about U.S.Agent or Iron Patriot either. Oh no, we’re digging deep for this list and it’s going to be a raucous good time!

Join me after the jump for six United States of America-themed superheroes as we celebrate a Trump-less country.

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Vote! And Vote Safely!

I don’t write about politics on my blog because writing about politics is just not my thing. But today is Election Day in America and my comics team and I whipped up these fun Gamer Girl & Vixen Get Out the Vote pictures!

So vote for whoever you’re going to vote for, just vote. Personally, I hope we kick Donald Trump and the Republican Party to the curb and start saving our country. But that’s just me.

The real important thing is that you buy Gamer Girl & Vixen comics!


Bad Lip Reading the Debates!

Bad Lip Reading is one of the Internet’s true treasures, and they don’t hold back when it comes to crazy presidential debates. They slammed out the first Democratic debate last night, and I’m gonna add the Republican debate from a few months ago to be fair!

This is all the politics I need in my life.


More Bloopers!

I dunno what it is about this week, but not much is going on. Javier reminded me of this sweet blooper reel from Game of Thrones Season 4, so why not partake?

If Game of Thrones bloopers aren’t you thing, about about a mishmash of President Barack Obama singing the song Fancy, which I guess was a hit this summer? I don’t know. I have absolutely zero connection to the music world of today. I’m like Abe Simpson. It has happened to me!

But these mishmashes are always fun. Can we start calling them all ‘mishmashes’? That’s a fun word.

The 6 Most Awesome Comic Book Presidents

Hail to the Chief, baby! President’s Day was this past Monday, so I’ve decided to celebrate by showcasing some of the coolest and weirdest fictional presidents in comic books. Surprisingly, the Commander in Chief rarely plays a big role in comic books. I know Marvel Comics usually likes to use the real world POTUS whenever he’s needed, and DC Comics throws up a stand-in whenever a superhero interacts with the Oval Office. But where’s the fun in any of that? Especially when Marvel uses President Obama in a terrible story with the Chameleon, to support the evil Norman Osborn or to indirectly order the Avengers to attack the X-Men in Avengers vs. X-Men. What’s up with that, Marvel?

Of course, comics have also given us Barack the Barbarian!

I hope the White House has every issue

Hopefully that will be the title of his eventual movie biography. Sarah Palin plays Red Sonja. So clearly the real President has a place in comics, but what about the fictional Presidents? Who are the characters that the writers make up for their story? That’s who I want to explore! So here are the 6 coolest (and sometimes creepiest) comic book presidents.

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