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The Mandalorian Season 2 is No Place for The Child

The Mandalorian TV show returns on Oct. 30! Mando and The Child are out in space, on a journey of discovery! There’s gonna be action! There’s gonna be shooting! There’s maybe gonna be a race of enemy sorcerers!

Looks great! It’s just a teaser trailer for now. No sign of Ahsoka Tano or Boba Fett, both of whom are rumored to appear. But I can be patient. I can wait a month and a half and enjoy the show like everybody else. In the meantime, I still need to build my Razor Crest LEGO set.

It’s good to be excited about Star Wars again.


6 Thoughts on Star Wars Alphabet Squadron (Review)

Let’s talk some Star Wars! Specifically, let’s talk about the series of novels about Alphabet Squadron, the hip new starfighter squadron that’s roaring into our hopes and dreams. Even more specifically, let’s talk about how Alphabet Squadron is definitely not a replacement for the classic Rogue and Wraith squadron books of my youth.

Book Rating: 5/10 – Alright.

This might be my first ever book review on Henchman-4-Hire. I haven’t read any real novels or books for many years. But I’ve decided to pick it up again during the pandemic. Since Star Wars Expanded Universe novels were one of my favorites as a teen, I decided to scratch that itch once again with Alphabet Squadron, the first of three planned novels set in the new Disney continuity. Could it live up to my fond memories of the original X-Wing novels, a concept this new series was clearly trying to copy?

No, it could not. But I read it anyway and now I’m going to give you my thoughts on the Star Wars novel Alphabet Squadron! Join me after the jump for my review. Expect FULL SPOILERS for Alphabet Squadron.

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The Star Wars Prequels Can Be Fun!

YouTuber Imperator Cuts has worked his magic again on the Star Wars Prequels, editing The Phantom Menace into a Guardians of the Galaxy-style super fun trailer!

That was a hoot and a half! He did the same thing with The Clone Wars a couple weeks…months?…ago, and it’s also fun to watch. Seriously, this is the best stuff to lighten up your probably horrible Tuesday!


Another Star Wars: Squadrons Trailer Because It Looks Damn Cool!

Star Wars: Squadrons was announced earlier this week as an upcoming starfighter piloting game! The announcement trailer was more of a story trailer. Thankfully, we did not have to wait long for a gameplay trailer!

Looks super fun! If I was any good at pilot games I would be really psyched! Watching this trailer, I developed the desire to finally buy a VR headset and actually put time into practicing until I’m an X-Wing ace! Wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t that be a good way to spend the rest of my life?

Or maybe I’d be a TIE Fighter ace…


There’s Gonna Be a New Star Wars Pilot Video Game!

I have a dream of ultimate Star Wars dogfight video gaming. Imagine a system where you suit up in a VR headset that places you in the cockpit of an X-Wing or a TIE fighter. Imagine you’ve got a microphone that connects you with your whole squad, each of them plugged into similar VR. Now imagine you’re all racing towards the Death Star, a squadron of X-Wings ready to begin your trench run.

I’m pretty confident this technology exists. And here’s hoping the new video game Star Wars: Squadrons makes it happen!

The trailer is pretty light on actual gameplay, but it should still be good. Video games did a hell of a job with Star Wars dogfighting years ago with the Rogue Squadron and TIE Fighter games. Surely they’ve only improved since then. And hopefully we’ll make my dream a reality. Maybe we don’t all need VR, but it would still be super cool to plug in alongside your squadron and fly joint missions together.

I think this is something they could put at Disney World. Create whole banks of video game cabinet cockpits. Like those gold people from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but for Star Wars fighters. They’ve already got that big Millenium Falcon simulator. Let’s get some bigger, better, team simulators!

Anyway, Squadrons comes out in October.


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