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Another Star Wars: Squadrons Trailer Because It Looks Damn Cool!

Star Wars: Squadrons was announced earlier this week as an upcoming starfighter piloting game! The announcement trailer was more of a story trailer. Thankfully, we did not have to wait long for a gameplay trailer!

Looks super fun! If I was any good at pilot games I would be really psyched! Watching this trailer, I developed the desire to finally buy a VR headset and actually put time into practicing until I’m an X-Wing ace! Wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t that be a good way to spend the rest of my life?

Or maybe I’d be a TIE Fighter ace…


There’s Gonna Be a New Star Wars Pilot Video Game!

I have a dream of ultimate Star Wars dogfight video gaming. Imagine a system where you suit up in a VR headset that places you in the cockpit of an X-Wing or a TIE fighter. Imagine you’ve got a microphone that connects you with your whole squad, each of them plugged into similar VR. Now imagine you’re all racing towards the Death Star, a squadron of X-Wings ready to begin your trench run.

I’m pretty confident this technology exists. And here’s hoping the new video game Star Wars: Squadrons makes it happen!

The trailer is pretty light on actual gameplay, but it should still be good. Video games did a hell of a job with Star Wars dogfighting years ago with the Rogue Squadron and TIE Fighter games. Surely they’ve only improved since then. And hopefully we’ll make my dream a reality. Maybe we don’t all need VR, but it would still be super cool to plug in alongside your squadron and fly joint missions together.

I think this is something they could put at Disney World. Create whole banks of video game cabinet cockpits. Like those gold people from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but for Star Wars fighters. They’ve already got that big Millenium Falcon simulator. Let’s get some bigger, better, team simulators!

Anyway, Squadrons comes out in October.


Some Nice Jedi Comedy

I stumbled upon this video while surfing the internet a bit ago and now is the perfect time to share. It’s a fan-edit of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones into the style of The Nice Guys, which was a great movie from a couple of years ago.

This is quality comedy content! The fan-edit is by YouTuber Imperator Cuts, who has a bunch of other good video edits on their channel. I like me a good fan-edited trailer.


Holy Moly! They’re Bringing Back Boba Fett!

Color me surprised! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney and Star Wars are bringing back Boba Fett for reals finally in the second season of The Mandalorian! Not only that, but he’s going to be played by Temuera Morrison, the actor who played Jango Fett in the prequels!

Boba Fett Shows Up 01

He’s not dead!

Jeez louise! This is madness. Great, but madness. It makes total sense, too. Considering all of the things that Disney has made in Star Wars, The Mandalorian has to be everyone’s favorite, right? And it looks like Disney is going all-in on fan-pleasing excitement. They’re bringing in a live action Ahsoka Tano, and now they’re finally bringing in Boba Fett!

There are two important things. One, The Mandalorian takes place after Boba Fett was supposedly killed in the Sarlaac Pit. So this is finally, Disney-canon confirmation that Boba survived and is back to kick butt and take names in the galaxy. Two, they cast the guy who played Jango Fett! Which is important, since Boba is his cloned son! So somebody out there is clearly paying attention to what people want these days: continuity. They could have cast anybody to play Boba Fett and nobody would have batted an eye. But somebody, somewhere, in the depths of Disney, knew they needed to appease fans by keeping the continuity of the whole ‘clone’ thing going. Fancy that.

As a Star Wars fan who loves the minutiae of the lore, this pleases me.


My 6 Favorite Force-Users in Star Wars

Don’t tell me how Star Wars: The Clone Wars ends, I haven’t seen it yet! I was waiting for the whole season to finish before watching the episodes for some insane reason. I don’t know why I did it this way. Because I missed out on being part of the excitement for what is apparently an amazing grand finale. I just make bad decisions sometimes.

Force User List 01

Luke’s cool, I guess…

Well, with all the big Star Wars talk these days, what with the end of Clone Wars, the announcement of a Taika Waititi film and Monday being Star Wars Day, I’ve decided to do up one of these Lists of Six about Star Wars! The problem is I’ve already got a bunch of Star Wars themed lists! So what’s a guy to do? How about listing my favorite Jedi? Or what about my favorite Sith? How about if I just combine them all so that I can have a fuller list? Let’s have fun with that!

And please feel free to share your own favorite Jedi, Sith and all the in-betweens in the comments!

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