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Let’s Talk Lightsabers!

One of my favorite pop culture Youtube channels is Mr. Sunday Movies. It’s pretty funny and he’s a funny guy. And I need some new video content to share on my blog. So here’s Mr. Sunday Movies talking about lightsabers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

He’s a funny guy with a great channel and you should totally subscribe!

Also, I have little interest in ancient lightsabers showing up in the new movie. I want Rey to build her own lightsaber and I want it to be yellow!



Buncha Star Wars Stuff Happens in This New Star Wars Trailer

I think I’ve been watching too much Red Letter Media, because this new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has left me lukewarm. It’s a cool trailer, don’t get me wrong, with a lot of neat stuff in it…but it’s also just the regular Star Wars stuff.

Look, I love Star Wars as much as the next guy, but I dunno…nothing here really got me excited. So all the characters we know are going to be interacting again, possibly in interesting ways we didn’t expect. But then how many different ways are there to expect? And as I’ve said before, I don’t give two poops about Snoke. That guy can go suck a lemon!

I dunno. We’re so inundated with Star Wars stuff these days that a trailer featuring the same old Star Wars stuff doesn’t get me very excited, I guess. I’m still going to see the movie, obviously. Let’s not get crazy here.


6 Star Wars Things I Don’t Care About

Anticipation is ramping up for Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi in December. Everybody is excited about the new trailers, the new toys, the new details and all manner of other stuff. I’m right with them. I love Star Wars and I’m looking forward to the new movie.

But here’s the thing: there’s a lot about Star Wars that I just don’t care about.

SW Dont Care List 01

Why don’t their faces line up?

The Internet may be awesome, but it has given rise to an insane cannibalistic love of all things geek, especially Star Wars. Even though we’re all super excited to see the movie in all its glory, Internet writers and fans will gladly and eagerly pick apart any minor detail that might slip out between now and the premiere. Like piranhas, every possible hint of information will be plastered all over the Internet. Without a doubt, if the script of The Last Jedi somehow got leaked onto the web, more than a dozen different websites would read it and spoil everything just because they can. Madness! Surely we need some patience when it comes to Star Wars details.

To that end, I’ve decided to put together a list of Star Wars stuff that I don’t care about and am not chomping at the bit to learn or see. Keep these spoilers to yourselves, websites!

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Star Wars: Rebels Final Season Trailer

It probably says a lot about me that I spent the entirety of this trailer waiting for some classic Star Wars character to cameo. I didn’t care who, just somebody. Boba Fett, maybe? They do talk about Mandalore a lot.

But by the end of it, when the only Easter Egg we got was X-Wing fighters, I had to accept that the final season of Star Wars: Rebels needs to stand on its own. No more Darth Maul. No Obi-Wan Kenobi. No Boba Fett. Just let these characters tell their story to the end.

Because it will be the end, right? Ezra and Kanan can’t still be around by the time we reach Rogue One and A New Hope, right? Even if Kanan and Hera make an awesome couple. There can’t be a couple of scrub Jedi in the Rebellion when Luke Skywalker shows up.

Right? Right?!


My 6 Favorite Female Star Wars Characters

Star Wars is currently producing a mini cartoon series called Forces of Destiny to highlight their female characters, and I think that’s great! Star Wars has always been a little lacking in the female character department. Aside from Princess Leia, there were maybe two other women in the entire original trilogy? And does Aunt Beru even count? Suffice to say, making some original cartoon shorts highlighting Leia, Ahsoka, Rey and others is a great idea!

SW Lady List 01

And it got me thinking about my favorite female Star Wars characters. I used to be a huge fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, so I know my fair share of cool, cosmic ladies. I also love how Star Wars is now putting women first, with female leads to both of the new Star Wars movies so far. I think they’re doing a great job and the Forces of Destiny shorts are really neat.

Join me after the jump for my favorite female characters in all of Star Wars, even if some of them aren’t canon anymore. And please share your own favorites in the comments!

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