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My 6 Favorite Female Star Wars Characters

Star Wars is currently producing a mini cartoon series called Forces of Destiny to highlight their female characters, and I think that’s great! Star Wars has always been a little lacking in the female character department. Aside from Princess Leia, there were maybe two other women in the entire original trilogy? And does Aunt Beru even count? Suffice to say, making some original cartoon shorts highlighting Leia, Ahsoka, Rey and others is a great idea!

SW Lady List 01

And it got me thinking about my favorite female Star Wars characters. I used to be a huge fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, so I know my fair share of cool, cosmic ladies. I also love how Star Wars is now putting women first, with female leads to both of the new Star Wars movies so far. I think they’re doing a great job and the Forces of Destiny shorts are really neat.

Join me after the jump for my favorite female characters in all of Star Wars, even if some of them aren’t canon anymore. And please share your own favorites in the comments!

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More Star Wars Cartoon Coolness

Forces of Destiny has been putting out of a bunch of episodes, and they make good fodder for a lazy, uninteresting Monday! Here’s one that stars Leia, Sabine and IG-88!

Good, solid Star Wars action. I’m definitely digging these little cartoon shorts. Check out their Youtube channel because there’s a bunch more!


A Force Awakens Deleted Scene…Sort Of

So Disney is doing something cool with Star Wars, beyond all those movies. They’re going to make some Forces of Destiny cartoons about the female characters, because Star Wars’ female characters can always use a leg up. I think this is the first one, a short about Rey saving BB-8 from a sandworm!

It looks darn neat. The animation is solid and dynamic, and Rey is always cool. Go Star Wars!

Also, this has got me thinking about female Star Wars characters…


6 Coolest Pop Culture Tree People (Not Named Groot)

The best laid plans of mice and men…I had the idea for this List of Six about a year ago. I knew that the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel was coming, and I thought this would make a neat list to post the week that movie came out. It would have been neat synergy! But then something happened to my brain and I forgot all about it. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came and went (and was spectacular).

Tree People List 01

No longer the cutest Groot

Everybody loves Groot. He’s fantastic. He’s one of the only Guardians characters I actually like in the comics. Heck, I liked him before he was cool, back when the modern Guardians got their true start in the pages of Annihilation: Conquest. Groot is the best tree.

But he’s not the only tree! Join me after the jump for the six coolest tree people other than Groot!

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Star Wars: Rebels Coming to An End

Star Wars: Rebels has grown on me over the years, so I’m a little sad that next fall’s fourth season will be it’s last.

But hey, we all knew this couldn’t last forever. There couldn’t still be Jedi hanging around when Luke Skywalker arrives on the scene. So is the fourth season gonna get really dark? Will we see the Battle of Scarif from the Rebels’ perspective? Will Ahsoka return?

Guess we’re gonna find out!


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