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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 3/16/19

This was a good week. This was a very good week! I had another busy week at work, so I didn’t review everything I probably could have. But then I ended up cutting all of the comics I’m only lukewarm about! So we’ve got a week where I was in love with pretty much everything I read! How fun is that?

We’ve got really fun issues of Go Go Power Rangers, Tony Stark – Iron Man, Runaways and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, some of my current favorite comic books! We’ve got the first issue of the relaunched Magnificent Ms. Marvel, which is really neat! But Comic Book of the Week goes to my new super favorite series, Wonder Twins. It’s better than I could have ever hoped.

Wonder Twins Messed Up 01

Wonder Twinning is hard

Meanwhile, the issues of Age of X-Man keep piling up and I keep ignoring them. Through basic internet osmosis, I’m not hearing anything too exciting or positive. So I really may just stick with X-Tremists. In better X-Men news, Sina Grace got a nice big wrap-up to his Iceman comic and it was really fun! Though I completely oppose the Iceman/Daken ‘ship, almost entirely because Daken is terrible.

Comic Reviews: Go Go Power Rangers #18, Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, Runaways #19, Tony Stark – Iron Man #9, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #42 and Wonder Twins #2.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 3/9/19

Howdy Ho, Hencharinos? How goes it? What’d you think of Captain Marvel? I loved it! Another hit Marvel movie! Maybe not in the absolute top tier at Marvel, but they’ve set the bar for themselves so high. Captain Marvel is definitely another winner! I’ll have my review up on Wednesday!

Not many comic reviews this week, I’m afraid. I was busy at work this week and just didn’t have time. But we’ve still got some good ones, like Champions and Young Justice! Comic Book of the Week goes, once again, to Grant Morrison’s The Green Lantern. Definitely loving this comic!

Hal Kicks Butt 02

Hungers for Hal Jordan!

Meanwhile, I’m maybe kinda sorta decided to give up on Uncanny X-Men. At least when it comes to reviews. I just don’t enjoy the comic. But it’s also the first time Multiple Man has ever been an X-Man…even if it’s not the real Multiple Man, and is written by a guy who I disagree with on how to write/use Multiple Man. So I dunno. I’ll probably keep reading, and maybe I’ll pop in and out for reviews. Of the new issue, I just don’t care for how it’s written and the direction its taking.

Also meanwhile, for anyone interested, I’m still following along with Tom King’s Batman. It’s gotta really metaphysical lately, and I don’t think I can give single issue reviews their justice. But I’ll be back to that series before too long! The new issue is a really good one!

Comic Reviews: Champions #3, The Green Lantern #5 and Young Justice #3. 

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The Top 6 Captain Marvels in Comics

The Captain Marvel movie is here! I’ve got my ticket and the plan is to show up at least an hour in advance to get one of the comfy reclining seats at my theater! It’s gonna be an awesome year in Marvel movies and Captain Marvel is gonna blast us off!

So how about a Captain Marvel themed List of Six to celebrate the occasion!

CapMarvelList 01

Those comfy seats are key

If you’re not too familiar with the long history of the superhero name “Captain Marvel”, it’s kind of insane. The first use of the name came in late 1939 with Fawcett Comics character Captain Marvel, who only settled on that name when the publisher couldn’t use “Captain Thunder”, and when they decided to shorten “Captain Marvelous”. That character was even more popular than Superman during World War II, but his popularity dried up after the war, and after DC Comics sued Fawcett because their Captain Marvel was clearly a rip-off of Superman.

When this Captain Marvel ceased publication, the recently christened Marvel Comics decided to seize the name and created their own, original Captain Marvel! And then DC eventually bought out Fawcett Comics and gained control of that first Captain Marvel. And then everybody sued everybody else for copyright infringement, which ended with Marvel retaining the rights to the name, but only if they kept publishing comics with that name…hence why I have been able to cobble together an entire List of Six of comic book characters named “Captain Marvel”!

The universe is grand.

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Speaking of Captain Marvel Movies…Shazam!

There’s another Captain Marvel-ish movie coming out soon, and it’s called Shazam! How about a trailer for that movie?

Everybody knows about the phenomenon of releasing two very similar movies in close proximity. They’re called Twin Films. And I think this is the first superhero Twin Film. How is it that both Captain Marvel movies, one from Marvel and one from DC, are coming out so close together after a decade+ of superhero movie domination?

Anyway, I hope this one is good too, though I still have trouble seeing Zachary Levi as the Big Red Cheese.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 3/2/19

We’re only one week from the Captain Marvel movie! Less than a week, actually. How cool is that? The Marvel Movie Season is about to re-begin!

Pretty standard and all around quality-ish pile of comics this week. There’s good comics like Fantastic Four and Captain America, along with sourish comics like Heroes in Crisis. We’re going to say goodbye soon to West Coast Avengers, and I’m finally digging one of Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman comics. In fact, Comic Book of the Week goes to the new Action Comics for a real humdinger of a cliffhanger!

Bones Surprise 01

Do something, Adam Strange!

Meanwhile, the one Age of X-Man book I was looking forward to finally came out, X-Tremists. It’s fine. First issue doesn’t do much more than set up the premise, with some solid character banter. But there’s nothing too deep, character-wise, which is a shame. The issue just continues to build on what I consider an already very flimsy frame for Age of X-Man. But Leah Williams is a writer I want to keep my eyes on, so I’m gonna stick with this and hope she pulls out something great by the end.

Comic Reviews: Action Comics #1008, Captain America #8, Fantastic Four #7, Heroes in Crisis #6 and West Coast Avengers #8.

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