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SDCC Kicks Off With Scary Dark Titans Trailer!

I am very excited for live action Robin on the new TV show Titans. So I’m also very excited to see this thing for myself. Well the first trailer has arrived to kick off San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s dark and brutal as all hell!

It’s like…how do we go for the complete opposite of Teen Titans Go! on every conceivable level? I think it’s a bold choice, and not one I’m very confident that DC can pull off.

But hey, it’s a serious, live action Robin, so you better believe I’m going to give it a chance! This sort of thing only comes around once in a generation! Hopefully DC doesn’t screw it up like they did with Chris O’Donnell.

Also in SDCC news from DC Comics, Grant Morrison is coming back to write a police procedural Green Lantern comic, and I near about blew my lid! That is, like, everything I could possibly want from Green Lantern comics. I’m really excited about this one!



Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/14/18

Comic-Con season was pretty good for me this year. I did a couple of local conventions, nothing too huge. Some new people bought — and hopefully enjoyed — Gamer Girl & Vixen. If you’ve never read my comic before, the graphic novel is still available to order! And I think I’m going to try really hard to have some new comics to show off for next convention season.

Speaking of comics, it’s a pretty big week. We’ve got the first issues of Amazing Spider-Man and Superman, kicking off those new creative teams. We’ve also got the debut of the new X-23 series, which wins Comic Book of the Week for the best, cleanest and most entertaining series debut this week.

X23 Big Moment 01

Honey Badger rules!

Meanwhile, I would like to point out  that there are not one, but TWO courtroom scenes in this week’s comics that don’t understand how the criminal justice system works. Due to my day job, this is one of those things that really grinds my gears. There should be no excuse for not knowing that you don’t immediately launch into a jury trial the same day you’re arrested. That stuff takes time! A long time!

I could go on, but I’ll spare you for now. You can go back and read a full article I wrote on all the nitpicks I had. I must sadly decline from reviewing Unbeatable Squirrel Girl this week. It’s still a fun comic, but it’s complete disregard for how a courtroom actually works just pressed all of my buttons.

Comic Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #1, Domino #4, Ms. Marvel #32, Superman #1 and X-23 #1. 

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I’m Still Uneasy About Our First Official Look at Shazam!

I don’t know about you, but I am uneasy about casting Zachary Levi as Shazam in the upcoming Shazam! movie. I loved Levi in Chuck (until that show broke my heart), but for some reason, I just can’t see him as anything other than Zachary Levi when he has another role. When he showed up as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World, I didn’t see Fandral, I saw Levi in a blonde wig and goatee.

So I just don’t know if I’m going to buy him as Shazam in the upcoming movie.

Shazam First Look 01

Yep, Cola, that’s exactly what two kids who suddenly have access to an adult body would buy and drink

That’s our first official look at Levi in costume, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. There were some leaks online previously, but I think I was too lazy to share those. It happens.

I like the costume, it looks fine. But there’s just that nagging feeling in the back of my head that Levi isn’t going to be able to pull it off. Possibly because I keep picturing Shazam as his Justice League cartoon version, the big, brawny guy that’s built like a barn. Levi is still kind of a shrimp. I’m sure he bulked up for the role and looks like a muscular god, but he’s still got a small frame.

I dunno. We’ll see. I just wanted to share the picture.

And complain a little that it’s madness that DC wouldn’t put the Rock’s Black Adam in this movie. If you’ve cast the Rock as Black Adam, and you’re making a Shazam movie, why the flippin’ hell do you not put those two things together immediately?!


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/7/18

It’s Comic Book Convention time again! This weekend, I’m in Syracuse, NY at the Salt City Comic-Con, showing off Gamer Girl & Vixen to a whole new audience. This is the biggest convention I’ve done solo, so wish me luck! And buy my book!

This is a pretty nifty week for comics in that I’m mostly reading big names. Avengers, Justice League, Batman, Captain America, the Hulk, Superman; where are all my obscure, niche comics? Whatever the case may be, Comic Book of the Week goes to Captain America #1 for what looks like it could be an exciting, political start.

Cap Drop Weapons 01

“Don’t make me order twice.”

Meanwhile, I very much enjoyed Ant-Man and the Wasp! It’s a fun and energetic movie, much like the first. The characters are a joy to watch and Ant-Man remains my favorite superhero in the MCU. I think I’ll go see it again on my day off on Monday!

Comic Reviews: Avengers #4, Batman #50, Catwoman #1, Captain American #1, Go Go Power Rangers #11, Immortal Hulk #2, Justice League #3 and Man of Steel #6.

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6 Other Superhero Shrinkers

Ant-Man and the Wasp comes out this week, a movie celebrating two shrinking superheroes! Being the search engine conscientious blogger that I am, I’ve decided to tap into that zeitgeist and make a List of Six about shrinking superheroes!

Shrinkers List 01

It’s up to them to stop Thanos!

But not just any shrinking superheroes! This is a list about weird and obscure ones, because who needs yet another list on the Internet about superheroes we’ve already heard about? Ant-Man and the Wasp, and their various spin-offs, aren’t included on this list. I’m also leaving out the Atom at DC Comics, the other most famous shrinking superhero. If you have enough interest in comics to read my blog, I’m confident you already know all about those shrinkers.

Join me after the jump for six more shrinking superheroes that you  may have never heard of before!

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