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Awww man, I forgot Monday. Oh well, here’s a Doom Patrol trailer

I dunno. I think perhaps I’ve been a little distracted lately? Or just lazy? Who can tell anymore. I simply forgot to post something on Monday. I try to go for Mondays, because people could use something to kill 5 minutes of their time. And this trailer for Doom Patrol season 4 should suffice in that regard!

Doom Patrol is a fun show, and it seems they’re really leaning into the weirdness as they get older. I’m all for it. Get weird, get crazy, get creative, be Doom Patrol. Simple as that!

The new season of Doom Patrol comes to HBO Max on Dec. 8.


More Doom Patrol is Coming

Doom Patrol is a quality TV show and we’re going to get a fourth season! I gave up on Titans. I gave up on all those CW DC shows. But Doom Patrol remains some real quality content, and New York Comic Con has given us a fun new trailer!

Can’t really tell all that’s happening in this madness of a trailer. But it’s the Doom Patrol. They’ve really gone all out season after season. I’m sure we can count on real good stuff happening to our eyeballs.

Also, the Shipoopi song will always hold a special place in my heart because I sang it when my high school did the Music Man! Good times!

Season 4 of the Doom Patrol comes to HBO Max on Dec. 8.


First Last of Us Trailer Picked a Great Song

The Last of Us is going to be a TV show on HBO, and now we’ve got the first ever trailer! It looks great and they picked a great song to go along with it. This trailer does a great job of setting the mood and setting up all we know about the Last of Us world.

I have high hopes for this show. I loved both games, including The Last of Us 2, and I’m sure HBO can do a good job. There have been a lot of good adaptations of books and comics and games that have crashed and burned lately. So I’m going to remain hopeful and positive, especially after this first look.

And you can always count on Alone and Forsaken by Hank Williams to be a kickass doomsday song.

The Last of Us comes to HBO next year.


Harley Quinn Season 3 is Coming Next Month!

Harley Quinn is coming back, baby! I am a huge fan of the Harley Quinn cartoon show. It’s hilarious, raunchy, scary, sexy, well-made, well-acted and full of all sorts of good everything. It’s been a long wait since the end of season 2, so I’m super excited to share this trailer for season 3!

Looks great to me! The animation even looks better. Crisper? More detailed? Who knows! But everything looks great! And we’re gonna get appearances by Swamp Thing, the Court of Owls, Amanda Waller and, apparently, Nightwing! So awesome. I can’t wait for the new season…but I’m going to have to wait at least a month.

Harley Quinn season 3 comes out on July 28!


Westworld is Looking Freaky

Will I be watching the new season of Westworld on HBO? Probably! Will I remember what the heck is even going on? Probably not!

We are overflowing with good TV options these days, but the old standbys are still delightful. Westworld has been largely good across three seasons, but I never remember what the heck is going on or what’s going to happen. And the new full trailer doesn’t help in the least. But a show is a show, you know?

Westworld season 4 arrives on Sunday!


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