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Let’s Celebrate Black Panther!

Black Panther came out on DVD last week and I’m going to have to pick up a copy, because I’d enjoy seeing that movie again. Since it came out on DVD, that means we’ve got the usual batch of funny Internet parody videos.

Like Honest Trailers.

And How It Should Have Ended.

Gotta love that Internet! And Black Panther! Go watch it again and maybe come up with your own wacky Internet comedy movie bit!



Honestly, I Didn’t Care for Baby Driver

Normally, I’m a huge Edgar Wright fan. He’s second only to Wes Anderson in terms of my favorite directors. And I couldn’t wait for Baby Driver last year — but I didn’t particularly care for it. At least we’ve got Honest Trailers for it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very well-made movie with a lot of energy and verve. But the music choices were a little too obscure for me, and some of the characters rubbed me the wrong way, and I didn’t like some of the choices, like the big finale being a parking garage fight instead of a really badass car chase.

Also, when the evil bad guys want to go to that diner following the shootout with the cops, but Baby wants to keep his girlfriend safe, why not just tell them that he frequents that diner and they know him there, which wouldn’t be safe for their getaway? Just sayin’…


Honestly, I Really Didn’t Like The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is not a good movie. It’s schmaltzy as all heck and focuses on the wrong protagonist, not to mention turning notorious monster P.T. Barnum into a Hugh Jackman leading man. Good thing Honest Trailers takes it down a notch!

It’s so refreshing to listen to somebody else explain a lot of the things I disliked about the movie. Such is the power of confirmation bias. The songs weren’t even that memorable. Best let this one be forgotten.


Honestly, the New Jumanji Movie Was Really Good!

I really, really enjoyed Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! I didn’t have high hopes at all based on the trailers and the very idea of bringing Jumanji back after all these decades. But then I went to see the movie and loved the heck out of it!

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend picking it up in whatever home-viewing experience you enjoy. Very enjoyable jungle action movie with a really powerful emotional climax. Good job, Honest Trailers people.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gets the Usual Treatment

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a fine film. I enjoyed it, I think. It’s definitely grown on me in time. And like all popular movies these days, it gets an Honest Trailer.

Like the coming of the dawn and like the inevitable How It Should Have Ended video, this will be a thing.


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