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My 6 Favorite Things of 2016

By all accounts, 2016 has been a pretty crummy year. I still can’t wrap my head around most of it and it’s been more than a month. And I’m still disappointed that the Warcraft movie wasn’t a bigger hit. That thing had so much potential! I still like it, and that’s all that matters to me.

Anyway, like most online writers, I figure I might as well wrap up my favorite bits of pop culture in 2016.


As with the changing of the tides, so too come the end of year Best lists. But unlike really cool, professional websites who watch a ton of movies and know what they’re talking about, I only really pay attention to four things: movies, video games, TV shows and comics. And every year, I scramble to fill in the final two slots to make a List of Six. So sue me.

Join me after the jump for my favorite bits and pieces of 2016!

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The New Ducktales Cartoon is Going All Out!

Did you know that they’re making a new Ducktales cartoon? The news has been all over the Internet because the marketing team is on point with their attempts at viral videos. Check out this musical one!

Clearly this was built by someone who recognizes how iconic that theme song has become to we now-adults who grew up watching Ducktales. I was one of them. I was right there in the thick of things, as Ducktales was definitely one of my favorite cartoons from my youth. So this video is made expressly for people like me, old fans who are definitely going to check out the new movie. I’m not going to fight it. Why would I? When you’ve got Kate Micucci as Webby and David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck? The casting in this cartoon looks to be kind of insane. I love it already.


The Greatest Skyrim Video of All Time, By Dan Bull and Harry Partridge

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim just released a special edition last month, with updated graphics and other fanciness. I’ve played hundreds of hours in Skyrim, creating half a dozen different characters, because it’s an incredibly fun game. Since I bought all the DLC previously, I was gifted with the new Special Edition for free! I’ll get around to playing it eventually once I figure out a new character to create.

While I’m waiting, two Internet legends, Dan Bull and Harry Partridge, have teamed up for an amazing video about the Special Edition. You may remember these guys from Dan Bull’s Skyrim Epic Rap and Harry Partridge’s awesome Skyrim songs! And the Dovahkids!

Now they’re together and making true magic!

This takes me back! This is good video. It’s like two great masters of the Internet have come together to make the world an even better place!


Why Marvel Movies Don’t Have Any Catchy Theme Songs

Can you think of any memorable music from any of the Marvel movies? The fine people at Every Frame a Painting know why!

Personally, I’m a fan of the Avengers theme song, but I suppose that one hasn’t caught on yet. I can’t play it by ear, but I know it when I hear it. This is a pretty fascinating video. I can honestly say I don’t think about music very much, especially in movies. Though I’m also easily susceptible to being emotionally manipulated in a film with the right musical cue.

And it is kind of sad that none of the Marvel superheroes have their own little theme song. It could be played when they appear on screen!


Just a Cool Song I’ve Been Jamming To

Hey henchies, do you remember legolambs? They’re a pretty fantastic bunch of Youtubers who make big, awesome songs about popular movies from the ’80s and those famous action stars. They did Predator, Conan, Aliens, and many more. Go watch their videos!

Well I re-stumbled upon them the other day and found a new song that I love about a war between Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain!

This is what the Internet is all about. I love songs and awesomeness and I think you should join in!


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