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Here’s Just a Nice Song Mix-Up I Discovered on YouTube

Not everything I do in life revolves around comic books and movies. Sometimes I’ll be surfing YouTube, like one does, and stumble upon a nifty song that gets stuck in my head and I feel like sharing. Such is the case with this musical mash-up by a girl named Ale Madsen. She sings “Hey There Delilah” to the tune of “Jolene”. And I like it a lot.

She also sings the reverse: “Jolene” to the tune of “Hey There Delilah”, so she’s clearly got all of her bases covered.

This is the sort of thing we all need to keep ourselves entertained in quarantine. Because I know I haven’t been doing anything productive since all of this started…


This Delightful Squirrel Girl Video!

Quarantine does strange things to us all. And perhaps it has convinced YouTuber Supernova Tova to cosplay as Squirrel Girl and sing the Squirrel Girl theme song from the first issue of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. If that’s the case, bring on more global pandemics!

I kid. But this video is delightful! The song is obviously set to the music of the classic Spider-Man theme song, with lyrics by Ryan North, writer of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. And Supernova Tova give sit her all! Which is exactly the sort of silly, quarantine-inspired comic book YouTubery I like. Standing ovation!


This Westworld Trailer Has An Awesome Song In It!

Westworld season 3 comes out on March 15, so we’re only a few weeks away! It’s a fun show. I enjoy it. But more so than the actual show, I really like this instrumental cover of “Sweet Child O’Mine” they added to this trailer.

That song is banging! I’ve watched the official music video as well, but it’s not as good. It’s really just the perfect combination of trailer and song.

The show’s song master, Ramin Djawadi made the cover of the Guns N’Roses classic and I’d say he earned his paycheck that day!

Let’s hope the new season is even half as exciting as that song/trailer combo.


A Heavy Metal Version of ‘What Does the Fox Say?’

I dunno, you guys. I surf the internet like any random bloke and sometimes stumble across nifty things I can share on my blog. Like this heavy metal version of What Does the Fox Say? by Leo Moracchioli.

Now that’s just plain fun internetting. I like the song, and the heavy metal version is pretty fun. And that’s why we have internet.


Batmetal Forever!

There’s a new Batmetal video! I think we can all rejoice in that!

These Batmetal videos are insane and hilarious and I will never not share them! All props to the fine folks at ArhyBES for making such masterpieces. Not for the faint of heart.


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