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There’s Going to Be a Wonder Twins Comic!

One of the most interesting bits of comic book news to come out of New York Comic Con is that Brian Michael Bendis will spearhead a youthful comics line for DC called Wonder Comics.

Wonder Comics 01

The most important news to come out of this is that there will finally be a proper Wonder Twins comic! I ironically love the Wonder Twins! Obviously they were dorks in the old Super Friends cartoon, but everybody was dorks in that. Aquaman is still living down his cartoon incarnation.

I love the idea that the Wonder Twins are legitimate superheroes and are more than worthy of a place in proper DC Comics canon. They’re not total dweebs like Wendy and Marvin, they’ve got compelling back story, a cool look and great powers. But DC was afraid, or whatever, of bringing them into the comics for real. So they only got a few minor appearances in Extreme Justice and Young Justice. And rare appearances make the heart grow fonder!

Anyway, the new Wonder Twins comic will be written by Mark Russell, who did the amazing Flintstones comics. That guy is great! So I am very, very excited for this comic. It’s got Stephen Byrne on art, which is also great.

Wonder Comics will also include a new Young Justice, reuniting Conner Kent, Cassie Sandsmark, Bart Allen and, apparently, Tim Drake as Robin. I would be more super excited about this — considering Tim Drake is my favorite Robin — but I’m not yet sure if it’s in continuity, or if this is some special off-shoot series just to play up the nostalgia.

But hey, if we have Brian Michael Bendis to thank for not only giving us a Wonder Twins comic, but also making Tim Drake into Robin again (as opposed to “Red” Robin), then his arrival at DC is definitely for the best!



Wonder Twins Are Canon Now

To be entirely honest, I don’t really consider DC Comics to have a solid continuity anymore. After muddying up the main continuity with the New 52, and then rejecting parts of their New 52 continuity with Rebirth, I think DC has settled into just telling general stories about their superheroes with the occasional crossover. The less said about how far they bent over backwards to give us our current Superman the better.

But whatever continuity DC is peddling these days, we can at least know that the Wonder Twins exist!

Wonder Twins Canon 01

Is that really the best place to be making out with Plastic Man right now?

That is a panel from Batman #37 out this week. Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Lois Lane are on a double date to a local county fair. But it’s superhero night and everybody in attendance has to go in superhero costume.

And the two people in this panel have chosen to go as the Wonder Twins!

So even though we haven’t seen the Wonder Twins in person since at least the New 52 relaunch, they clearly exist in this world. And they are prominent enough that somebody made costumes about them.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Wonder Twins did officially exist in the Pre-52 continuity. They debuted in the Extreme Justice series in the 90s, complete with new backstories and everything. Those incarnations haven’t been seen much since, but I think the main Batman comic is a pretty solid benchmark for what is and what isn’t in continuity, amiright?

So yeah, the Wonder Twins are a thing. Just felt like pointing that out.


Wonder Twins to Appear on Teen Titans Go! Because Somebody Up There Likes Me

I haven’t been watching the new Teen Titans Go! cartoon, but clearly I should, because two of my all-time favorite characters are going to make a guest appearance!


The freakin’ Wonder Twins, baby! How cool is that? Somebody out there in TV Land understands the nostalgic fun of the Wonder Twins. If only they’d been allowed to show up on Young Justice while that show was still on the air. No doubt they were saving the Wonder Twins for Season 3.

At any rate, I’m definitely going to have to give this episode a try. It’s called “You’re Fired”, and it’s about the Titans firing Beast Boy and picking up the Wonder Twins to replace him. Sounds like fun to me. There’s also a funny audition sequence, of course.

The episode debuts at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on Cartoon Network. Be there!

I can only assume some hilarious hijinx have occurred

Forgotten Characters: The Wonder Twins

Whatever happened to the Wonder Twins?

Wait, do I really mean those annoying, creepy, purple-clad twins from the old Super Friends cartoon? The ones with the monkey? Hells yeah I mean the Wonder Twins! I’m a huge Wonder Twins fan!

Though to be completely honest, I’m more in love with the idea of the Wonder Twins as opposed to their actual appearance in Super Friends. On the cartoon, they were just a couple of dinguses. And there was that stupid monkey.

When did annoying animal sidekicks become a thing?

I’m far more interested in their comic book counterparts, and the general idea of the twin alien superhero concept. Why haven’t these two appeared yet in the New 52?

Read the rest of this entry

Nifty Superhero Redesigns

I’ve praised the awesomeness of Project Rooftop before, but I feel like doing it again today. Project Rooftop is this nifty artist site where people submit high-quality redesigns of popular superheros and their costumes. I love this type of art, because it looks cool, is often very creative and it’s about superheroes. What’s not to love?

Hopefully you’ll be an entertained as I am.

First up is this cool Catwoman design by artist Erica Henderson. It’s got a cool Scott Pilgrim vibe to it.

All she needs are some roller skates

Next we have some personal favorites of mine, the Wonder Twins! I love the hell out of these characters, and not just ironically. The Wonder Twins are just neat, and part of that is their goofy origins with the Super Friends. But did you know that the Wonder Twins eventually appeared in the actual comics? In the mid-90s, they made the jump from the cartoon to the actual, in-canon comics during a series call Extreme Justice. Yep, it was the 90s alright.

This picture, making the pair look rather alien and badass, is drawn by artist Andrew Trabbold.

I am dying to see the Wonder Twins show up in the New 52 or perhaps the Young Justice cartoon

Finally we have what may be one of the snazziest superhero costume redesigns I have ever seen: Steampunk Scientist Ant-Man! This comes from artist George Kambadais, who drew a whole line up of Avengers. But this Ant-Man is above and beyond the call of phenomenal. I love the labcoat-esque shirt that buttons up to the neck. I love that it’s not tucked in. And I love the knee-high boots with the pants tucked in. This costume is just a brilliant design.

Can Marvel hire this guy to design the next Ant-Man for reals? Maybe? Please?

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