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At Least Somebody on Krakoa is Getting New Uniforms!

In a recent interview at, we learned a bit more about the upcoming X-Factor comic, including the fact that the whole team is getting new costumes! Check out these bad boys, as designed by series artist David Baldeón!

XFactor Costumes 01

Rachel, Daken, Northstar, Aurora, Polaris, Prodigy and Eye-Boy

I like the look!

I also like that at least somebody is getting a new uniform for Dawn of X. I love it when the X-Men wear matching uniforms, or at least uniforms with a unifying theme. It really makes the X-Men stand out. And I would have hoped that Dawn of X would prompt a new uniform across the line, as a way to really re-enforce the new status quo. I loved the Grant Morrison uniforms, at least in hindsight.

I will admit to being rather disappointed that Dawn of X features a random mish mash of old and new uniforms. Something more solid for everybody would be fun. And it looks great on X-Factor!

I only wish the Blob got a fancy new X-Factor costume…


Leah Williams is Bringing Back the Blob (Sort of) For a New X-Factor!

Look, I’m a friendly guy. I like people. I like getting along with people. I write this blog for fun and don’t have a mean bone in my body when it comes to comics. But apparently I’ve done something to anger the comic book gods, because now it seems that Dawn of X is going out of its way to target me and everything I specifically love about the X-Men.

A new X-Factor comic has been announced for April, written by Leah Williams, with art by David Baldeon.

XFactor Dawn of X 01

You’ll notice that lineup on the front cover…and you’ll notice there’s no Multiple Man. The one character who is most closely connected to the X-Factor brand and he doesn’t get to be involved. Sigh. I can’t help but take that personally.

Instead of Multiple Man, this series will focus on this new team — Northstar, Polaris, Daken, Eye-Boy, Prodigy and Prestige — assisting The Five, the resurrection mutants. This new X-Factor will investigate and confirm mutant deaths and all the various rules around the resurrection protocols…which sounds good. I am fully in favor of comics that actually explore the new Krakoan status quo.

There is one really hopeful thing that I didn’t see at first until I finally read through the actual announcement article on Polygon. I was worried that Leah Williams’ arrival in Dawn of X wasn’t going to feature the Blob after her stellar turn with the character in Age of X-Man.

Williams told Polygon that the Blob will indeed be a part of this new X-Factor!

“His new role (thanks to Ben Percy and Josh Cassara!) is perfect,” Williams said, “and gives Freddy a bigger path threading through all our books.”

OK, I can accept that. I will gladly trade a Multiple Man appearance for Williams continuing her work on rehabilitating the Blob.

Williams also mentioned that her series will focus a lot on Northstar and his human husband Kyle, and what life is like for Kyle on Krakoa. She said they’re going to explore more about humans on Krakoa. That could include the Mimic! I’ll get my hopes up about that.

But for now, I’m just excited that Leah Williams is indeed returning to the Blob! Even if just as a subplot!

X-Factor #1 arrives in April.


My 10 Favorite Comics of the 2010s

Another decade has come and gone and we are all, therefore, another decade older. I know I’m feeling it! Let us distract ourselves from such mortal concerns by reflecting on my favorite comic books from the past 10 years!

Fav Comics 10s List 13

It was a nice decade in comics

My memory isn’t all that great, but I’ve looked back over my various comic reviews and favorites lists and I think I’ve narrowed down a good list of 10 comics that I very much enjoyed. This blog started in 2011, so I’ve definitely been talking about a lot of comics over the past 10 years. It was a pretty monumental decade! We had the New 52 from DC Comics and the influence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Marvel Comics.

This was also the decade where I finally started writing my own comics! Gamer Girl & Vixen has been doing pretty well, and volume 2 is in production!

GG & Vixen Bust commission

Join me after the jump as I take a look back at my favorite comics from the past decade! They are not in any particular order.

Read the rest of this entry

Apparently There’s Talk in the World About an X-Factor TV Show

Like everyone else who reads the nerd blogsophere, I saw the rumors this week about a potential live action X-Men TV show. Great, I thought to myself, sounds like fun. But then it was brought to my attention that this show might be based on X-Factor, one of my all-time favorite comic books, starring my all-time favorite comic book character, Multiple Man. And all of a sudden, this becomes possibly the greatest news in the history of television.

These guys are definitely a show!

The news comes from Shawn Madden of EatGeekPlay, who I’ve never heard of before, and who could have about as much influence or knowledge about these issues as I do (which is none). This is why I don’t normally write about these sorts of reports. They’re too early in the process and too much speculation. Imagine if I’d tried to keep up with everything Robert Downey Jr. has been saying about Iron Man 4 this week!

But something like this is too much for me to ignore. A television show starring Multiple Man? That’s the universe itself reaching out to me and telling me it has my back! Multiple Man running a detective agency in the heart of Mutant Town was a brilliant series! And it helps bolster X-Factor to more than 100 issues! That number is insane in this day and age of comics! The current series, All-New X-Factor, is being cancelled at issue #20. Clearly there is success in Multiple Man.

Leading man material!

I want to see this show. I want to sit down every week and watch Multiple Man on my TV!

Though given all the rumors floating about Marvel cutting off the X-Men and Fantastic Four to spit Fox, this sort of show probably wouldn’t lead to very good things for Multiple Man in the comics. Maybe that’s the real reason why he retired to a farm in Kansas more than a year ago…


I Hate When I’m Right – All-New X-Factor Cancelled

Writer Peter David announced earlier this month that All-New X-Factor will be cancelled by issue #20, something that didn’t really make the news until Bleeding Cool brought it up unofficially. Well now it’s official, according to PAD.

I hate to say I told you so…but I told you so. It didn’t last a year.

This is disappointing news for many reasons, but what’s there to say? It was nice of Marvel to let PAD continue X-Factor, but this All-New X-Factor version never possessed even an ounce of the spark or energy that bolstered the previous team. I saw it in the very first issue, and it remained a problem throughout the series. Heck, I even stopped reading. The comic just wasn’t very interesting.

But I’m not gonna rub any more salt in the wound. This is just sad news.

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