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My 6 Favorite Characters from the Legion of Super-Heroes

A new Legion of Super-Heroes reboot is upon us and I’m going to give this one a try. I like Brian Michael Bendis as a writer and I love the new character designs by Ryan Sook. They’re so gorgeous and colorful! But like any comic book fan, my only real concern is where are my favorite Legionnaires?

Legion Superheroes List 01

I love the Matter-Eater-Lad redesign

I’ve never been a fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes. They’ve just never been my jam. But I have my favorite members. I had some old Legion digest comics back when I was a kid. And I had a guidebook for a tabletop RPG featuring the Legion that gave me bios for all of the various members from the 80s-90s era. All of that was enough for a couple characters to imprint on me as my favorite Legionnaires.

And sure enough, only one of my favorites has made it to the reboot so far. That’s just my luck! Join me after the jump for my favorite characters from the Legion of Super-Heroes canon!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/9/19

Last week only had a couple of reviews, whereas this week has so many comics I don’t know where to start! I have overloaded this week’s Hench-Sized Reviews with comics, and yet some of my regulars still hit the cutting room floor! There are just too many good comics out there!

This week sees the debut of a new Legion of Super-Heroes and I decided to check out the first issue of the new Image comic Undiscovered Country. Beyond that, we’ve got Batman, X-Force, New Mutants, Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom and still more! I gave Comic Book of the Week to my darling, Wonder Twins, because sometimes I can’t help myself.

Wonder Twins Power Activate 03

With your powers combined!

Meanwhile, I finally finished off the third season of the Young Justice cartoon. It was really good, though some of my complaints from the original run still remain prevalent. I think it’s so weird that each season focuses on a new main team of heroes, though I suppose it works. I’m definitely looking forward to future seasons!

Comic Reviews: Batman #82, Doctor Doom #2, Fantastic Four #16, Green Lantern: Blackstars #1, Legion of Super-Heroes #1, Lois Lane #5, New Mutants #1, Undiscovered Country #1,  Wonder Twins #9 and X-Force #1.

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6 Characters I Can Blame For the Common Cold

Ugh. Is there any worse feeling than trying to shake the last days of a cold? Probably, but for me right now, there definitely isn’t. I’ve been battling this bug for days now and I just want my nose to work properly again! Is that too much to ask?!

Help me, monster!

At any rate, as with all things that crop up in a given week, I’ve decided to turn my cold into a List of Six! So I scoured the world of pop culture to find six characters, good and bad, who revel in disease and infection. It’s not going to be pretty. You might want to have a box of tissues handy before joining me after the jump!

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DC to Rely on Sameness to Sell Comics

Because unique characters and comics didn’t work, DC has decided to put all of their eggs in the Justice League basket. I can’t blame them. If your Hawkman, Static Shock and Legion of Superheroes comics aren’t selling, why keep putting them out? Comic books are a fickle market. We fans say we love certain characters, but we don’t say it with our wallets.

DC announced two new comics yesterday, both of which fall back to tried and true money earners:

Superman/Wonder Woman and Justice League 3000.

Her lasso is out of control!

DC already announced months ago that they’ll be making a Superman/Batman comic, reviving a title from before the reboot. So I guess it just makes sense to add Superman/Wonder Woman, especially considering their new romantic relationship. Not much is known about Superman/Wonder Woman so far (other than it focusing on their relationship), but it will be written by Charles Soule and drawn by Tony Daniel, and it will debut in October.

All they need now is Batman/Wonder Woman to make the trinity complete. Expect that announcement any month now.

Justice League 3000 is replacing the soon-to-be cancelled Legion of Superheroes comic. DC started the New 52 with two Legion comics, both of which have now been given the heave ho. I’ve never been a Legion fan myself, so I never bought the comics, but I always figured the Legion was important enough to always be around. But nope! DC has decided to simply create a Justice League in the future. ¬†Click the jump to see all the future versions of the characters. This idea is…interesting, to say the last. I don’t know what to think of the idea. It’s too bad Legion had to go, and it’s too bad DC is just falling back to the safety of the ‘Justice League’ brand name. But maybe Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire can work their magic. They’re the brilliant creative team behind those hilarious Justice League comics of the 80s and 90s.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that DC is relying on the Superman and Justice League brand names more than they should. Both DC and Marvel are doing it. I just find it…generally disappointing. Not that I was buying Hawkman or Legion of Superheroes, but I liked to believe some people were.

Anyway, click the jump to see the new futuristic JL members and let me know what you think about these two new comics in the comments.

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