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My Favorite Comic Book Romance is Still a Thing!

The point is to show that somebody cares. My current favorite romance in all of comics is the little relationship that could that is Spider-Woman and the Porcupine. A couple years ago, comics writer Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum put out a quirky little Spider-Woman comic that I adored with every fiber of my soul. I was rewarded for this love by getting blurbed on one of the tpb covers! That’s one of the highlights of my blogging career. I still need to go meet Hallum at a comic convention to get him to sign it.

Anyway, the heart and soul of that series was the off-kilter companionship between stalwart superhero Spider-Woman and ne’er-do-well supervillain the Porcoupine. It was cute, it was well-crafted and it made the whole series something special!

Jess and Roger 05

That’s a crazy baby!

Then, as all good things must come to an end, Spider-Woman was cancelled and the characters were cast off into comic book limbo. Spider-Woman has made random appearances here and there since then, and I have kept my eyes peeled for any signs that she was still together with the Porcupine, real name Roger Gocking. He’s typically seen taking care of Jess’ baby Gerry. It’s cute.

Well I have good news for anyone else out there who is a fan of the Spider-Woman/Porcupine relationship: they’re still together!

Jess and Roger 06


Spider-Woman launched a new series this past week, written by Karla Pacheco. And sure enough, both Roger and Gerry show up in the comic, living a pretty happy (if stressful) life with Jess.

So yeah, that’s it. That alone is worthy of a blog post.

This is comics, people. At any moment, some new writer might come along and throw out my favorite character or status quo. I already wrote up a piece about how almost all of my favorite comic book characters have been killed in just the past couple of years. That’s bad luck. I’m a comic fan who likes his obscure favorites and hates to see them used as chopped liver!

So for the time being, I’m going to relish the idea that Jess and Roger are still a cute little couple having adventures, raising a baby and being in love. Allow me that little bit of happiness!

And I’ll keep doing my best to ignore what Pacheco said to Newsarama about the new series…

“yesss…we will see Roger and baby Gerry…though for how long…hmm.”

I am prepared to have my heart broken. These are trying times.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 3/21/20

This is one of those weeks where I’m reminded of a bunch of really good comics that I let slip by the wayside. Perhaps if I’m forced to self-quarantine I’ll finally catch up on Fantastic Four and Jimmy Olsen. For now, I’m still enjoying the likes of Batman and Runaways!

Comic Book of the Week goes to the first issue of the new Spider-Woman series, and not just because my favorite comic book couple — Spider-Woman and Porcupine — are still together. It’s a fun introduction, though it could have been more.

Spider Woman Action 02

Spider-Woman vs. helicopter!

Meanwhile, this week saw the release of the giant-sized Robin 80th anniversary spectacular! A bunch of creators wrote up a bunch of awesome Robin stories, and there was no way I was missing out! I read most of it and enjoyed all of it! Go Robin!

Comic Reviews: Batman #91, Runaways #31, Spider-Woman #1 and Strange Academy #1.

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My 10 Favorite Comics of the 2010s

Another decade has come and gone and we are all, therefore, another decade older. I know I’m feeling it! Let us distract ourselves from such mortal concerns by reflecting on my favorite comic books from the past 10 years!

Fav Comics 10s List 13

It was a nice decade in comics

My memory isn’t all that great, but I’ve looked back over my various comic reviews and favorites lists and I think I’ve narrowed down a good list of 10 comics that I very much enjoyed. This blog started in 2011, so I’ve definitely been talking about a lot of comics over the past 10 years. It was a pretty monumental decade! We had the New 52 from DC Comics and the influence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Marvel Comics.

This was also the decade where I finally started writing my own comics! Gamer Girl & Vixen has been doing pretty well, and volume 2 is in production!

GG & Vixen Bust commission

Join me after the jump as I take a look back at my favorite comics from the past decade! They are not in any particular order.

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Spider-Woman is Getting a Hip New Costume, Again!

Once upon a time in 2014, Marvel announced that classic comic book character Spider-Woman was getting a hip, new costume redesign. I’d never been much of a Spider-Woman fan, but I loved the redesign and decided to write about it for this humble blog.

Little did I know that the ensuing Spider-Woman comic would not only become one of my favorite comics of the decade (full list coming next week!), but that this humble blog would get quoted on the cover! I loved that Spider-Woman comic!

So my hopes are getting even higher now that Marvel has revealed yet another hip, new costume redesign for the upcoming Spider-Woman comic!

Spider Woman Costume Redesign 06

I like it, though not as much as the previous redesign.

It’s sleek and cool, and very modern. But I’m torn about the red webbing design on her shoulders.

Spider Woman Costume Redesign 05

That’s very clearly a Spider-Man costume thing, and Spider-Woman has never been beholden to Spider-Man when it comes to costumes. She has her own iconic look and color scheme. It’s especially troublesome because a black bodysuit with the webbing design on the shoulders is Miles Morales’ look.

Nitpicks aside, I think it’s a strong look overall, and I’m definitely looking forward to her new series even more now! Here’s hoping Roger is still part of her story!


Every New Spider-Woman Beginning is Some Other Spider-Woman’s End

There’s going to be a new Spider-Woman comic coming out! That’s good! She’s going to revert to her old costume. That’s bad. It’s going to be written by Karla Pacheco and drawn by Pere Perez! That’s good! There’s no word in the initial announcement on Newsarama about her relationship with Roger. That’s bad.

Can I go now?

Spider Woman Cover Pacheco

So yeah, new Spider-Woman comic coming next year by some talented people and I’m sure I’ll check it out. The problem is that the last Spider-Woman comic was one of my favorite comics of the decade! So much so that Marvel used one of my reviews on the cover!

Once of the reasons I loved Dennis Hopeless’ Spider-Woman comic so much was the quality development of the relationship between Jessica Drew and Roger Gocking, the formerly villainous Procupine. This was one of the best-written comic book romances I’ve ever read.

Since the end of the series, I’ve been following the Spider-Woman character wherever I can to see if Marvel is going to keep the relationship going. I’m quite invested, you see. There’s no word on the relationship in the new comic announcement…so I’m just going to start worrying now.

But all good things must come to an end.


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