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6 Even More Characters That Need Action Figures (So I Can Buy Even More of Them)

I love action figures. I have a pretty nice collection, some still in the box and some out and adorning my Geek Wall in my dumb little bachelor pad. They’re fun to collect and put on display. Who needs some fancy trophy or piece of art adorning my apartment when I can show off my love of the X-Men?

And we recently received the greatest action figure news of all time: my favorite comic book character, Multiple Man, is finally getting a proper Marvel Legends figure!

ActionFigure3 01

A dream come true

This is the best action figure news of all time, no doubt about it. I’m gonna buy half a dozen of them! It’s only common sense when you’re dealing with Multiple Man! And this good news has me reviving a fun List of Six tradition: characters who don’t have action figures yet that I really, really want! A couple characters from my previous lists have figures coming out, and favorite characters I forgot to mention, like Songbird and Prowler, are also destined for my toy shelf.

But join me after the jump for six more characters that have yet to get proper action figure love!

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And So There is a Duke Thomas Action Figure I Gotta Have

Toy Fair was this past weekend, and while once again I did not attend, I could very much salivate over all the pictures and good action figure news I found online! Among the good news was this stellar Duke Thomas as Robin action figure that I now gotta have.


As a major Robin fan, I’m so far OK with Duke Thomas as Batman’s new partner. I’m not thrilled that he’s Yellow Batman Junior instead of Robin, but I’m hoping DC and their creative people go somewhere good with this. He’s Robin in everything but name.

Fortunately, DC decided to make an action figure of Duke in his badass, helmeted Robin costume instead of his Yellow Batman Junior jumpsuit.

You may recall that I ranked this costume as my third favorite Robin costume of all time! There’s just something about that awesome helmet/jacket combination that tickles my pinks. It’s a perfect modern Robin costume, though I’ll admit it probably doesn’t go as well with the classic Batman costume as the regular modern Robin costume does. But it was great for Duke Thomas and We Are Robin, so I’mma gonna get it.

I’ll try to find this sweet Batgirl action figure too.


I’m a little disappointed in myself that I don’t yet have a sweet Batgirl of Burnside action figure. I love that comic.

Courtesy Comics Alliance for the Toy Fair pics.


6 More Characters That Need Action Figures (So I Can Also Buy Them)

We all have hobbies. We all have vices and guilty pleasures. For me, it’s collecting action figures. I’m not one of those collectors who wants them kept in the box, or someone who hunts down every single variant and buys 10 of them. I’m a casual action figure collector, picking up the characters I like when I happen to find them.

The psycho part is when I put them on display in my apartment…

The ladies love action figures

Most recently, I finally got my hands on this Hobgoblin Build-a-Figure I’d been longing for all last year. This figure could have been a travesty, because as a Build-a-Figure, I would have had to buy six separate action figures at $20 a pop to get all the pieces! That’s insane! Fortunately, I found him for cheap on eBay, and all is right with the world.

It put me in the mood to talk about action figures, which is a List of Six I’ve already done once before. But if I could somehow control the action figure market, what other characters do I want to see sculpted and on my shelf?

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How Do We Make This Action Figure a Reality?

For awhile now, comic books have been featuring these action figure-style variant covers. I don’t buy variant covers, so for the most part, I just looked at these and smiled, waxing nostalgic, as is their purpose. Until today. The action figure variant for the new Deadpool spin-off comic, Mercs for Money, was unveiled and I absolutely must own this Stingray action figure.

The stuff dreams are made of

You do not understand the lengths I would go to to own such a sweet Stingray action figure. The new costume looks amazing, and I don’t even care that he’s Deadpool-themed. Whatever! Stingray is getting more exposure! If the greater world reads even one of my blog posts this year, let it be this one, and Marvel make this action figure!

Granted, they’ve yet to listen to my pleas about a Multiple Man action figure, but whatever. A guy can dream.


Ladies and Gentleman, There Will Be a Phil Urich Action Figure

I like collecting superhero action figures. I loved it as a kid, and I still love it now. They’re neat to put on book shelves and just be on display. It speaks to the geek collector in me. Unfortunately, most of my favorite superheroes are pretty obscure characters, and they don’t get made into action figures very often. I could care less about the latest Spider-Man or Wolverine variant. Give me a Multiple Man figure!

Well it seems the impossible has happened. Phil Urich, one of my all-time favorite comic book characters, is getting an action figure. As part of some upcoming Marvel Legends line, we will get Phil’s awesome Hobgoblin figure.

Dreams do come true

Holy crap, that looks awesome. That will be the pride and joy of my collection, people. I know it’s a little bit insane to like action figures so much at my age, but who’s judging? Don’t be a Judge Judy. Get on the cool train!

The figure comes out sometime in 2015, I think. There are some more pictures here. Sweet Georgia Brown, I want that toy.

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