6 More Characters That Need Action Figures (So I Can Also Buy Them)

We all have hobbies. We all have vices and guilty pleasures. For me, it’s collecting action figures. I’m not one of those collectors who wants them kept in the box, or someone who hunts down every single variant and buys 10 of them. I’m a casual action figure collector, picking up the characters I like when I happen to find them.

The psycho part is when I put them on display in my apartment…

The ladies love action figures

Most recently, I finally got my hands on this Hobgoblin Build-a-Figure I’d been longing for all last year. This figure could have been a travesty, because as a Build-a-Figure, I would have had to buy six separate action figures at $20 a pop to get all the pieces! That’s insane! Fortunately, I found him for cheap on eBay, and all is right with the world.

It put me in the mood to talk about action figures, which is a List of Six I’ve already done once before. But if I could somehow control the action figure market, what other characters do I want to see sculpted and on my shelf?

6. Furiosa

Biggest starlet of 2015

A film like Mad Max: Fury Road probably isn’t going to get a lot of action figures. This isn’t the 80s or early 90s anymore, they’re not just going to make a wave of action figures for any old movie that comes out. Still, Furiosa deserves one of those fancy, statuesque action figures, simply because of her awesomeness. We need more Furiosa merchandise in general, but an action figure would be particularly sweet. That bionic arm is just screaming for added accessories!

5. Geralt of Rivia

Everybody likes swords

Speaking of the fancier action figures out there, we need one for Geralt of Rivia, otherwise known as the star of The Witcher games and novels. The Witcher III was my Game of the Year for 2015, and a badass Geralt figure, complete with twin swords and classic armor would be stellar. A lot of video game characters get prestige action figures, and I’m surprised The Witcher hasn’t had its turn yet. The mythology is filled with fascinatingly cool characters, and larger-than-life monsters. Geralt would be ideal.

4. Spot

He’s always thinking with portals

As we speak, there does exist a random, 10-inch-tall Spot action figure from the old Spider-Man comic. In fact, there seems to be one left at Amazon.com! But who wants that monstrosity? I want a normal-sized figure of one of my favorite Marvel villains. Spot would be easy to make too, because he doesn’t have any accessories or details on his body. He’s just a plain, ordinary, flat man-type-person. The good stuff is in the paint job.

3. Stilt-Man

He should have thought of that sooner

I already own the Stilt-Man Minimate and the Stilt-Man Heroclix, and both are amazing. But I want to go full stilt on this one. I was a full-sized Stilt-Man with multiple leg extenders added to the package. I want him to tower over my other figures, wobbling each time I take a step in my apartment. Or maybe they could build him with a mini gyroscope inside, just in case. I wouldn’t want to constantly be picking him up off the floor.

2. Ms. Marvel

Woman of the Decade!

Fellow henchie xmenxpert suggested this on the last list, and he’s still right! It boggles the mind that we don’t have a Kamala Khan action figure yet! Marvel Legends is still producing new waves of figures every year. Has no one told them about Kamala’s awesomeness yet? Would it be too difficult to create a brand new, teenager-sized figure? Whatever the case may be, they need to fix this mistake ASAP, because Kamala Khan is the character find of the decade! I may not think she’s ready to be an Avenger, but she’s beyond ready to have some solid toys!

1. Green Goblin (Phil Urich)

A defining moment in my love of comics

As I mentioned above, I finally got my hands on the Phil Urich Hobgoblin figure from last year. It’s glorious, and I love the design of that costume. You don’t understand how cool it is to have a Phil Urich action figure! But the real crowning jewel would be to have Phil Urich’s Green Goblin as a figure. That Green Goblin was the one that truly ushered me in to a love of comic books. He was my Peter Parker growing up, the character I could identify with who taught how cool comics could be. Plus the design was stellar! The most I have of the Phil Urich Green Goblin are a couple of trading cards bearing his image. I want an action figure. I would it to be glorious and fulfill every empty hole in my inner child.

That’s not too much to ask, right?


About Sean Ian Mills

Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. How about Rey from The Force Awakens? By which I mean make enough of her action figure that people can find it easily.

    • Oh. Miss America should get an action figure. She’s awesome.

      Also, give it a few more months and I’ll be thinking Singularity, from A-Force, deserves a figure. She’s adorable and has a great design.

    • I’m in luck! I heard about the shortage and swung by one of my local Wal-Marts here in backwater Central New York. Sure enough, they had a couple of the Black Series figures for sale and I snatched one up. So I already own a Rey!

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