6 MORE Licensed Properties That Need LEGO Love

I may never get over the fact that The LEGO Movie was snubbed at the Oscars this past weekend. I’m thinking of taking it personally. Maybe organize some kind of grassroots petition? Whatever I end up doing (probably nothing), I will always remain a lifelong LEGO fan. And to honor the best movie of 2014 — since the Academy wouldn’t — I’ve decided to do a sequel List of Six to one from a few years ago.

What new franchises need to be made into LEGO?

Consider this at the top of every birthday or Christmas list I’ll ever have going forward

Walk down the LEGO aisle at the toy store these days and you’ll see Avengers, Ninja Turtles, Jurassic World, Harry Potter and more. We didn’t have branded LEGOs when I was a kid, but I would have given anything to have a real, fully licensed Ninja Turtles van and Turtle mini-figs. I have a LEGO Batmobile on my bookshelf right now, and I bought that well into my 20s. And someday the LEGO Ecto-1 will join it.

But if I could choose any LEGO franchise in the world, what would I want? After these first six options, of course.

And please note, most LEGO pictures on this list are fan creations I found online. Those that are built by fans are linked to the fan’s webpages. So let’s give it up to the fans!

6. The Walking Dead

Gonna need lots of red LEGO pieces

There are already LEGO zombies, they are definitely a thing. So why not take them in the next logical direction and just make Walking Dead LEGO sets? It’s one of the most popular shows on TV these days (I’m a big fan), and that gives it definite crossover appeal into the mainstream. Granted, this would be a figure-heavy franchise, but just take your regular City franchise and fill it with tons of zombie mini-figs! Give one of the humans a sheriff’s hat and you’re all done.

Actually, now that I think about it…why doesn’t LEGO just put out its regular City franchise with a zombie outbreak theme? Take classic sets like the police station or the garbage truck and zombify them! It’s genius! Somebody get me LEGO on the phone!

5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Close enough!

Want to hear a really weird, obscure bit of trivia about yours truly? I am a huge fan of Benny the Cab, and I’m not even sure why! Do you even remember Benny the Cab? He’s the sassy, talking taxi cab ‘toon from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, pictured above. He’s a supporting player at best, but he’s probably my all-time favorite Disney character. Every trip I’ve ever taken to Disney World has been partially spent looking for any shred of Benny merchandise. I used to doodle Benny the Cab in Middle School, and I wrote Benny the Cab fan fiction before the Internet even existed. I was a weird kid.

But I would give anything to have some kind of luxury Benny the Cab LEGO model. It could be a one-off thing, like Ecto-1, with little Roger and Eddie Valiant mini-figs. Fully-detailed, full of LEGO smarts and charm, and just a neat little present just for me.

If it does well, maybe there could be a bunch of other toon-themed models. Who knows. All that matters is that I get what I want. I think that’s fair for everyone.

4. Super Mario Bros.

Retails for $10,000

LEGOs are bright, colorful and kid-friendly – as are the Super Mario Bros.! Combining the two should be a no brainer. You could get more advanced sets, like the fan-set designed above, or maybe some sets for the younger crowd. Colorful, iconic characters, unique and memorable landscapes; Mario owns a little slice of everything. Heck, you could even throw in games like Mario Kart or Mario Party for even more model ideas. There is no shortage of stuff that Nintendo will put Mario into, so the LEGO people never have to run out of ideas to build. Maybe go with one of King Koopa’s giant floated death fortresses? Kids love those, right?

3. Steven Universe

Go watch it, now!

Have you seen Steven Universe? It is an amazing cartoon on Cartoon Network about three powerful intergalactic warriors tasked with protecting Earth, and the doofy kid who hangs out with them. They’re called the Crystal Gems, each one powered by a magical gemstone. Steven is the son of a former member, and since he inherited his mother’s gemstone, they’re letting him tag along to train up into a proper warrior. It’s light-hearted, it’s funny, and the kid is a bit of a spaz…but all of that is just set-up for the real show hidden underneath. The first season is coming to a close and they have really kicked it up a notch in terms of depth, character development and awesomeness. So yeah, make me some Steven Universe LEGOs! I wouldn’t mind having Steve’s dad’s old van.

2. Newspaper Reporter

Like this, but my newsroom doesn’t usually feature super-villains or jetplane attacks

Speaking of the LEGO City franchise…where is their newspaper reporter?! And I don’t mean a TV reporter, or that random mini-fig they threw into an Alien Mothership set. I mean a mild-mannered reporter in a bustling newsroom that my family can buy me as a novelty present! I’ll grant you, this isn’t exactly a franchise, but it still needs to be made. Honest, hard-working, notebook in hand, a newspaper reporter is the cornerstone of a fair and just society. And that needs LEGO love too!

Or maybe I’d accept geeky Internet blogger. Either will appease me, LEGO.

1. Voltron

Fandom at its finest!

More than anything in the toy universe, I want a LEGO Voltron. And not just a model of Voltron. No thank you. I want a fully functional, transforming, interconnecting Voltron. And I want it as ‘to scale’ as possible. I want mini-figs of the Voltron Force, and I want each of them to fit into the cockpit of their individual lions, and I want the lions to then be able to transform into arms, legs and head, and I want to put them all together into Voltron.

I sure want a lot, but doesn’t the world owe us a LEGO Voltron? To some extent?

I’m going to need to sit down for a bit

Obviously you could fill out the line with a smaller Voltron that didn’t need to transform. And you could do their base, and the bad guy’s base, and maybe a robeast or two. But I would be happy with five stand-alone lions, I really would…and I’d probably go broke buying them all. But this is my fantasy, so I’m also rich.

I would also be willing to settle for a LEGO Power Rangers, because it’s basically the same thing.


Any other LEGO fans out there in henchmanland? What sets or licensed properties are you dying to see? Are there any currently out there that you can wait to get your hands on? Let me know in the comments!


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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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