6 Marvel Legends Action Figures I’m Still Waiting For

Marvel Legends are the be-all, end-all of superhero action figures. I wish I had figures this awesome when I was a kid — though, to be fair, I’m making fine use of them as an adult. There have been more than 1,000 Marvel Legends figures over the past few decades, highlighting some of Marvel’s greatest characters and a lot of their very obscure characters.

So why haven’t there been any Marvel Legends figures of my personal favorite obscure characters?!

What If…? is getting its own line!

I’ve been a comic book fan for my entire life, and while I like Spider-Man and the X-Men as much as the next person, most of my favorite characters are B, C and D-list guys and gals who don’t get the respect they deserve. Heck, Marvel Legends only got around to a Multiple Man figure a couple of years ago. They’ve made guys like Skullbuster, Living Laser, Darkhawk, the female Beetle and a bunch of members of the Serpent Society. These are some deep cuts…and yet a ton of my favorite Marvel characters have yet to receive a Marvel Legends figure!

Join me after the jump for six(ish) characters I hope to see as Marvel Legends some day. And feel free to share your own character hopes and drams in the comments!

6. Good Guy Green Goblin

I can’t be the only fan in the world

I’m pleased so say that I do own the one existing Phil Urich action figure. Too bad it’s the version of him that became a villain: the revamped Hobgoblin. It’s cool. But Phil Urich came into this world as a heroic version of the Green Goblin, way back in the 1990s. That was around the time I started collecting comics of my own as a kid, and Phil’s Green Goblin was like my Peter Parker, the down-on-his-luck dork guy who becomes a superhero. He was cool and will always hold a special place in my heart. So I hope his cool Goblin design gets a figure someday.

5. X-Statix

Ahead of its time

Speaking of 90s characters, I’d probably love figures of the Slingers, another Spider-Man adjacent team from that era. But if we’re talking teams I’d like to see get action figures, I’d have to pick X-Statix instead of the Slingers. This wild, off-the-wall, very niche X-Men adjacent team was ahead of its time in terms of modern comic book storytelling. And with character designs by Mike Allred, X-Statix would really pop as action figures. There’s Orphan, Phat, Anarchist, Lacuna, Dead Girl, U-Go Girl and so many more, all of whom would be stellar as action figures. They’re supposed to get a comic book revival someday soon, so lets hope so figurines join the fun.

4. The Spot

Needs more polka dots

Spider-Man has a ton of great villains and pretty much all of them have an action figure or two. But the one I’m lacking is one of my favorite Spidey villains, the Spot! He’d probably be the easiest of the lot to make. He’d just be a standard male character body and then all of his design would be painted on. No extra bells and whistles. The Spot has developed more and more respect in recent years, and his look is another eye-poppingly cool visual. So he definitely needs some attention.

3. Marrow/Maggott/Cecilia Reyes

Never appreciated in their time

Not all X-Men are created equal, it seems. Three of my favorite X-Men don’t have action figures. Back when I was young and collecting comics on my own for the first time, I somehow got my hands on X-Men #70 in late 1997 (as pictured above). It was an aftermath issue following several major storylines, like Operation: Zero Tolerance. The issue was about several disparate X-Men teams all coming home to the X-Mansion and finding it cleaned out. And they brought along three new team members: Marrow, Maggott and Dr. Cecilia Reyes. I hadn’t followed any of the previous storylines and I didn’t know who any of these three were. But I loved this issue, and these three have had a place in my heart ever since. So I’d love for them to have a place on my toy shelf too!

2. Mimic

Orange is always a fun look

Speaking of old comics that made an impact on my childhood, there’s the Mimic! My dad had a big collection of comics that were held under lock & key when I was young, but there were a couple of dog-eared random issues that I could read. For reasons known only to fate, a couple of those comics were early X-Men issues where the Mimic was introduced and later joined the team. And that cemented the dude as one of my all-time favorite comic book characters. Sadly, he’s never gotten an action figure, despite being a very cool-looking guy. I would love a Mimic action figure…and a Mimic appearance in movies, cartoons and more! Anything with the X-Men in it, I hope the Mimic shows up eventually.

1. Stingray

Who needs a Namor movie?

As longtime readers of this blog might know, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with Stingray. My life’s dream is now to pitch Marvel my tight, 5-issue Stingray comic. But beyond that, I totally want a Stingray action figure. I’ve wanted one ever since Marvel did one of those variant action figure covers for Stingray. Why is that not yet real?! Whether the original costume or the modern redesigns, Stingray is a cool-looking superhero. And he deserves an action figure. He’s an Avenger, sort of! Show him some damn respect!

Honorable Mentions: The Slingers, Abyss, The Runaways, The Exiles, Hybrid, The Great Lakes Avengers, Slapstick and surprisingly too many to keep listing. Why do we have all the members of the Serpent Society before we have the additional members of the Runaways?

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