6 Even More Characters That Need Action Figures (So I Can Buy Even More of Them)

I love action figures. I have a pretty nice collection, some still in the box and some out and adorning my Geek Wall in my dumb little bachelor pad. They’re fun to collect and put on display. Who needs some fancy trophy or piece of art adorning my apartment when I can show off my love of the X-Men?

And we recently received the greatest action figure news of all time: my favorite comic book character, Multiple Man, is finally getting a proper Marvel Legends figure!

ActionFigure3 01

A dream come true

This is the best action figure news of all time, no doubt about it. I’m gonna buy half a dozen of them! It’s only common sense when you’re dealing with Multiple Man! And this good news has me reviving a fun List of Six tradition: characters who don’t have action figures yet that I really, really want! A couple characters from my previous lists have figures coming out, and favorite characters I forgot to mention, like Songbird and Prowler, are also destined for my toy shelf.

But join me after the jump for six more characters that have yet to get proper action figure love!

6. A Strong Guy Build-A-Figure

ActionFigure3 02

He’s pretty lumpy

This entry is cheating a little bit, because Strong Guy had an action figure way back in the 1990s, when X-Men action figures were huge. Also, it boggles my mind that Strong Guy had an action figure but Multiple Man didn’t! That’s madness! Anyway, that old action figure looks like crap and doesn’t capture the majesty of Strong Guy.

ActionFigure3 03

It was a simpler time

I don’t own it and I doubt I’d buy it even if I randomly came upon it at a toy show or something. It might as well not even exist. Strong Guy deserves better. And I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t gotten a modern day action figure. Strong Guy would be perfect for an X-Men themed build-a-figure! Those things are great for big guys like him. So why not replace the next umpteenth Juggernaut figure we get with a big, beefy, muscular Strong Guy?!

5. Porcupine

ActionFigure3 04

Destined for great romance

This is a silly choice, but it’s one I want to make, gosh darn it! The Porcupine is a minor Marvel villain who never really amounted to much. But he was recently featured as a supporting character/love interest in the excellent Spider-Woman series by Dennis Hopeless. And considering that Spider-Woman in her new casual costume is getting an action figure, why not add good ol’ Porcupine to go with her? They’re probably my favorite comic book couple of the past year! Granted, it would be pretty hard to recreate all of Porcupine’s needles, but action figures have managed worse!

4. Red Tool

ActionFigure3 05

He is kind of a tool

If you’ve never heard of him, Red Tool is a supporting character in the hugely popular Harley Quinn ongoing comic. He’s an obvious knock-off of Deadpool, and that’s half the fun! Deadpool and Harley are similar characters, so the creative geniuses behind her comic decided to bring Deadpool into the book and make him a love interest for the sheer silliness of it! And Red Tool is a pretty cool character. He started off as the stereotypical “nice guy” who thought he knew what was best for the woman he loved, but he’s since been learning to be a better person and paramour from Harley as he joins her kooky crew. He’s also from the future, and is kind of an old man, but he’d still make a really great action figure, armed with a ton of power tools for accessories. He’d look great hidden among all the other Deadpool action figures out there.

3. New 52 Dick Grayson Robin

ActionFigure3 06

Badass from the very beginning

There are tons of Robin and Nightwing action figures out there. I own plenty myself. But we have yet to get an action figure for the awesome, retconned original Robin costume that Dick Grayson wore in the New 52/Rebirth continuity. DC wisely ditched the pixie boots and short shorts and gave Dick that radical outfit you see above. It’s cool, it’s modern and it’s still clearly Robin. We’ve got a LEGO mini-fig version of that costume, but no proper action figure. I want one!

2. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

ActionFigure3 07

She’s the best kind of hero!

Why don’t we have an Unbeatable Squirrel Girl action figure yet?! Why isn’t Marvel getting on this immediately?! She’s super popular and is about to have a TV show! And Erica Henderson’s awesome art style is perfect for an action figure! I am shocked that we don’t have more Unbeatable Squirrel Girl merchandise. It’s a damn shame and needs to be rectified immediately. She’s too damn fun and nutrageous not to have an entire toyline to herself!

1. Renee Montoya, the Question


She manages to pull off a trilby!

Renee Montoya hasn’t been the question for years now, but I still want an action figure version of her take on the character! She’s arguably much better than the original Question, Vic Sage, with a far more interesting life story. We’ve already got Renee Montoya action figures and Question action figures, but not a Renee as the Question action figure. She’s too cool and too stylish of a character not to get a figure. I’d go for the latest look, with the short hair and jacket, but any look is good for Renee!


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