Why Don’t They Make More Multiple Man Action Figures?

Superhero action figures are still a big industry. Just take a walk down the toy aisle at your local Wal-Mart. It’s lined with action figures from all the latest movies; everything from Iron Man and Green Lantern to Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean. There are also action figures for WWE wrestling, video games like Halo and, yes, comic books. Just because most action figures come from superhero movies doesn’t mean companies out there aren’t making action figures from superhero comic books.

But why aren’t they making more action figures of my favorite superhero, Multiple Man?

They made this piece of crap once upon a time, but it's crap. Crap I say!

I’m not just squawking like a needy fanboy who wants a toy of his favorite superhero. I ask from a marketing/sales point of view. Think about it. Multiple Man’s super power is to make duplicates of himself. As if he went through a Xerox machine. Therefore, if fans wanted to recreate Multiple Man’s power with his action figure…they’d BUY MORE ACTION FIGURES!

I know I did.

How is this not a no-brainer for toy makers? You usually only ever need one action figure of a character to be happy. But with Multiple Man, poeple would and should buy multiple versions of the same toy to recreate his super powers! More sales!

And it’s not like toy companies wouldn’t touch someone as unknown as Multiple Man. They’re constantly pumping out superhero action figures, not just popular characters like Spider-Man or Batman. They dig into annals of superhero comics to give really obscure characters their own figures. Blackheart, Ms. Marvel, the Metal Men, Captain Ahab, the Wrecker, USAgent, Morph, and many, many more all have had legitimate action figures in the past. And the companies try crappy little gimmicks to recreate their super powers. Cyclops’ eye visor will light up. Wolverine’s claws will pop in and out of his forearms. Spider-Man will come with a plastic web. Nightcrawler had suction cups on his hands so that he’d stick to windows.

Multiple Man needs nothing more than the simple act of BUYING MORE ACTION FIGURES!

Multiple Man has only had a small selection of action figures over the years. The picture above was the first ever Multiple Man action figure, and it was a comic book convention exclusive. It’s essentially a crappy Spider-Man action figure repainted to look like Multiple Man. You couldn’t buy it in stores. I ordered one on e-Bay. Only recently has he been getting any toy aisle recognition.

Multiple Man got a Heroclix token, a Mini-Mates figurine and only last year did he get a legitimate Marvel superheroes action figure. I bought three of them. But they’re his crappy, bad guy Ultimate version using the costume he wore back in the 1980s!

Yes, I own them all.

Compare this to characters like Batman, Spider-Man or Wolverine, who get dozens upon dozens of action figures each time a new line or wave comes out. And they give them crappy little gimmicks. Like Sky Dive Batman, Disaster Control Batman, Combat Belt Batman, Turbojet Batman, Web-Cannon Spider-Man, Night Shadow Spider-Man, Hyper-Tech Spider-Man, Vampire Spider-Man, Anti-Vampire Spider-Man, Werewolf Wolverine, Battle-Ravaged Wolverine, Spy Wolverine…

Or Capture Claw Batman.

So basically, I just really really want a cool, legitimate, well-made Multiple Man action figure. Is that really too much to ask for?

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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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