6 Characters That Need Action Figures (So I Can Buy Them)

No, I don’t take my action figures down off their shelves and play with them when I’m home alone. That’s silly. But I do take them out of the packages and put them up on my book shelves and Geek Wall. They’re decoration, and cool ones at that. Some people collect porcelain figures or football memorabilia, I collect Spider-Man action figures. There’s nothing wrong with me!

Though it’s an addiction that is always in need of feeding.

I could hold the Justice League in the palm of my hands

I buy action figures because I like owning memorabilia of my favorite characters, be they superheroes, video game stars, cartoon characters or whatever floats my boat that day. Earlier this week, I splurged on Bebop and Rocksteady action figures from the current Ninja Turtles cartoons, because those are two characters I’ve really come to appreciate in the past few years, and I didn’t own any figures of them (plus I love that cartoon). This year my goals are to get action figures for Hobgoblin, movie Ant-Man and Clementine from The Walking Dead video games. All it takes is a little extra cash and a misguided interest in not paying my bills that week.

But of all the action figures in my collection, who am I missing? What characters do I love but lack any sort of decent action figure? Not every superhero gets a toy, especially some of the ones I like. Join me after the jump for six action figures I would love to own – if they ever bother to get made.

Honorable Mention: Multiple Man

Each one is a new sale

The action figure I want most in the world is that of Multiple Man, my favorite comic book character. But truth be told, Multiple Man has had a few figures and collectibles (and I own them all). But he’s an honorable mention because all of those figures are crap! Pure crap! I’ve ranted about this before, but for some insane reason, Multiple Man has never been given a proper, well-made action figure. The guy’s super-power is to create duplicates of himself!  That means everybody will buy multiple action figures to recreate his powers! Which means more sales!! Why do I have to be the one to spell this out for toy manufacturers?!

6. Bluebird

Batman calmed down about the guns

This figure actually has a chance of getting made, since Bluebird is still a fairly new character at DC Comics. She’s one of Batman’s newest allies, the spunky and heroic Harper Row. I wanted her to be the new Robin, but that didn’t come to pass, so I’ll settle for her as the superhero Bluebird. DC is putting out some great Batman figures these days, often based off the styles of individual artists. A Greg Capullo-style Bluebird figure would be pretty amazing.

5. The buff Henchman 21

Greatest personal transformation ever

Here’s the thing: there already is a Henchman 21 action figure. It’s the old flabby version, sure, and it’s also based off old-fashioned action figure designs. And I get it, that was the entire point. The Venture Bros. has a certain retro style it’s going for. More power to them. But I want me a Marvel Legends-style hardcore Henchman 21 action figure, based off his newer, buffer version. The death of Henchman 24 hit him hard, and it made him hard. I want a quality figure to add to my collection, I just need The Venture Bros. to violate their creative spark to make it happen. That’s all.

4. Mach VI

The poor man’s Iron Man

This one is kind of random, but I have a soft spot for Mach IV (or V or VI or VII, whichever he’s up to now). Abner Jenkins used to be the super-villain The Beetle, a foe of both Spider-Man and Daredevil. But then in the shocking Thunderbolts series, Beetle and the rest of the Masters of Evil went undercover as superheroes in order to gain the public’s trust — only for Beetle and his buddies to realize they liked being superheroes better. From then on, Mach IV has been a high-flying hero with a bit of a blundering side. He’s like Iron Man crossed with Rodney Dangerfield. But super-villains becoming heroes is one of my favorite comic book tropes, so I’m a huge fan, and would love an action figure of any of his Mach incarnations.

3. Smoke

His fatality is cancer

Mortal Kombat’s Smoke is my all-time favorite video game character, and this is coming from a guy who loves most video game mythologies. I once bought a guide book for Mortal Kombat Trilogy just so I could read all the characters backstories (I didn’t own the game or a console). Smoke has the badass combination of a hero looking for redemption and being a sidekick/partner, a role I’ve always been fond of. Smoke was Sub-Zero’s best friend, until he got turned into an evil robot tasked with hunting Sub-Zero. It gets a little complicated, but I would love a well-made human or robot Smoke action figure. I think he’s had a few crappy figures in the past, but I want something with some quality behind it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Mortal Kombat action figures, usually only the most popular half dozen or so characters get figures anymore. Sub-Zero has had several, while Smoke still lingers in obscurity.

2. Mimic

Orange is probably the best color ever

Mimic is a comic book character I have loved since I was a wee little lad reading my dad’s old, tattered X-Men comics. He’s a villain who can copy the super-powers of anybody, and originally debuted fighting and copying the original X-Men. He even joined the X-Men for a short time, securing his place in my heart. But Mimic is just too obscure. He’s made maybe a dozen solid appearances in the past five decades. The most he’s ever warranted is a Heroclix figurine. But that’s not enough! I want Mimic, with all of his awesome powers on display, in all of his majesty!  And if I had my choice of costume…heck, I’d take any of his costumes at this point. They’re all pretty cool.

1. Rexxar, Champion of the Horde

We should all be more like Rexxar

For a few years, Warcraft was producing a line of incredible action figures — and I own more than a few. They’re highly detailed, feature much more than just the main characters, and are so well-crafted they pretty much double as statues. I’ve splurged more than once on some of these, and there are a few I wish I’d bought when I saw them, because they are worth double and triple their original cost now. These toys are just gorgeous – but they never got around to making a figure for arguably one of Warcraft’s coolest characters: Rexxar the Beastmaster!

He likes axes

Half-orc and half-ogre, Rexxar is the star of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, and a very popular character in World of Warcraft. Even with the large number of races and characters in Warcraft, Rexxar has a very unique look that’s all his own, and a very awesome role in the story. He’d have to be a gigantic, deluxe figure, dual-wielding his mighty axes, and possibly packaged alongside his faithful bear sidekick Misha, but it would be wroth the price. Rexxar would be a crown jewel of any action figure collection.

Or maybe I’ll track down one of those services that will make a model of my own World of Warcraft character. That would be pretty neat too.


What about you henchies? Anybody else a big action figure buff, like myself? Are there any characters you’ve always wanted, but the world never seems to make? Let me know in the comments!


About Sean Ian Mills

Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. Glenn H. Morrow

    Mimic (well, a version of him) did have a significant role in “Exiles,” but given that Blink has barely gotten a figure (it was crap), it’s not surprising this guy has been overlooked.

  2. Kamala Khan. She’s got a very dedicated following, and some solid sales. A figure would probably sell pretty well.

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