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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/3/18

What a week for comics. I’m on vacation, so I’m feeling extra lazy. But I still found a couple of OK to good comics to read — and one really bad one! If you were waiting for me to turn on Dan Slott, your time has come!

But we’ve also got the end of Multiple Man (or is it the beginning), and more Heroes in Crisis. Comic Book of the Week goes to West Coast Avengers for another jaunty adventure!

Tigra Kate 01

Don’t eat her!

Meanwhile, I stopped reading Jason Aaron’s Avengers awhile ago, so I apparently missed it when he killed Stingray last month, one of my favorite characters and a frequent shout-out dude on this blog. Man. What the freakin’ heck. I just can’t have nice things. We’re still one issue away from finding out if Mimic dies in Extermination.

If that happens, then this year in comics has killed Mimic, Stingray, Phil Urich, possibly Simon Baz and maybe sorta Multiple Man again. This just isn’t my year…

Comic Reviews: Heroes in Crisis #2, Multiple Man #5, Tony Stark – Iron Man #5 and West Coast Avengers #3.

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LEGO Stingray to Exist!

There’s a new LEGO Marvel Superheroes game coming out soon, and I was only mildly interested in it until about 30 seconds ago. I used to be big into the original LEGO Star Wars games, but haven’t done much with LEGO Marvel games.

Until I saw that Stingray was going to be in the new game! Holy cow!

Did you catch him? He’s at 00:37 in the trailer! LEGO Stingray! Oh man oh man, I’m over the moon now!

Now Marvel just needs to make a legit Stingray mini-fig or LEGO set for me to own and love.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 will be out on Nov. 14. Hopefully on Steam.


Oh Hey, So I Finally Noticed Stingray in Secret Empire

I like the Marvel superhero Stingray. He’s a cool guy. Probably my favorite Avenger of all time. And he’s so obscure, he just doesn’t pop up all that often. When he does, I like to take note of it, because this is my blog, and I’m free to make wildly uninteresting (except to a few people) posts on it.

In Secret Empire #5, which came out a week or two ago, but which I only just read, Stingray shows up in charge of the shields at the resistance’s secret base. He apparently made a brief appearance in Secret Empire #1, but I guess I missed it. No matter, though, I’m fully on board the Stingray Watch now!

Stingray Secret Empire 01

I’m surprised too!

I’ll let you all know if and when he shows up again. Maybe he won’t. Maybe they’ll kill him. I don’t know, but I do care.

Stingray rules! I’m glad he’s not a HYDRA fascist!


The Greatest Stingray Comic Ever Written!

I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a real tirade about the superhero Stingray for awhile now. I’ve always been a fan of the character, ever since I discovered him flipping through some of my dad’s old comic book periodicals when I was a kid. He’s just plain neat, with a really cool costume.

And this past week, I discovered the greatest Stingray comic ever written.

Majestic as all get out!

Big props to Henchie chipsiup for pointing me towards last week’s Deadpool #7, which featured a back-up Stingray comic written by Tim Seeley, with art by Mike Norton and Veronica Gandini. The comic also features back-up stories about Terror, Foolkiller, Slapstick and the other Mercs for Money, but I didn’t read them. So maybe this was also the greatest Slapstick comic ever written. We’ll never know. All that matters is that Seeley, Norton and Gandini have produced something truly amazing.

I say this without sarcasm or irony. I’m not making fun of anybody. I’m literally just a really big Stingray fan, and this creative team fulfilled every single possible nerd desire I could possibly have about the character. They explain why he’s teamed up with Deadpool and the Mercs for Money, it gives us insight into Stingray’s personal life, and more important than that, it’s the greatest possible showcase of just how cool Stingray can be.

So join me after the jump, if you’d like, to see just how amazing I found this short little comic. SPOILERS, in case you want to go out and find it yourself. It’s pretty freakin’ great, you guys.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 2/6/16

This might be the weirdest comic review article of my long blogging career. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the latest issue of Batgirl really hits home for me in a lot of weird ways. Especially when you consider it features a villain who can read and alter minds…but you’ll have to read on to find out what I mean!

Beyond the new Batgirl, this was a solid, enjoyable week of comics. We got new Iron Man and Captain Marvel comics, as well as Miles Morales’ debut in the regular Marvel Universe! I was against this idea from the beginning, but the execution isn’t half bad.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Doctor Strange #5. Writer Jason Aaron is hitting it out of the park with this opening storyline! I hope the Doctor Strange movie is even half this cool.

Atlantean Black Magic!

I’m sure Benedict Cumberbatch can pull this off.

Comic Reviews: Batgirl #48, Captain Marvel #2, Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #1, Doctor Strange #5, Invincible Iron Man #6 and Spider-Man #1.

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