6 Big Superheroes That Need Build-A-Figures

What a time to be a toy fan! This month, I got both the LEGO Voltron set and a proper Marvel Legends Multiple Man action figure! I’ve been crowing about wanting LEGO Voltron since at least this List of Six in 2015, and the Multiple Man action figure has been my hill to die on since at least the very first year of this blog! And now both are mine!

So how about I make some more toy predictions and hope to get lucky?

BAF List 01

Big and badass!

I love the Build-A-Figure concept. It’s pretty darn fun. Basically, when a new line of about half a dozen action figures come out, each box contains a part of a bigger action figure. Buy the entire line and collect each part and you can build the big one. I own a bunch from over the years. I’ve got the giant Sentinel from one of the earliest Build-A-Figure lines. I’ve got Onslaught. I’ve got the Blob. They are so much fun! And there’s one very specific big character that I want to see next…

So I’ve made a whole list of big characters who should get Build-A-Figures! Join me after the jump for the list! And please share your own wants and dreams in the comments!

6. Armadillo

BAF List 02

Take that, rodeo clown!

Armadillo is a classic Marvel villain that simply doesn’t matter. He’s the sort of guy you just throw at your hero to give your story an exciting opening, when they need somebody big and dumb who can take a hit. He’s a poor man’s Rhino. But he’s big, he’s never had an action figure before and he’s orange, a damn good color!

5. Eternity

BAF List 03

Good work, if you can get it

Eternity is one of those awesome, far-out concepts that writers in the ’60s and ’70s dreamed up. Eternity is the physical representation of all of existence. He’s a dude who can talk and do all manner of cosmic flim flam. He’s made up of star stuff and would be a really funky figure to make. But he’s big. He’s the size of all eternity, after all! I’m sure that would make for a neat action figure.

4. Stature

BAF List 04

Her boot probably doesn’t really say that

The Young Avengers are long gone from prevalence, even if they were once the Hot New Thing. They did get a group set of Marvel Legends action figures, at least the four boys did. Kate Bishop had to wait until nowadays to get a proper action figure, and Stature, the one character who existed prior to the creation of the Young Avengers, the one character with history, got left out. Cassie Lang, star of pretty much both Ant-Man movies, was toyless! She’s since gotten a figure in her new, normal-sized Stinger identity, but I’d like to see one of her as the giant Stature. We’ve had Giant Man and Black Goliath Build-A-Figures, so how about a giant lady too?

3. M’Baku

BAF List 05

Funny for a king

M’Baku was one of the standout characters in the hit Black Panther movie, but he didn’t get included in the Black Panther line of Marvel Legends. Understandable, I suppose. But that movie was a hit, and more toys deserve to be made, and M’Baku deserves to get a big, beefy, Build-A-Figure version of himself! I’d also willingly settle for his bigger, crazier Man-Ape comic book version. But movie M’Baku would be better!

2. Big Bertha

BAF List 06

She’s big and tall

The Blob Build-A-Figure looks great, so how about one of Big Bertha, too? The plus-sized super model ass-kicker from the Great Lakes Avengers would make for a great figure! Heck, give us an entire Great Lakes Avengers line! They could include Squirrel Girl, Doorman, Flat-Man, Mr. Immortal, some new variant of Deadpool, and then Big Bertha as the Build-A-Figure. Somebody get me Marvel toymakers on the line!

1. Strong Guy

BAF List 07

I like the beard better

This is the figure I want more than any! This is the figure that made this list exist! Strong Guy is a huge character, especially classic ’90s Strong Guy. He’s the perfect size for a Build-A-Figure, and he’s the perfect add-on to an X-Men line of figures. Stop remaking the Apocalypse Build-A-Figure and make somebody new and interesting! Strong Guy actually got a normal-sized figure back in the ’90s, so why not show him some Marvel Legends love with a proper, awesome, gigantic action figure!


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  1. Great list! I need a Build-a-Strong-Guy figure, too. Make it! Make it! Make it!

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