Welp, Phil Urich is Dead

I’m not too worked up over this. Maybe once upon a time, I would have mustered some righteous comic fan anger about one of my all-time favorite comic book characters getting killed…but eh. Death is meaningless in comics these days, for one thing. And for another, Phil Urich has been dragged through the mud for awhile now. It was foolish to hold on to hope that he could be redeemed.

Phil Urich Dead 01

I mostly just want to mark this occasion.

For those who don’t know, Phil Urich was introduced to Spider-Man comics in the 1990s as a heroic Green Goblin. He was a teenage kid in the classic Peter Parker vein, and had a 13-issue series about his attempts to use stolen goblin gear to be some kind of free-wheeling 90s superhero. I loved the comic. It was the first comic book this burgeoning young comic book fan bought continuously, rushing to supermarket comic book stands in search of the newest issue.

Phil Urich was my Peter Parker.

The series didn’t last and Phil went into comic book limbo, popping up now and again, like all good limbo characters do. At one point he was turned into a bad guy.

Then Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott turned him into a badass new Hobgoblin, of which I own the action figure.

Sadly, the badass Hobgoblin phase didn’t last and Phil was reduced to the knock-off Goblin Knight role. When that storyline ended, he became an even more pathetic Goblin King and basically just became a total loser villain to the upteenth degree. It was not a good time.

And in the new issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Dan Slott finally drives the final nail into the coffin and has Phil jobbered to the newly re-villainous Norman Osborn.

Phil Urich Dead 02

Just like that, my favorite superhero from my childhood is dead…

…At least until Marvel Comics hires me to write something and I establish that Phil escaped Norman and rushed to the hospital! Or, since he’s a goblin, then he survives by whatever means kept Norman alive or Harry back from the dead or even that time Roderick Kingsley came back. And considering Dan Slott once killed another favorite character of mine, the Prowler, only to bring him back shortly thereafter, maybe there’s some kind of hope.

What’s with Dan Slott killing all my favorite Spider-Man supporting characters? I’ve always been a huge supporter of his!

Anyway, just wanted to mark the occasion. Felt like somebody should.


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  1. I liked Phil back in his heroic days but once he turned evil, I didn’t even think of him as the same character. As a HUGE fan of the original Hobgoblin, I did not like Phil’s attempt at taking over the name… but I agree that once he became the Goblin Knight and then the Goblin King, it was super lame. When it comes to Spider-Man characters, if they weren’t created by Lee & Ditko, it seems inevitable that they’ll be killed off. Too bad Phil didn’t die prior to Clone Conspiracy — he could have easily been brought back that way.

    • I thought the Hobgoblin costume was badass enough to excuse him being a crazy villain, and I held out hope that it would be his new role, and he’d have a permanent place at Marvel for once, so I forgave it. But yeah, it just went downhill from there, and we’re at rock bottom.

      Glad to meet another heroic Green Goblin fan!

  2. Hey. Nice work on your web site. I seldom see anyone talk about Phil Urich anymore (there used to be a website called the Goblin Shrine in the late ’90s-early 2000’s). I also feel sorry that he’s dead. He (as the Green Goblin) had a lot of potential to be a great young hero (a la Darkhawk or the New Warriors). Sadly, they made him go crazy and become evil. It doesn’t really match who he was in his own title… but then again they did mention that all Goblins are destined to go crazy and/or die. RIP, Phil. It was fun while it lasted.

    • Glad to hear from another Phil Urich fan! It was indeed a sad day to reader The Loners and get Phil starring in a new comic book, only for him to end up as the bad guy, and it only got worse from there. Real damn shame. Fortunately for us, all Goblins also seemed destined to come back from the dead. So there’s hope out there somewhere!

  3. I’m crying so hard : I know Phil since a very short time, but I “bond” to him at the first sight !

  4. In my opinion, Phil Urich died years ago when Celbulski ruined him in the Loners mini-series. After that, the person that showed up during Slott’s run on the spider-books was just Gabriel Stacy and Jason Macendale mixed in one. To me, they should have just left Phil alone if they decided turning him into another goblin villain was the best they could do with him as he was a forgettable and annoying antagonist all over. The good news is that at least Phil is still a good guy in the MC 2 Universe and hopefully they never let Slott touch that iteration of him.

  5. Phil Urich was beyond redemption. I get the goblin gas can make you crazy, but turn a good kid into a saturday morning cartoon super villain?! Norman Osborn and Roderick Kingsley were already scumbags before being exposed to the goblin gas. The Urich in the Dan Slott era was a completely different guy.

  6. I feel ya, because while he was never my absolute favorite ( Spidey, his daughter, the Saban entire cottage farm industry of Americanized tokusatsu shows in the 90s were my favorites lol) , but he was a great supporting character and some ways better mentor to Spider-Girl in the MC2 universe than her father, that universe’s Peter Parker , ever was.

    It certainly impressed me enough to buy his first issue I still own, hoped he would eventually show up again, maybe dabble with hints towards to analogues stories hinted at in the MC2 verse, and begrudgingly accepted his Hobgoblin-ness, because, hey, he could always reform, and his Hobgoblin look was awesome.

    Then accepted he died when the other Hobby attacked him,nor wait, that was confusing artwork, I just found out he lived only to die to Norman, but beyond, he could come back. Maybe.

    Alot of “Eh, alright, whatever”, amirite? Like you said, no high deal anymore, but felt like you needed to mark the moment, which I suppose why I felt typing this as well.

    Until the next time around.

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