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Let’s Celebrate Black Panther!

Black Panther came out on DVD last week and I’m going to have to pick up a copy, because I’d enjoy seeing that movie again. Since it came out on DVD, that means we’ve got the usual batch of funny Internet parody videos.

Like Honest Trailers.

And How It Should Have Ended.

Gotta love that Internet! And Black Panther! Go watch it again and maybe come up with your own wacky Internet comedy movie bit!



Avengers: Infinity War; I’m in it for the Banter

The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here and it’s pretty awesome!

Honestly, I’m starting to feel like this Thanos threat is going to be a pretty daunting challenge for the filmmakers. How do they turn something so nebulous and vast as Thanos and intergalactic armies of faceless aliens into an adversary that doesn’t just feel like a big, CGI mess? Granted, I have 110% faith in Marvel Studios and the Russo brothers to pull this off with aplomb, but I am having some slight fears.

On the other hand, the witty banter in this trailer is on freakin’ point! Tony and Star-Lord is great! Peter and Dr. Strange at the end is great! If nothing else, this movie is going to give us some fun new banter partners!

Movie comes out on April 27. The wait hopefully won’t be too terrible.



What Are We Putting Our Actors Through?

The idea of the Hollywood press junket has been around forever. A movie comes out and the various actors involved do a million interviews with everybody under the sun. I watch as few of these as humanly possible. I don’t really care what the actors have to say about the movie, no offense to the actors.

But I’ve been noticing a weird trend lately…thanks to YouTube, the press junkets now involve such weirdness! It’s like a gauntlet of insanity that we force our actors to go through…

Just check out what the Black Panther cast has gone through…

There’s the Wired Auto-Complete Challenge:

There’s the Vanity Fair Fear Box:

The Buzzfeed Would You Rather:

There’s the Teen Vogue Compliment Battle:

And Michael B. Jordan has individually done the Hot Ones hot wings challenge:

And 73 Questions from regular Vogue:

My God, people. What are we putting our celebrities through to promote their movies? What hath YouTube wrought? That’s probably not even all of them! I’m probably missing a bunch!

Is it no longer enough to just force celebrities through one inane interview after another? Must they now perform wackiness for every YouTube gimmick?

Haven’t they been through enough?!


6 Thoughts on Black Panther

Marvel does it again! And perhaps better than ever! I loved Black Panther, unconditionally. I’ve been super excited about this film and it delivered everything I could have hoped for. Sometimes I’ll have some quiet reservations about a Marvel movie, but not this time. Black Panther is superb! One of Marvel’s absolute best!

Black Panther Review 01

Movie Rating: 10/10 – Fantastic.

I feel a little sorry for anybody decrying superhero fatigue. As a lifelong comic book fan, especially Marvel Comics, I have been living childhood dreams for more than a decade now. We’re 10 years deep into Marvel churning out superhero movies and they are still making films as amazing as Black Panther. Somebody pinch me!

Join me after the jump for my thoughts and a review of Black Panther. There will be FULL SPOILERS for the film. Please feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments!

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Black Panther is Coming!

We’re only 2 days away from the Black Panther premiere and I couldn’t be more excited! That same impatience I get immediately before every Marvel movie is here. But somehow I’ll pull through and make it to the movie!

To help with the wait, has put together another big superhero costume collage! Click to enlarge!

Black Panther Costumes 01

I’ll have my review/thoughts on the movie next week!


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