I Knew I Wasn’t Going to Be Happy With Death of X

I haven’t been reading X-Men comics for awhile now, and I’m pretty sure the first issue of Death of X is going to be another nail in the coffin. I haven’t been reading any X-Men comics since the last big shake-up, when it was revealed that the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mist was killing mutants and only a handful of X-Teams were still around. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t really connect with any of the current comics. And none of the characters have particularly interested me.

But today saw the release of Death of X #1, the new mini-series that’s going to explain what happened to cause a war between mutants and Inhumans. The story is supposed to tell us what happened to Cyclops and how he died…but it’s another death that hits much harder.

Cyclops was right

Cyclops was right

Death of X is a fine enough issue. It’s well-written, the art is fantastic, and the storyline could be something interesting.

But I knew from the very first page that I wasn’t going to be happy with this issue…and my worst fears were confirmed as I kept reading. Because ‘Death of X’ does the exact thing I’ve been afraid of for three years…

MAJOR SPOILERS for Death of X after the jump!

I knew, deep down, that when Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man finally returned to comics that Marvel would just use him for cannon fodder and straight up kill him.


According to this issue, Jamie Madrox has been almost solely running Muir Island. But the Terrigen Mist has arrived and killed all the mutants, including all of his duplicates. It doesn’t matter that we last saw him retiring to his family farm in Kansas with Layla Miller. Nothing matters. I guess they just needed a high profile, very visual kill, and Marvel got it.

But seeing as how I haven’t really cared about X-Men comic for awhile, I feel kind of disconnected to his death as it is. Multiple Man, dead? I dunno, I don’t really believe it…I also kind of believe we’re due for some big X-Men reboot or rebirth after all this stuff is said and done, so I’m sure he’ll be back. He’s Multiple Man, he has a built in ‘get out of death’ free card.

That wasn’t the real Multiple Man who died, it was just one of his duplicates…


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  1. Awesome page, though. Well now no matter what mysterious horrible thing Cyclops is supposed to do in Death of X at least it’ll perfectly justified. Right now, I’d be totally down with Cyclops strangling the entire Inhuman Royal Family with his bare hands. Marvel is really bad at making Cyclops the bad guy. I wasn’t even mad when he killed Professor X. Now they’re going to have him kill a bunch of innocent Inhumans (probably) and they expect me to turn against him? Not now. Not. Ever!

    Cyclops was right. Pax Utopia.

  2. I have to agree, it has to be one of his dupe, who just so thought he was the real one …
    Plus he is married to Layla Miller who know stuff. I would have to believe that she keep him safe.

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