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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/16/16

It is a dark day in comics, my friends. But not in the way Marvel probably wants me to think. But I’m not sure I have any idea what Marvel is thinking anymore. I don’t know what drives them. Is it sales? Is it controversy? Is it headlines? Because it’s definitely not storytelling, not anymore.

Civil War II #3 kind of breaks me. But not due to the story or the art. Not even due to the power behind the twist. It breaks me in that I just don’t know why I should care anymore…

Fortunately, this wee also brings us an excellent new issue of Power Man and Iron Fist, and I’m reminded why I care again. Hooray Comic Book of the Week!

Don’t forget Wolverine!

Somebody at Marvel is doing something good. I’m gonna stick with that part of Marvel.

Comic Reviews: Civil War II #3, Detective Comics #936, Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #2, Nightwing Rebirth #1, Power Man and Iron Fist #6, and Wonder Woman #2.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 6/11/16

Huh, what a week. After a few comic weeks full of great and wonderful comics, we’ve kind of landed on a thudder of a week. Some fine comics came out, some enjoyable, some not so much. I read a bunch and generally had a good time. But this was kind of an off week.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman got the Rebirth treatment, but neither issue wowed me in any way. Flash has started Rebirth as well, but for some reason, I still can’t bring myself to buy a Flash comic. It’s fascinating to me how few DC superheroes I’m actually invested in. Where’s Robin Rebirth? I guess Tim Drake’s revival in Detective Comics will have to do!

But it wasn’t all bad news this week! We’ve got the first issue of the Gotham Academy/Lumberjanes crossover! It’s not as amazing as I’d hoped, but it’s still a sign of hopefully great things to come! And it definitely picks up Comic Book of the Week!

Something wonderful!

Now we just need a Lumberjanes/Unbeatable Squirrel Girl crossover and I’ll be all set!

Comic Reviews: Aquaman Rebirth #1, Detective Comics #934, Kaijumax #2, Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1 and Wonder Woman Rebirth #1.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 6/4/2016

Rebirth is upon us! After kicking everything off with that big, debut issue last week, DC has churned out a couple of their Rebirth preview comics this week. They’ll get to the new #1 issues soon enough, but for now, we take a quick peek at Batman, Superman and Green Lanterns. I’m going to try out a couple different Rebirth comics coming up, and I checked out all three of these, to varying degrees of enjoyment.

But that’s not the only big release this week! Marvel delivers the first issue of their new Civil War II crossover! And I couldn’t care less! Jeez louise. I understand the desire to tie into the movie of the same name, but come on! I guess I’ll struggle through it.

Fortunately, this week also saw the release of All-New Wolverine and the new Pink Ranger solo mini-series, both of which were delightful. All-New Wolverine scores Comic Book of the Week once again.

How can you not love this?

Who knew I would like a Wolverine comic so much once they ditched Wolverine? Though this issue has more Wolverines than a regular comic.

Comic Reviews: All-New Wolverine #9, Batman Rebirth #1, Civil War II #1, Green Lanterns Rebirth #1, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – Pink #1, Punisher #2 and Superman Rebirth #1.

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I Hate This Double-R Thing So Much!

Red Robin is due to get a costume change in DC Rebirth. I’m cool with that. His New 52 costume is fine, I suppose. It’s neat, though it’s overly complicated. Well now it looks like they’re going to give him a more classic, Robin-esque costume.

But he’s going to insist on having a Double-R on the chest! Here’s an up close look, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Ugh. Robin is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, and Tim Drake is my favorite Robin. It grinds my gears that DC insists he’s only ever been ‘Red Robin’ in the DC Universe now. That’s such a ridiculous idea. Everybody just calls him ‘Robin’. And the Double-R looks so dumb!

Plus, he’s not even wearing predominantly red this time. Argh, whatever. I love this costume design for Tim and I’m still totally gonna read Detective Comics.


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/28/16

I’m a little late to the party, but I had a busy week and couldn’t get up a quick anything about all the comic book controversy. What have they done to Captain America?! What the heck have they done now to the DC Universe? Read on to get my reviews!

Part of me was just planning to review the big two controversial issues and leave it at that. But this week also saw the release of some of my favorite comics, and quite honestly, each issue kind of serves as the anti-thesis of DC: Rebirth and the new Cap twist.

So in an unprecedented move, Comic Book of the Week goes to three of my favorite comics, all of which released perfectly pleasing issues in this crazy week: Ms. Marvel, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat.

Good advice

This week’s Hench-Sized Reviews is about as big a statement on comics as I may ever be able to make. I’m quite pleased with myself, and really enjoyed some of these reads.

Comic Reviews: Captain America – Steve Rogers #1, DC Universe – Rebirth #1, Ms. Marvel #7, Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat #6 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8.

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