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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 10/1/16

Tomorrow is a big day, my henchies! I will be on my lonesome bringing Gamer Girl & Vixen to my first ever solo comic book convention! It’s Uticon right here in Central New York, so it’s not that huge of a deal. But it’s gonna be me, alone, selling comics and spreading the good word of Gamer Girl & Vixen. I might tell you how it went afterwards, if I feel up for it! Hopefully I don’t mess up completely.

And fortunately, we had some good comics this week! I’m going to take that as a good sign.

Comic Book of the Week goes to the new issue of Spider-Woman, for not only being it’s usual character-driven self, but also delivering a solid Civil War II tie-in. That is no easy task!

It also teases the Spider-Woman/Hulk relationship we never knew we wanted

It also teases the Spider-Woman/Hulk relationship we never knew we wanted

I also picked up Teen Titans Rebirth #1 this week, but it was little more than a roll call issue for all the new members. I’m not going to do my usual big-sized reviews of Teen Titans anymore, but I’ll definitely give the new series a try on a Hench-Sized level. We’ll see how it goes.

Comic Reviews: Batgirl #3, Captain America – Steve Rogers #5, Ms. Marvel #11, Spider-Woman #11 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #12.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 8/27/16

Another great week of comics is upon us! But this one is tinged with a bit of sadness and fear. We’ve got amazing comics like Batgirl and Patsy Walker, but the new issue of Detective Comics has me shaking in my henchman-issued boots. Can DC Comics really go through with the unthinkable? Dare they do this to me and all of the fans out there?

I guess we’ll find out next month.

For now, let us all join hands and celebrate the brilliance that is Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #11. Writer Ryan North takes us to class in more ways than one, producing one of the most ingenious comic books of the year so far! Instant masterpiece, instant Comic Book of the Week. Here’s a quick lesson in how to count to 31 on one hand!

You are all now a little bit smarter

I know so much more about dactylonomy than I ever did before! It’ll make more sense once you read the issue.

Comic Reviews: Batgirl #2, Captain America – Steve Rogers #4, Detective Comics #939, Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat #9 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #11.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/2/16

Happy Fourth of July Weekend, fellow American hench-people! Here in America, we celebrate with picnics and blowing stuff up. And apparently a Captain America comic that got a lot of people riled up last month! That seems like a solid way to celebrate America’s birthday. Comics are a good way to celebrate anything!

Though I’m sad to say I had a busy week at work, so I didn’t get to as many comics as I normally like. I read a good pile, though. There were some gems, and some duds. And I’m really, really sorry to say that I’m just not gelling with the new Black Panther series. I want to support any attempt to diversify a comic book line, but the series is just going way over my head. It’s a fine comic, but it’s just not for me, sad to say.

Not that the rest of these are all that great either…though I did enjoy one last romp with Grayson. Comic Book of the Week by a long shot.

Dick Grayson and Harley Quinn need to team up more often

It’s just an Annual issue, though, so what does it really matter? Hopefuly the Rebirthed Nightwing will be even half as good as Grayson.

Comic Reviews: Captain America – Steve Rogers #2, Captain Marvel #6, Grayson Annual #3 and Spider-Man #5.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/28/16

I’m a little late to the party, but I had a busy week and couldn’t get up a quick anything about all the comic book controversy. What have they done to Captain America?! What the heck have they done now to the DC Universe? Read on to get my reviews!

Part of me was just planning to review the big two controversial issues and leave it at that. But this week also saw the release of some of my favorite comics, and quite honestly, each issue kind of serves as the anti-thesis of DC: Rebirth and the new Cap twist.

So in an unprecedented move, Comic Book of the Week goes to three of my favorite comics, all of which released perfectly pleasing issues in this crazy week: Ms. Marvel, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat.

Good advice

This week’s Hench-Sized Reviews is about as big a statement on comics as I may ever be able to make. I’m quite pleased with myself, and really enjoyed some of these reads.

Comic Reviews: Captain America – Steve Rogers #1, DC Universe – Rebirth #1, Ms. Marvel #7, Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat #6 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8.

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Review: Captain America: Civil War

It doesn’t get much better than this. And I say that fully believing that Marvel can go even bigger, better and more exciting. If after more than ten movies deep into their film slate, Marvel can still produce something as amazing as Captain America: Civil War, then the future remains as bright as ever. This is the epic, spectacular, big bombast superhero movie that Marvel has been building towards all these years.

Movie Rating: 9/10 – Great.

Captain America: Civil War is a glorious mix of spectacle and drama, combining some of the most touching and important character work in the entire franchise with quite possibly the greatest bout of superhero action to ever grace the silver screen. The centerpiece ‘war’ between heroes at the abandoned airport is worth the price of admission alone. It’s worth of price of admission to every Marvel movie we’ve seen so far, building on almost each and every film to instill real emotional heft to these characters and their punches.

When Captain American, Iron Man and their allies face off in Civil War, there is real history behind it. We’ve seen the previous movies. We’ve seen the friendships and rivalries grow and build and strain. We’ve seen Steve Rogers and Tony Stark get testy in The Avengers. We’ve watched Black Widow’s character arc from the sidelines of other movies. We’ve seen Ant-Man consider calling the Avengers for help. This has been a journey.

Civil War is a movie for Marvel fans, for the people who have seen all their movies and probably held mini-marathons to gear up for this new one. It’s not ashamed of that focus, and it shouldn’t be. Marvel is producing a masterpiece on a scale never before imagined, and they’re pulling it off with such skill and excitement that I almost feel bad for other movies.

Like, do any of the previous Spider-Man movies even matter anymore? Batman v. Superman surely doesn’t.

Join me after the jump for the full review. There will be SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War.

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